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  1. now why would she perform at the grammys when the grammys pays her dust year after year and she isn’t even nominated this year ? not to mention Abel despising the grammys
  2. the way she’s serving so much this era!!! her lips!!! omfg the eyes! the hair! mom quaking. can’t wait for whatever magic they made for Billboard.
  3. omg true... imagine she does a radio show tomorrow to release the single like she did with VB 🧐 pls be tomorrow 🙏
  4. interesting I wonder if its for a new album or just song? omg what if she's releasing a single mañana ?
  5. okay the girls she tagged their stories look like they are in some sort of fancy podcast room? any ideas what that huge screen is?
  6. why does her story have the random instagram logo and her honeymoon name on it ? weird ?
  7. the video she just teased on insta and twitter...... I GASPED IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL FDFHASLJHKFBALHBDA
  8. I cannot stand James Corden so I really really hope it is not for his show......
  9. okay so anna cofone reposted the video lana posted on honeymoon of the polaroids of this era and dated !!! it 7/23/2022 well, i creeped on honeymoon dates and a few days later lana was in that blue dress sitting in the empty pool ? possibility she was making a video? and i think chuck posted a picture on set with elvis in a retro looking home on her story around that time ?
  10. this is a great point… if it’s a top 3 album for him… we will be sh*ttin ourselves 💅🏼🙏🎆
  11. i could see her only including the lighter and necklace with the box set ? 😅
  12. omg she used to sing Cola as the intro to her live shows and after the song she’d sing and mumble “let that light shine innnnnnn” i just got chills
  13. i need the coke necklace this is unfair i need it and will do anything to get one
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