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  1. i want a planned out era! i DO NOT want any teases until the record is FINISHED (like honeymoon) i do not want any possibility of her changing her mind on the sound after giving a snippet (ie HTD on NFR) i do not want her holding back a song or lyrics because critics might “make fun” (ie the original LFL lyrics which were iconic/dark) i want concise visuals, photo booklet to be matching & not all over the place messy. i want photo shoots to be back again for at a NYT interview - released the day the album is released. NO radio interviews! NO TV performances (yuck-all the late night hosts are so goofy and awkward) i want her to be discreet-posting strange mysterious photos on honeymoon… possible live recording if she won’t do tours, for at least 3 songs (the singles?) 3 song concert live, no over dubbed, wearing a cute dress, nails did, beehive hair or something cute goin on, with her OG band members maybe in an ornate Cathedral or in the mountains with palm trees… none will happen but i can dream.
  2. I would love to ask lana on livestream how she felt about collaborating with her ex's on an album and vice versa. truly a beautiful video he put out... wow, I miss them in a fucked up way.
  3. remember when we all thought chuck and sveta were lesbians but in reality sveta was actually just dating Hunter aka Wildmudbarker and they were all friends 😂 and now svet and hunter are married 🐸 💞
  4. TEA! i re read the Rolling Stones interview she did with him for NFR & was proudly claiming how in touch he is with “numbers and streams” and he clearly knows what he was doing / did ……..
  5. i was just googling trying to find… and nothing ? odd
  6. i feel like her freedom since NFR has been somewhat an issue for the way she releases art now. she confessed on her honeymoon live as being “Add/adhd” & it is very apparent since NFR on the Visual side of things … the snippets / book tease / the lack of visual cohesion for chemtrails, the old photos included in the BB cd/vinyl (one w her blonde hair in the convertible) idk obviously it’s sweet & beautiful regardless but i loved the cohesion from BTD - NFR.
  7. agreed, like sure its fun to shake the ass to, but it doesn't fit in the context of the album, she shoulda added some moans or added a short sexy song instead (ie Gods & Monsters esq ;))
  8. I felt after and during the live yesterday she meant "rage" or "mad" she seemed to be hopeful in the live, but at the same time - quite accepting of her current headspace, as being a bit filled with fire. she refereed to herself as a "recovering alcoholic" and "ADD" and kept mentioning how it is currently kinda difficult (relationship/innner life) and how lots of people are also feeling this way currently its "in the air" I also feel like in Violets for Roses ("I hate that") and Beautiful ("and im glad im not") lines feel very snappy/witty/snarky in a self loving way, like a "I dont fucking need you, fuck you Kevin" vibes
  9. after watching her insta live yesterday, I felt like she was saying she needs time to write, almost like she's in a dark spot & incapable of writing about it. so I hope she takes her time tbh. I hope she doesn't try to force it whatever the next album is. (not referring to covers album)
  10. the way lana specifically asked "lanaisbabe" to “ask me anything now that should not be mentioned around my dad rob” then asked abt WW.... cringed sooooo hard.
  11. THiSSSSSSSSS TEAAAAA!!!! who gives a sh*t what they think... after all they trashed BTD and 10 years later , they are re correcting scores and apologizing for not seeing the greatness / authenticity back then.... Kate Bush albums are gold and have low ratings , it almost makes it better. I love our sad girl bad girl so much!
  12. theory : I think "Violet for Roses" is about her ex Chase, (pure opinion) the "paramount sign sparkling" allusion hits right at him.... to the day she went to paramount pictures in *Larchmont village, with him, how he wanted / wants to be an actor, (presumably fame, he was on set of Dont call me angel) how he probably was all into the fame and notoriety, the Rolls Royce's and money & fame lana has and how she's fine with just a simple chevy truck... he prolly critiqued her nails, her cheap jewelry that she gets for fun, and how she's in love with the city again, kinda reminds me of how much love she got in LA during NFR and that was when she "fell out of love with" him ?
  13. do you think we might get a magazine or interview this week/next ?
  14. so in "violets for roses" is she singing 'the beginning of something big happening and by the mega rallies in the streets have ceased and still the shadows haunt the avenue, the silence is deafening" or "murder alleys"
  15. she truly topped Ultraviolence...... I AM OBSESSED, its so achingly beautiful and vulnerable and sad and happy and sad at once. fuck I can't believe it is real ... I have chills. sweet Carolina sent me into uncontrollable crying violets for roses, all of it so witty and sharp. I love her so much. fuck.
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