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  1. i hate when those lana insta fanpages post coquette memes and liking older men.. its CRINGY AND ANNOYING POST ABOUT LANA!!!!!!!!
  2. rancidgirl

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    i think it's time we had that conversation again i've been making you habit since i don't know when the summers almost here, you don't have to stay no more.. but i still wonder what it is i met you for
  3. rancidgirl

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    new snippet on da bree!!! i think its called i do https://dbree.org/v/d923d2
  4. i would blame beyonce for this but 16 carriages is such a good song
  5. does anyone have an updated fka twigs MP/tracker
  6. rancidgirl

    Taylor Swift

    tbh the only reason fortnight was a single is because the ai version got people talking about the song and what it would really sound like and i stand by that!
  7. rancidgirl

    Taylor Swift

    most of 1989 was botched and i’m sure the vault tracks got botched too ok imagine this instrumental on ICDIWABH… house electronic cunt
  8. rancidgirl


    are we about to get a pre-starfucker era pt 2😭😭😭
  9. rancidgirl


    troubled paradise! there’s a link to the trackerhub trackers on my masterpost thread (just look up the masterpost thread) and slayyyter has a tracker on there that’s updated!!!
  10. rip to the birds that might’ve been murdered by the helicopter crashing into their homes you’ll fly higher now
  11. even tho its probably not gonna be anything special and just NTMT songs and masochism songs we've already heard i hope we get side b songs and pretty dull live !!!!
  12. beabadoobee: the hits 1. Glue Song 2. Coffee 3. The Way Things Go 4. The Perfect Pair 5. Apple Cider 6. The Moon Song 7. Take A Bite 8. Tired 9. If You Want To 10. Cologne 11. Dance With Me 12. Talk 13. Glue Song (feat. Clairo) - Bonus Track
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