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  1. drewby

    Taylor Swift

    I won 2 more tix through the Capital One giveaway so now my coworker who cried about not getting tickets is getting my extras She's never seen Taylor before so I just know she'll think it's a joke.
  2. drewby


    She's on trial for allegedly defaming Luke. He's technically not the one on trial this summer.
  3. drewby


    Slayyyter if you're reading this Girl Like Me is one of the prettiest songs you've ever recorded and I'm ready to buy it 20 times.
  4. drewby

    Kim Petras

    Neither the cover nor tracklist were released today lol.
  5. drewby


    They might have been referring to the final version?
  6. drewby


    Hollywood is probably the correct part based on the # of letters. If it's not Whore maybe it's Bitch?
  7. drewby

    Charli XCX

    No shade but someone with Archivist in their username should know this she said she was going to drop a WeTransfer link full of tracks and then never did.
  8. drewby


    Hollywood Whore?
  9. drewby

    Taylor Swift

    This definitely isn't real.
  10. drewby

    Charli XCX

    We got 3 songs 4 days ago.
  11. drewby


    That's probably what the hold up is atp.
  12. drewby

    Taylor Swift

    I don't think either of them cheated. He doesn't enjoy that level of celebrity and at the time Midnights was sent off everything was probably fine, but its complete success straight out of the gate followed by all the stuff with the tour probably made both of them realize they couldn't return to what they had like when things calmed down during the pandemic. I'm sure the ending was mutual and was on good terms. I'm mildly interested by the idea the entire album was written knowing what would happen and could be an attempt to stave off the inevitable, but I don't really believe it.
  13. drewby

    Taylor Swift

    I don't think so, but people were concerned about her handling of Better Than Revenge because of the slutshaming lyric.
  14. drewby


    Hasn't leaked yet.
  15. I actually think the label did this to thumb their nose at her. They released physical versions of the B-sides before physicals of the actual album were even out.
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