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  1. drewby


    I think we'll still get it before the album lol. We have awhile to go until the release and she previously teased it with a photo in all black on Twitter
  2. drewby

    Allie X

    Maybe this was on another page but You Don't Scare Me leaked
  3. drewby

    Charli XCX

    No, insiders have said it was the most finished version at that point, but they kept working on it after and it changed
  4. drewby

    Dua Lipa

    Human could've stayed unleaked
  5. drewby

    Bebe Rexha

    Probably so. She would be doing music that's more... her? The music she's doing now is rather faceless, which is a shame since she's writing it.
  6. drewby

    Bebe Rexha

    Damn the features probably have more time than her on this album, but I'm perched for the absolute mess of release week and her inevitably being dropped
  7. drewby

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    The cover ain't it, but I'm here for everything else so far
  8. drewby

    Lady Gaga

    Some of y'all are about to be sorely disappointed when it amounts to nothing.
  9. drewby

    Charli XCX

    90% of us are gay and therefore have short attention spans
  10. drewby

    Lady Gaga

    This is one of the dumbest things I've ever read in the thread and that says a lot. She's been in the recording industry for more than half her life and started in her early teens. We literally have scans of a demo CD from that time period.
  11. drewby

    Lady Gaga

    The part about BloodPop and her birthday is so false I... She genuinely loves working with him and this is the album she wanted to make, for better or for worse
  12. drewby


    She's so beautiful, wow. I'm gonna go straight for Cathy lmaoo
  13. drewby

    Charli XCX

    I don't think either of the two we have are remakes, as a reliable person confirmed at least one of them was real BUT yeah the 'buying trading' thing is a red flag. Which one is it, Tamar?
  14. drewby

    Lady Gaga

    A lot of the sponsorship contracts were signed pre-pandemic (we know this because they were in the trove of documents that leaked), so it would've been costly and maybe impossible to back out... though all of them choosing to activate in quick succession doesn't help. If the era had gone off as scheduled we'd have so much content we wouldn't be whining about sponsorships -- instead the pandemic fucked them and she and her team didn't react at all.
  15. drewby


    She passive aggressively tweeted as per usual that she wanted to remove the sample, so they did
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