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  1. I really, really hope she doesn't release anything until her tour is over. An August release would be ideal, I think. When she released West Coast right in the middle of her North American/festival tour, things were so messy. She was playing songs from three different albums and there was just a massive era overlap. I mean it's not like she has to sing songs from only one album at a time or anything but everything was so unorganized.
  2. She is so contradictory to herself. At Coachella in the interview by the port-a-potty she said, "I'm a road dog, you know? I've been on tour for years so why stop now? I'll just tour forever." Now she's saying that being on the road makes her unhappy? I just don't get her!
  3. Trinity

    Marian Hill

    Already love Sylvan Esso Never heard of Rhye, will check (him? her? them?) out Have tried and tried to get into Purity Ring but I just don't like them
  4. Trinity

    Marian Hill

    I've been so into Marian for the past few months! Every song is amazing. Does anyone know more music like this?
  5. Things I like about this song: The clear vocals! Bless! It's so nice to hear Lana's voice without all the reverberation. The typical melancholy tone. So beautiful. The "animal noises" as you guys like the call them. Lana's vocal range is extremely impressive. That Hawaiian-esque introduction with the strings and Lana's humming is beautiful. Slaying me each time I listen. Things I do not like about this song: It seems a bit recycled (a la loon and basic Emile production) but I think it's gorgeous nonetheless. The lack of power in the chorus beside the lonely line. I feel like Lana doesn't exactly sounds as desperate as the lyrics describe (I wait for life to win but it never comes around... doesn't sound very convincing in the tone she sings.)
  6. I think James is very good for her. I feel like Lana needs to have someone who understands her on a personal and creative level. He is the exact kind of person I imagine Lana surrounding herself with.
  7. I can definitely see Lana bringing back some of her Lizzy-esque surf noir vibes with just a hint more rock. I think that period of her life was her most creative; before fame, before criticism, before a fanbase, when it was just her and a few producers working on AKA, she had freedom to express herself (no matter how weird.) I think now, she feels less free as an artist and more restricted by public opinion and interviews and articles. I think during her time writing BTD/P/UV, she felt as if she needed to stick to more mainstream lyrics, for example, love/heartbreak/etc. Now that she's been in the business for a few years I think she no longer gives a shit about trying to appeal to the masses, I think UV's "unlistenable" sound is a clear indicator of that. I think she's ready to venture into more surreal topics which makes me very excited for Honeymoon. Think Mermaid Motel meets Blake's guitar meets Ronson's jazzy production with a summer vibe. I think that's how the album will be, and I trust Lana will prevail no matter what.
  8. I knew someone would say this I don't think it's the worst but I just think her masculine, I'm-not-the-average-beauty, over-sized suit look is getting tired.
  9. Okay if you thought she was the worst dressed there please look at these MESSES...
  10. I am one of those who are here for more hip hop/pop influenced beats and my reasoning behind it is that that's the kind of music I like? Do I need another reason? I have an appreciation for Lana's typical style of music (see: Ride, or like you mentioned, AFFA, JFK, etc) but I also like when an artist has a variety of down-, mid-, and up-tempo songs. Seeing as this last album gave us mostly down- to mid-tempo songs aside from the bop that is Florida Kilos, I would like to see Lana spice it back up, especially if she is planning to go in a happier direction with Honeymoon. Don't get me wrong, it took me awhile to warm up to it, but I like Ultraviolence and the direction she took. It suits her! But I think Lana is a very versatile artist and does really well with faster, hip-hop influenced songs like OTTR and it would be a shame if she never sang another songs in that style.
  11. It's quite obvious that UV was a personal project for her. I definitely think she used it as a way to vent and probably cope with her failing relationship. It's obvious her label didn't like it, too. I honestly think she's abandoning UV so fast because she wants to move on with that part of her life. I think she's just ready to abandon it and write songs about how happy she is now with her lil Italian boyfriend!
  12. Not sure if this has been posted yet or not but I think I found a pair of shoes similar to one of Lana's favorite shoes. She wears these quite often! "Jason Wu Jean Flat by Melissa" http://www.gilt.com/brand/melissa/product/1050152930-melissa-jason-wu-jean-flat?utm_source=polyvore&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=affiliate:polyvore Lana can be seen wearing them here and here!
  13. No, don't think so. The billboard article said, "Lana Del Rey has nine songs written for her next album, titled Honeymoon -- four of which "the production is perfect; I'm looking for a few more songs to tie everything together"
  14. I am so happy hearing this news. Honeymoon just sounds light, girly, romantic... Hopefully there will be some happy songs on this album. I love Ultraviolence, but the more I listen to it the more I realize how heavy it is, it's quite a downer. Knowing it will be similar to BTD/Paradise makes me very optimistic, that was Lana's prime in my opinion. Also knowing that she's already got NINE songs done is amazing. She sounds like she's really enjoying herself, makes my heart happy :')
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