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  1. So does that mean the merch isn’t official? I ain’t paying $150 for an unofficial hoodie. Unofficial merch has always put me off it just feels tacky even if it’s a luxury item.
  2. Midnights is pretty much a breakup album I would say they were just keeping it really private because I don’t think they were seen together a lot around midnights but they never really were even before.
  3. Does anyone have a kraken files link for beautiful eyes?
  4. Really hoping the song is gonna be Santa baby (Kim’s version) and not whatever blue Christmas is.
  5. I feel like rep early 2024 then debut around June or whilst she’s in Europe. Then TS11 announcement at the end of year for early 2025 which would be a little later than the usual 2 year difference in full albums but she wouldn’t done a lot before
  6. It’s the perfect season for a big announcement. Around this time last year OB was announced and I was OBSESSED with the title track. Australia dates??? Billie collab on her next album??? I think so
  7. How long does Fernjail usually last?
  8. PLEASE Australia. I’m begging for an actual tour.
  9. Can people not obviously none of you know anything about the situation and just read the headlines. There’s more to the story, an investigation, Taylor’s hotel being leaked and having people swarm her hotel and her being unwell and exhausted. She’s not safe and that should be her priority, doing all this isn’t going to change anything. She doesn’t need any more pressure or emotional strain from this.
  10. She clearly didn’t want to continue the show. She was trying to get security to help but they wouldn’t. She was visibly exhausted only half way through the show. People need to shut up and realise the real problem is this corrupt stadium. It took the stadium just a few hours before the show started to postpone night 2 even after Taylor consistently stated that she didn’t want to.
  11. If she does ever play there again I think she will definitely time it to be closer to winter so the stadium isn’t an actual air fryer.
  12. She did devote “bigger than the whole sky” to her on night 2 and she probably couldn’t disclose that information as of then when she wrote the message. Also another reason for her ‘silence’ is there’s an investigation going on with the stadium and if she makes an in-depth statement about it it could result in a mistrial. Also can we talk about how it was SO disrespectful of the fans at night 2 to be booing her after it was announced that it was postponed. Once again ITS NOT HER FAULT. The stadium is so messed up it’s crazy, I’m assuming Taylor won’t play there again.
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