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  1. OMFG NEIL KRUG is TAKING PICTURES OF HER in the Pit omfg omfg he is with her, (album photos ?)
  2. I NEED HQ pics of this hair she is GIVING Ultraviolence hair to me
  3. I've never cared about awards to be honest, her art and videos have always been the winner in my eyes BUT it is very nice she is getting credit for her artistic visions and especially nice for the people who helped her make the video and all the crew !!!! I hope they all get a little trophy! they deserve it!
  4. i LOVE her with the red nails!!!! always have and always will !!! the red nails are so chic, iconic, classy & slutty, just overall a massive SLAY!!!!! love the red ❤️❤️❤️💅🏼👏🏻🔥the shoes are so iconic. giving !!!!
  5. i love when she does the big lashes and eye makeup so Ultraviolence coded
  6. why those shoes. whyyyy why. it looks like she’s going to the pool or beach to tan like mama not the slides and white ???? i get its kinda pink but white to a wedding is a no no
  7. oh to be a fly on the wall of the wedding to see if she acknowledges Evan, at least Chuck will be a buffer for lana and she can escape the awkwardness
  8. omg so this means Lana's presumed EX Evan will be there cause Jack is childhood friends with Evan 🧐
  9. THE HAIR!!!!!! PLS WE NEED HQ PHOTOS OF THIS HAIR OMG ITS SO BIG AND ICONIC AND PERFECT. Amy Would be Proud. Frida would be proud!!!!!!! I love when Lana does the big hair, it suits her so so well my god
  10. I don't think so, I think she just was saving her breath to make the next note or possibly got distracted ; I'm sure it is hard to be truly "present" at every show. like she mentioned after outside lands the other day she was trying to "be in the moment" and especially her first stadium show things could easily get distracting
  11. cant wait till we can see this LOOK up close because from far away it is truly magnificent and ICONIC .. giving Ultraviolence teas , Interview mag, V mag, teas with the veil. omg I dont think she's ever work a full veil on stage that I can remember ??
  12. lana sounds so great tonight, I can't help but notice at some points it seems she keeps putting the mic toward the crowd and saving her voice and having to slight cough to clear her throat ? am I the only one noticing
  13. she's down in the pit / GA but on Robs I can never hear lana
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