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  1. July 2013 as a whole was incredible, this all happened in about a week: Hawaiian Tropic Daytona Meth Scarface Catch and Release Tired of Singing the Blues Maha Maha Golden Grill Television Heaven Heartshaped Chevrolet Midnite Dancer Girlfriend The "untouchable 5" So Legit
  2. drewby


    The version that leaked isn't HQ, but I also don't think it's the final version.
  3. drewby


    Not Freedia honking all over a track...
  4. drewby


    She already did a month ago, the original hot pink was up forever too.
  5. drewby

    Charli XCX

    If people are going to troll the thread they should at least make sure the fake tracklist has the number of tracks she said it would have
  6. drewby


    The NFT covers are literally an assault on my eyes. Cathy get a different design!
  7. Is possibly the best and most positively received final episode across all seasons, wbk.
  8. The finale of Red Tide was legitimately awful after one of the franchise's best episodes ever, but after 10 seasons of shit endings I don't know why I'm surprised
  9. drewby


    It is/was for Heidi's project
  10. drewby

    Charli XCX

    Rare sucks no matter who's singing it
  11. drewby

    Kim Petras

    A pre-Era 1 track leaked called 'Die Trying.' It's pretty good.
  12. 15K is hardly a limited run, it will be very easy to just walk in a pick up a copy after the initial rush.
  13. drewby

    Dua Lipa

    Another LanaBoards meetup at the Atlanta show when
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