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  1. Wait wasn't Live to Tell going to be on a covers EP like 5 years ago? I'm surprised it hasn't been leaked already and I'll be just as surprised if she actually drops it.
  2. It's a vocal nebulizer, so many artists use them before and after singing. It makes it easier by reducing the effort needed to move the vocal folds and can also remove mucus/stop nasal drip. Basically any artist who cares about their voice should be using one.
  3. drewby


    1. All 3 tracks are great and on par with the standard version. 2. Blame her label for being fucking cheap because she almost certainly had bigger ideas. 3. The tour was 2.5 weeks long like huh?? Also, don't listen to leaks next time then. 4. Again, it's not her fault.
  4. drewby


    We knew that though
  5. It's crazy to think about how she basically squandered away almost the entirety of her 20s -- a time when most artists are working their hardest to make it and have the best chance at launching a long career/established at radio/taking on side projects -- with only one album to show for it.
  6. drewby

    Taylor Swift

    We'll see. I don't see her doing TS11, Reputation, self-titled and live tour audio all in the same year.
  7. drewby

    Taylor Swift

    I believe she's working on a new album but releasing it Oct. 2024 would be a strange choice because she likely wouldn't be able to tour for it unless they extend Eras throughout 2025 and finish up the rerecordings then too. It's exhausting to think about her pretty much touring all 2024 and possibly adding on ANOTHER year. The gross and amount of shows would be insane.
  8. Her paying Kristine and Red Lips dust again on the setlist is so funny to me when she's doing the rest of NTMT and Ghost.
  9. drewby


    People have said it was those 3 tracks for weeks, afaik Tommy was never on it.
  10. drewby

    Taylor Swift

    I def bought the koi fish sherpa pullover. It's cute!
  11. drewby

    Katy Perry

    She's working with Luke, pretty much said a new album is coming this year and her mom (I think) said she was touring in late 24 so...
  12. drewby

    Charli XCX

    Bumping my updated list of everything
  13. drewby

    Dua Lipa

    It was her highest global debut on Spotify, her most watched video in the first 24 hours on YouTube, she's in the running for a good debut placement in the US/UK and the hype is very much there from radio and reviewers. This is dumb.
  14. drewby


    Some leaks: Magic, Glamorous and Starfucker title track demo
  15. drewby

    Charli XCX

    Recent leaks: Till I Die Girl Take My House Castles Dum Dum Dum Sleepless Nosebleed Girl$ Honestly Even Ice Cold 2022 rework Kiss Me Tell Me Be There Peer Pressure Hard to Love Communication And I'm sure more are coming (I'll update this as they come)
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