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  1. Not all of them, but most or almost all of them yes. Midnights isn't bad but i think it reflects a different album to what the idea was proposed as. TTPD is also slightly filler mostly, evermore and folklore are perfect imo, Lover has some decent track runs but its bloated. 1989 has 2 skips (Bad Blood and Shake It Off) which imo create a giant differ with the other songs that reflect on the themes of love. reputation is a decent tracklisting imo, Red is ok but stuffed definitely. Speak Now has a good track run from memory but don't take my word for it and I never finished Debut idk why.
  2. I need to relistening but I'm rearranging The Tortured Poets Department and then the second disc I'm gonna call it Manuscript as Side B.
  3. Tracklist re-arrange = the album will be bad
  4. She was right about Taylor. She's mid and a capitalist pick me. Her music isn't all bad imo but I do agree with Courtney that Taylor is overhyped. Idk why people are picking that apart, aside from the comment of Lana, but then again it's classic swiftie fashion. Then everything else from Madonna to Lana sounds like mindless babble that I really take with a pinch of salt in all fairness. I don't follow Courtney so I don't know let alone care about her character type. I just don't think it's that serious and she's just being dumb or attention seeking.
  5. is lanatrailer not active? that's the best one imo THANK YOU
  6. You (Ha Ha Ha) by Charli XCX Like this song is insanely fresh
  7. Midnights by Taylor Swift (2022) 1. Mastermind 2. Maroon 3. Snow On The Beach (feat. Lana Del Rey) 4. You're On Your Own, Kid 5. Would've, Could've, Should've 6. The Great War 7. Bigger Than The Whole Sky 8. Midnight Rain 9. Glitch 10. Question...? 11. High Infidelity 12. You're Losing Me 13. Dear Reader I used @The Siren's tracklist for most of this but I wanted to re-arrange midnights into a more in depth record. Also mini tracklist I made of the songs I took off the album. Midnights (From The Vault) by Taylor Swift (2022) 1. Lavender Haze 2. Bejeweled 3. Anti Hero 4. Hits Different 5. Paris 6. Vigilante Shit 7. Karma 8. Labyrinth 9. Sweet Nothing Just a disclaimer FTV tracklist idea is rougghhh bc I tried to mentally do it instead of actually listening to it. I haven't listened to Midnights in full since last year tbh.
  8. Idk if I ever shared the tracklist I use for TNC but here it is
  9. There might be a Madison masterpost if you look in the general masterposr thread
  10. Omg yung lean frank and asap too... tysm i needed these
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