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  1. not that its rlly my business but in one of her recent interviews she alluded to just being in situationships bc she doesn't want to get hurt, which makes me think that post-Sean she's not really eager to give herself fully to one person "I’m very shy so it’s nice for me to have close friendships sometimes with men in particular where they’re not afraid to teeter on that other side so that I can experience what that shadow side looks like through other people because I don’t want to get hurt. " - https://hannahewens.substack.com/p/lana-del-rey-interview-2023-to-have-met-myself
  2. tbh in tampa i really had to pee and the second she come on stage i was so entranced i completely forgot about it hahahahahah but i could still never wait all day in a huge mob of ppl. my socially anxious ass would be having a prolonged panic attack
  3. im irrationally sad she isn't posting about my show - tampa it was such a great one!
  4. speaking as someone who was at the show, her dress was honestly the very last thing i was paying attention to
  5. i was there on the lawn and it was incredible. I thought it was odd her opening with so many ballads when i first saw the tracklist, but being there live it makes complete sense. perfect setlist my mom always thought Lana couldn't really sing and was floored at how incredible she sounded. She kept going wow! im so impressed! like every 10 seconds lol we totally thought she sounded better than even on her albums
  6. i gasped when i saw this on insta. the universe knows what its doingggg
  7. couldn't she just have meant shes traveling like as a tourist
  8. I sympathize with both her and the audience.
  9. huh its interesting u can see someone's clearly saying something to her on the PA here. I thought she was just letting the crowd sing to her lol
  10. vocals were amazing her stage presence was not superb or anything but idk...i feel for her. expectations are so high and she's under so much pressure. I just think about the fact she never really wanted to be a performer, & give her the benefit of the doubt that she is trying her best. I really can't imagine the stress & anxiety of these kinds of engagements on someone so introverted. she's probably so tired
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