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  1. it's her and her sister chuck. it's a shot from the BB music video where the line "chucky's making birthday cake" is referenced and they're baking a cake. it's a mixing bowl not a trophy haha. the cat is lana's lil guy
  2. ya i think the quote was something ab how they are sort of folk/country and she says "well, they're not pop" i would just call them both alternative but in any case she's a star at combining genres so
  3. felt this. it's one of those records that does such a brilliant job of capturing memories but sometimes nostalgia is depressing as fuck also- and this is super weird + random but i have a difficult time listening to HTD because for some reason it conjures this memory of chugging iced coffee on an empty stomach when i was at the rock bottom of my ED lol. so thats fun
  4. speaking of... she called video games and ride "folk songs" not too long ago. so i'm down for ldr9 folk!
  5. i can't stop thinking ab how we thought we were getting american standards last christmas. i was so devastated when it didn't come out, i was up reloading apple music over and over in denial. my villian origin story
  6. i still can't believe i'm living in a world where i don't have a BB vinyl but I have 2 Chemtrails vinyls
  7. when i say i want a jazz album for ldr9 i'm talking about MDM Live, Cry Me a River jazz not Arcadia jazz y'all feel me
  8. agree. we should have gotten one for BB she literally said she wanted to do one that led into the videos somehow on live im still devastated
  9. crossing me fingers for a cyber monday sale. i don't want to order from lana village bc it's such a piece of shit but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do
  10. i was in middle school when i was listening to a lot of her unreleased on tumblr then i re-discovered a lot of her stuff on tik tok years later the circle of sad girl social media life
  11. drugmunny

    Song vs. Song

    old money vs blue banisters
  12. thats in your head except she literally starts twerking and flipping off the camera in the trio portion of the arcadia video
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