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  1. Does ANYONE have that video of Lana saying “I love the vibe of heroin” I need it so bad😭 if u have it pls send it to me on IG. My username is karmabauer… please and thank u
  2. Karma999


    No one was pressed. It was literally just funny to us how she found a random person’s joke post on tumblr and started tweeting about “weirdos […] dragging me” ….I’m a stan, but I can still admit this was super petty and made her look silly.
  3. Karma999


    That time Catherine defensively vague tweeted abt my tumblr mutual who made a joke abt a lyric and called us weirdos and then stole the joke as her own LOL but I still love her ❤️‍
  4. When I was 11 years old, I was a casual LanaBoards user and I also ran/co-ran a couple ig fan accounts for her lol. I discovered my first unreleased songs from my old ig friends! The one guy that introduced me to a lot of them was like a year or two older than me and he was my Internet bestie for years when we were kids. We made some fun music together too. I’m 18 now and we still talk sometimes. We aren’t as close as we used to be, but I still rlly appreciate him to this day <3
  5. Does anyone have a link to the just a girl cover?? I haven’t heard it yet but I just KNOW she put her pussy in it I just know
  6. Karma999


    UM this is so kunt? Like everything abt it... has me vibrating at a whole new frequency . The pigtails UGH she’s so hot
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