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  1. she's def going to get best new music on pitchfork for this
  2. are you guys being fr 😭 that photo is an edit of lana on lolita
  3. she doesn't have any arenas or large venues booked, if she's touring next year it hasn't been finalized yet or it's just a festival tour (which i doubt) (it could be smaller venues but i don't see it happening)
  4. lana and jack leaving the studio after jack cuts the drums out of yet another fun demo for harpsichord and a slow synth
  5. title track "bible burner" is coming soon !!
  6. told u guys piano wasn't going anywhere
  7. girl it's not that serious take a xanax and and relax
  8. the Lana AI agrees w u bae maybe ur on to something.. don't know why miss AI took the title text book though
  9. the single cover leaked too omgggg
  10. omg LDR9 album cover leaked
  11. she's not making a country record, it isn't related to LDR9
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