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  1. looks just like a necklace she would wear on a normal day-to-day. Always nice to see sweet fans lovin her up
  2. This! I'm still waiting on a pastel lanz vinyl release. Maybe it's a pipe dream and she's just not a pastel girlie, she's into a more bold aesthetic, but i would break the bank if she did a pastel pink or blue or lavender
  3. maybe he has an incarcerated family member and they really are having a "family visit" and she's meeting his familylol
  4. isn't this someplace in Cali, based on the prison sign saying South California not Chicago? or am i missing something lol
  5. i think 'mother' in BBS is basically the consensus
  6. yess love her in headbands forever! so 2014 slay
  7. drugmunny

    Song vs. Song

    cotcc vs norman fucking rockwell
  8. drugmunny

    Song vs. Song

    shades of cool vs swan song
  9. im going to be so annoyed if this doesn't actually materialize into something lol. Anna girl why play with us like that
  10. wut she posted in rhode island or some EC place tho
  11. was listening to Honeymoon while getting ready today and tbh I feel like the most likely form for LDR9 to take is Honeymoon 2.0. Maybe something like astrology influence from LFL and Chemtrails eras meets the hazy west coast beach jazz sound from NFR, HM eras..and lyricism from BB, VBBOTG. wordy poetry + rick knowels prod + jazz sound.. she did follow rick recently, and acknowledged Honeymoon recently (Swan Song, GKIT) Anyways, I just want another 'The Blackest Day' and generally more songs that sound like a Bond Theme.
  12. drugmunny

    Song vs. Song

    white mustang vs the blackest day
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