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  1. Is the presence of the actual CIA meant to insinuate she isn't crazy and the CIA are really out to get her but nobody believes her and she ends up getting killed by them and dragged out on a cloth
  2. I think she just soundchecks new shit for fun not for her set
  3. fell out of gm on an alt 🥲
  4. Right I was sure he was wearing an adidas tracksuit 🇬🇧 pride !!
  5. did i miss the storytime or has elle not done it yet
  6. He definitely doesn't "nerd out" with any of Lana's bandmates He should go to jail he's scary
  7. Disney Nut Cum Dapper Ninja Cult Dan Needs Cancer
  8. fl0r1dakil0s


    What ??? I was sure she died
  9. fl0r1dakil0s

    2023 VMAs

    And it was just on AGAIN U guys didn't know that song ?!
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