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  1. lana probably doesn't want to get sued.. we don't know much about lana's relationship with her mom but we know it's bad and you never know if she'd sue for defamation - her prior references to her mother within her music or in general aren't directly disparaging (aside from wildflower but that wouldn't really work for a defamation case when this lyric might) i think the fact that people can sue artists for defamation for singing about their experiences is terrible but that's just how it is.. lana would likely win a theoretical case like that but it would still be a valid case and she might not want to deal with it but that's just my guess, lala could have just been in a mood, who knows
  2. would you say something positive for once the woman this entire site is dedicated to just released an album save this for tomorrow
  3. i'd like to think that slant's decision to describe peppers as "flaccid" was somehow influenced by lustforlife because what is it supposed to mean
  4. wishing this thread farewell xoxo and may we all hope that sean songs will be left in the bb/ct/dyk trilogy.. amen
  5. it's 2023 why are you picking up the phone and calling a bank to "transfer" a small amount of money that sounds like such a waste of time does ur bank not have an app basically every reputable bank has one
  6. ijbol they need to fix that on streaming. it's unnecessary and can easily be fixed by any competent audio engineer
  7. when LB members start ripping their vinyls and notice that there are multiple versions of fingertips and it's a russian roulette situation with the vinyls
  8. yes let's make a list of like the top 15 fandom questions so if that she livestreams on release day again and goes live with one of the lanaboards fans they could theoretically knock out the biggest questions lanaboards as a whole has - the list would be nice to have regardless if someone's put on the spot in a situation and blanks even off live like if she ever does a meet and greet or something in the future (i'm almost sure lala wouldn't even think about doing a meet and greet but who knows).. i'll make a thread
  9. i doubt the rsvps will even be honored.. they always do a line system and the eventbrite description says "Don't worry if your desired time slot is sold out, there will be a standby entrance line. Fans can start lining up at 9:00 AM PST. RSVP does not guarantee entry. Admittance to the event is on a first come, first served basis up to venue capacity" but i waited in line for her BB pop up for at least an hour and that one was small if this is a big and cool one people will see it online on friday and there will be more ppl saturday and sunday so i hope that doesn't affect things too much..
  10. i never understand posts like this obviously there's no need for any of us to be arguing over anything and lana is obviously going to do whatever she wants at the end of the day.. but this forum is meant to be a place to discuss opinions on all things lana related.. as long as it doesn't entail harassment i think discussions should always be encouraged this website would be so boring if everybody agreed with each other imo anyways closing remark is that talking shit is FUN idc what the party poopers say
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