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  1. Pink Tape by Lil Uzi Vert (2023) Bloated ass album. 1. Flooded The Face 2. Suicide Doors 3. Aye (feat. Travis Scott) 4. Pluto to Mars 5. That Fiya 6. Fire Alarm (feat. Snow Strippers) 7. Endless Fashion (feat. Nicki Minaj) 8. Mama, I'm Sorry 9. All Alone 10. Nakamura 11. x2 12. Of Course 13. Spin Again 14. Died and Came Back 15. Zoom 16. Days Come and Go 17. Rehab 18. The End (feat. BABYMETAL)
  2. https://krakenfiles.com/view/hBOh17OQvb/file.html Set Up MQ
  3. Sexy Party in MP3 320kps in case anyone wanted. it's also tagged with cover, title, and artist name etc! I downloaded the wav from the upload and uploaded it to bandcamp to send myself a download link so I don't lose any quality.
  5. looking for an updated Nicki master post
  6. its a rough mix/take probably
  7. no we're getting it in an hour
  8. holy fucking shit.... she devoured... soty I fear
  9. Pink Friday II by Nicki Minaj (2023) Been re-arranging this album since the release but here's my final edit. She should have made this the tracklist tbh. 1. Barbie Dangerous 2. FTCU 3. Big Difference/Murda [Interlude] (BD & Beep Beep as a double track) 4. RNB (feat. Lil Wayne & Tate Kobang) 5. Pink Birthday 6. Needle (feat. Drake) 7. Forward From Trini (feat. Skillibeng & Skeng) 8. Red Ruby Da Sleeze 9. Fallin 4 U 10. Bahm Bahm 11. Last Time That I Saw You 12. Nicki Hendrix (feat. Future) 13. Blessings (feat. Tasha Cobbs Leonard) 14. Love Me Enough (feat. Monica & Keyshia Cole) 15. Memories Click below for the deluxe
  10. Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj (2012) (tracklist by me) 1. Roman Holiday 2. Freedom 3. Sex In The Lounge 4. Right By My Side 5. Starships 6. Pound The Alarm 7. The Boys 8. Beautiful Sinner 9. Automatic 10. Va Va Voom 11. Whip It 12. Marilyn Monroe 13. Young Forever 14. Masquerade Roman Reloaded by Nicki Minaj (2012) (tracklist by angyl aka oomf) 1. Up In Flames 2. High School 3. Hell Yeah 4. I Endorse These Strippers 5. Beez In The Trap 6. Come On A Cone 7. I'm Legit 8. HOV Lane 9. Roman In Moscow 10. I Am Your Leader 11. Stupid Hoe 12. Roman Reloaded 13. Gun Shot 14. Champion The separate pop and rap albums idea came from @Glitter Boy and @The Siren both who did separate titles for this also <3
  11. lakeemmahottie


    crest is probs my fave project next to ice dancer. d&g dope af too. need to check out his eps and working on dying and his other 2020 projects I did listen to good luck a long while ago bc Charli xcx was on the deluxe but I don't remember the project at all lmao will be redoing very soon, im re listening to cold visions first bc I didn't like it that much upon first listen bc it was a bit bloated for me
  12. lakeemmahottie


    me my baby going side to side side by side side by sideeee anyways I used to think blade was overrated low-key bc I didn't like his voice but he's finally growing on me... I am coming out as a drainer
  13. Thanks anyway... I'm gonna go cry until i find dl links bc i hate yt and sc uploads
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