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  1. 10 years Already? I was 17 when that Album dropped. Crazy how time flies. I have to say This Album Did Not Changed Me at all. It was a perfect Album for a hot Summer but that's it. Iost the Connection to it over the years. It has Classics but that's it. 2014 was a year that Changed Me but sadly This Album is Not Part of it.
  2. I Wonder how many Songs a songwriter can wrote, Mix and record in less than 9 months? She probably Had to be done with HM in June to Release it in September.
  3. WaitForLife

    Melanie Martinez

    That could be true. Maybe she wanted to end CryBaby with K-12 and wrote many Songs without having CryBaby in mind. Then she Changed her Mind and Made Portals?
  4. Thank you for This Master Post.
  5. Does anyone has one for Demi Lovato?
  6. WaitForLife

    Taylor Swift

    I hate These Mash ups. They make No Sense at all.
  7. The Money Power Glory Demo Sounds Like a Born To Die reject. Can we get the Theme for UV and HM Back?
  8. Eminem vs Taylor Swift
  9. What If we get an exclusive digital painting for the 10 year anniversary?
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