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  1. candy necklace is perfect. period but also not really even pop at all its more like soft rock / folk?
  2. personally not feeling overly guilty for listening to the songs on repeat bc i know i will literally be streaming this album from its release until the end of my life lol
  3. For me myself personally it's gotta be. - 1. NFR 2. BTD Paradise Version 2. Ultraviolence 3. Ocean Blvd 4. Honeymoon 5. Chemtrails Over the Country Club 6. Lust for Life 7. Blue Banisters (& I still love this record so much) I can't wait for more and more and more until the end of time ugh this woman
  4. do we know why candy necklace didn't leak alongside the album? like I don't need to hear it before release personally, but i'm just curious why the leaker would not have it in the zip
  5. unpopular opinion - i kind of like the fact that we have no idea whats going on and insiders teasing something exciting with no context.. all the hype but lana gets to announce herself
  6. Yes. I feel like this era is so positive compared to COTCC/WW eras where she was talking in interviews about not knowing where she was going next. Now she's saying in Rolling Stone something feels "different" and shes "finally unburdened" We LOVE a prolific legend
  7. no but also i don't think the average person knows about Lana's "cancelling" and she's still raging ab it
  8. nah ik its high production cinema masterpiece, they were shooting it on a legit video set
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