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  1. i want to order the rider tank but i’m scared it won’t come in time for the hot weather
  2. 1. Let The Light In 2. Sweet 3. Taco Truck X VB 4. A&W 5. Candy Necklace 6. Margaret 7. Paris, Texas 8. Peppers 9.Ocean 10. Fingertips 11. grandfather 12. The Grants 13. Fishtail 14. Kintsugi 15. Judah interlude 16. john interlude
  3. NFR Cruel World Ride Kill Kill Honeymoon The Grants White Dress Born to Die Love Text Book
  4. same, still love those songs but i’m so burnt out on them and ultraviolence, for the same reason
  5. i’ll take some pictures in the morning, staying up for the post release celebration has tuckered me out
  6. yes, i got an email yesterday telling me it was on the way and then the one telling me it was delivered
  7. i got a medium and it’s oversized on me, but i’m also 5’0 so that could be why Murica but the jacket is very good quality, i’m glad i got it
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