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  1. This is what it feels like by Gracie Abrams is severely underrated
  2. Clearly you are no one invited you to this conversation or my original statement
  3. Then let’s just not spread hate on something that makes someone else happy, it’s a fucked up mental direction.
  4. This is CRAZY coming from you. Wishing an assassination on anyone should be enough for a self reevaluation. “It was neva that serious” is also very rich coming from someone that’s more deranged than me. It’s very apparent that you’re deluded and it’s honestly sad like please find something else to do with your life man. I’m a teenager arguing for fun, you’re a grown adult that should have priorities, focuses and goals. I would be damned to see if one of those are coming online to spread your undying hatred towards someone that just enjoys something and has a lifelong connection to. now let’s calm down before you get another thread shut down from your entitled behaviour ❤️ “the secret of us” by Gracie Abrams comes out on the 21st of June, feature hit singles ‘risk’ and ‘close to you’. 💛💛💛
  5. I am so sorry to stalk but it’s literally on your account so I really don’t care. In what way are YOU in any sort of position to be having THESE opinions in MUSIC. I am so deeply amazed by the absolute boldness, courage and bravery coming from you. I am so sorry that I didn’t realise what deep connection and insight of what you have on ‘real’ music. If the main focus of a song is guitar and drums get the actual fuck out of my face with that pure shit. Is the depressed, ‘woke’ ,emo brain capable of consuming anything but actual brain rot level music? What if I told you folk isn’t actually a homeless looking white man from the Midwest with an acoustic guitar. I really don’t think you listened to the album man like folklore alone is the definition of artistry in music (besides honeymoon). Music is full of sub genres and anything good rarely sticks to the one main genre. The reason why people that aren’t swifties don’t appreciate TTPD is because they don’t know where she’s coming from. It’s very apparent it wasn’t made for the general public or yas queen slay 12 year old swifties. Maybe if your frontal lobe could develop if it wasn’t for the obvious substance abuse you could comprehend things such as this.
  6. Taylor hasn’t released any cds or variants since the xcx album she’s just always gonna be on top of it all and people have to accept that. Cookie cutter gays is VERY rich coming from a Lana fan. I personally don’t see many gay swifties and from someone that has been a swiftie for my whole life swifties are 100% gonna be running the world someday. All of them are so sweet and nice and ALWAYS extremely smart and educated properly. Obviously that’s a pretty wild blanket term but I haven’t met a swiftie that doesn’t cover atleast 80% of that. never heard of FAG twigs ever in my life besides seeing people talk about them on lanaboards. Apparently they’ve been around since 2013 which is crazy to me that I haven’t heard of them so they mustn't be that good. Self centred is pretty interesting to see coming from you, I swear you’re always one of the first to come at me for expressing my valid opinion on Taylor. Taymid is also a wild term, I completely understand that shes definitely not gonna be everyone’s music taste. But folklore, evermore and TTPD are actual masterpieces and it’s Lowkey sad that so many people miss out on that because they’re too focused on trying to bring down someone so much bigger than they will ever be
  7. What the actual fuck why is the Taylor thread locked???? There are actual Taylor fans on Lanaboards not just single minded dumb fucks that go in there to hate in her for no reason. Even though I was gonna go in there and complain about the absolute mentally deficient XCX and FKA TWIGS (who the fuck even is that obviously not known enough to be competing I’m with Taylor for number 1 just the truth) fans that are so pissed at Taylor for ‘purposely’ blocking them from number 1 and she did that with Billie too???? What the actual fuck I’m sorry but in my non experted OPINION Charlis music is basic twink music that needs a proper humbling. It’s not good, same beat everytime, she peaked with that school song (I only just found out today that the school songs her and not Iggy azaleia). Honestly you CAN not like Taylor swift and also not feel the need to be trying to shove your unrequited stick up every swifties ass. i am ready to wake up to some 3 letter comeback from some lanaboards twink thinking they 🤡🤭🏳️‍🌈served, slayed, ate, devoured, left to crumbs🏳️‍🌈🤭🤡 with some whack ass comeback/comment mod note: user was warned for this post.
  8. Also guys it’s TSOU release week!!! I’m most looking forward to let it happen and I knew it, I know you since I’ve seen people from the listening parties say they’re gonna be the best live. Also US????????? Idk what to expect for that one. I love you I’m sorry is going to be groundbreaking. Free now better be the happier sister to right now (my favourite Gracie song). I would say album of the year but the world isn’t ready for Gracie yet. somewhat unrelated but I’ve been thinking a lot of how much hate Gracie gets for the fin wolf hard situation. Like it is slightly weird now that she’s famous but in that moment did she know she was gonna be famous??? People over-sexualise young kids in the film industry so much nowadays and it’s so normalised. I’m not trying to defend Gracie from this but what REALLY gets to me is how it’s funny and all jokes when drake A FULL GROWN MAN is extremely pedophelic towards young Millie bobby brown. Double standards go CRAZY there
  9. I wanna be Gracie’s friend so badly
  10. A stadium tour is my only hope of her coming to Australia. She’s too big for festivals, arenas, any stage that I know of. I feel like she could sell out a stadium but I just don’t know if there’s THAT many big Lana fans but it would for sure still sell out because of the summertime sadness listeners which is an advantage for me
  11. As much as I love bittersuite and it being one of my favourites it should’ve been an interlude. I swear half these songs should be cut and then all just be interludes. I HATE how hard it is to listen to them not in order. Like why am I getting an ovulation beat at the end of SKINNY???
  12. Mediocre performer her most recent TTPD set is filled with choreography, the emotion in the smallest man who ever lived is unmatched. She’s been going at it since fearless tour with outfit changes, amazing production and everything. I would rather this than some rapper prancing on stage or hate to say it but Lana swaying about and the occasional pole dance mediocre vocalist Jude because she can’t do a whistle note doesn’t mean she’s a bad singer. She can belt like an actual god, has amazing range and all around sounds pleasant and has shows how her voice has developed over her career. caring about charts and revenue why do people hate on people for doing their job? Her job is to be a performer the best way to be at the top of your game is to literally be on top. In every job there’s a top and everyone wants to be there or exceed it so why care so much of Taylor does it. Not making high quality art or bodies of work because she puts out too much when has she ever missed with an album? Literally never, she’s always out doing herself. Bit rich coming from a Lana fan when she realises stuff straight from her voice memos. (Still love love love Lana, just different artistry styles and I would prefer Taylor’s more in this case). Her albums are always planned in the most insane and unmatched ways and is proven to be good through having the most album of the year awards. Yes TTPD is long, but it doesn’t mean it’s unnecessary and poor work. All artists have songs that aren’t on an album, Taylor had I think over 100 (could definitely be wrong) for 1989 OG. None of the anthology tracks are a miss theure just not for the average Taylor listener that really shouldn’t be having such a strong opinion on Taylor’s work when they don’t have a good enough grasp of what they’re talking about. yes I brought out the paragraphs and not beating that crazy swiftie shit. But did I lie? These statements aren’t even music taste based like the usual “her music sounds shit” coming from a rap fan. It’s just straight up hating for no reason 🫶
  13. It’s so annoying how so many celebrities are being put against each other lately, and the reoccurring pattern of it always being with Taylor is VERY telling. I’m sure Lana didn’t meant to throw shade especially at Taylor who she’s close with. It’s so dramatised and exaggerated by the public and for what? People really need to let go of hating on Taylor if someone can name me one good reason why she’s bad, annoying or sucks at making music I will genuinely sell my eras tickets
  14. I NEED to be screaming this rn with Gracie I can’t go another day without Aus tour dates
  15. WHAT THE FUCK I listened to close to you with a vpn and it’s SO much better than the TikTok’s (obviously). My heart literally skipped more than a beat that intro is CRAZY. There’s no way this isn’t THE song of the summer it’s perfect I would say it’s Gracie’s best which it probably is but I’m always gonna love right now on a different level.
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