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  1. ik they deleted but iirc lana did have a single planned but she changed her mind
  2. QFTC - Lil Lanita (Ft. Migos) [Verse 1: Lil Lanita] yo, lil lanita on the beat now that doja cardi and queen bee have all gone number one can i please go back to singing about stripping and rum i'm fed up with female writers saying i glamorize abuse i don't glamorize, i'm just glamorous, don't get it confused i think it's pathetic that my minor lyrical explorations are heard as an anti-feminist declarations listen closely, my word is holy i'm not not a feminist and i'm not not a satanist what i am is delicate, authentic and prophetic, the best vocalist why can't i be passive and submissive without angering progressives i'm just honest about my relationships news flash! sometimes that's just how it is welcome to the men in music conference biz i'll detail these thoughts in my next two poetry books go listen to born to die if you just want catchy hooks yea, im lil lanita and i just spit some bars now please excuse me because i'm going to the bar yuh thanks for listening bitches, happy quarantining yuh
  3. downatthemeninmusicbusinessconference
  4. boring interview aside this is one of her best photoshoots it's so perfect
  5. of course she just HAD to mention her karmic lineage 😭
  6. lana needs to see this and make an italiana mobster off to the races x kill v maim hybrid song asap https://twitter.com/grimezsz/status/1526363248227864576?s=21&t=FTyXi1t5k1B1nzyqoh6wgA
  7. https://open.spotify.com/album/40pYNrOZaH6Ozmex2nLniD?si=u3rkMIt5RY26SsAReKBfXQ
  8. LA album release show
  9. can't wait to see ethel live this month
  10. girl i am 15 minutes away from runyon i would come yell at u for lying to all these ppl in person if i wasn't about to sleep
  11. it's not the brite lites serve ur visualizing i promise
  12. yesss lana saying "don't stop" in between bits of music for several minutes would surely be a hit
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