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  1. because I am nosy , I wonder how much they make??? like the dancers and singers and stuff. im sure it is a lot plus free food? or hotels? genuinely curious
  2. ISTG someone in the crowd better be recording this concert on an actual camera,.... 2008 video camera school play camera come on pls DMAKDJNASDJKFAOSU
  3. literally felt bad for him at first but now im annoyed like stop spilling the beans on things ...
  4. Wally is the father of her/chucks friend Hunter Barker Right!? and hunter is married to Svet ? so surely there is a logical explanation ? sure they are on good terms still
  5. wondering the same thing ? i hope someone films the entire show with a nice quality camera if there is not a livestream. seems i can’t find any full concert videos of her recent shows just little clips on iphones
  6. her post giving BTD red lips, im shook tbh also reminds me of the beautiful posts she did during the UV era on her insta
  7. Ethel was liking posts of Lana’s Met Gala look; i don’t think it’s weird necessarily… although Ethel had previously tweeted or said she didn’t want to be compared to LDR, she included fishtail on one of her spotify playlists of songs she liked and then obvi this post. i think it would be cool if they collaborated at some point. i wonder about their connection to Jack Donoghue & what’s the tea there ?
  8. im so shook by the Vogue Lana Lullaby too BECAUSE... she sang "dreaming dreamin away your life" on Honeymoon and we know that era was presumably about Francesco Carrozini AND AND AND in the documentary about his MOTHER, Francesca, she jokes "AH Francesco, he's always dreaming, dreaming in another world" and it is kinda blowing my mind rn
  9. i need the tea, who did she talk to. who was at her table !?!? did she and sarah paulson talk abt stans calling sarah lana did her and ariana speak ? her and twigs? her and her ex ? neeeeeed tea plllllssss
  10. also lana sang at Kims wedding to Kanye, it isn't like its some random meet up on the carpet. Kim has been a fan long time
  12. Nikki Posted it on her insta stories today, it was taken last weekend during StageCoach at Salton Sea
  13. hes now stanning Women! Women empowerment,, kinda surprised
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