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  1. her vocal sounded a lot clearer on instagram vids and stuff, so it might be a quirk with the livestream audio idk. prob not tho lol
  2. that was genuinely the most beautiful and unique performance i've ever seen. no complaints about a real artist bringing the house down with just her voice & poetry
  3. thank you for this validation lolll. It obviously feels weird to speculate about it, but I've always just seen myself reflected in her because of it
  4. 100% could be that. this is a very personal theory, which also has more to do with her mannerisms and communication style in general, but i digress. I just bring it up because it's probably important to remind ourselves to have empathy for her eccentricities
  5. This is a bit random but feels kinda relevant -- As a high-functioning autistic woman, I am like 85% sure Lana is also on the spectrum so that's always been my justification for her bizarre performances (including/especially 2012 SNL).
  6. It is technically her job to entertain the crowd. the audience also can't really get hype on a bunch of acoustic deep cuts
  7. ya to be fair I also thought her first show for the 2023 festival tour was a disaster (with the 5 min weird interlude immediately and bizzare costume/wig change) and it's kind of iconic now, so hopefully you are correct
  8. Yeahhh - and the way this is common sense for all artists ever?? she must have insisted on this tracklist for whatever obscure lana reason. I can't imagine someone on the team didn't bring it up
  9. I think there was some issue with her offstage spinny platform bc she was looking down, mad confused when that happened. Then, between hope and A&W you could hear someone profusely apologizing backstage I also thought there was a shooting for a second, partially because the security was loud as shit on the livestream
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