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  1. apparently dua Spotify got hacked too... ed needs to change the passwords lmfao
  2. maybe I am reaching... but with Lana recently going back to her beautiful/magical dark hair, I wonder if she herself has entered into the beginnings of new era?? or maybe reshoot the cover of Chemtrails?? I feel like she thinks similar to us, in the way she transforms each record into a new era & almost has a sort of token to signify a new piece of magic... (I remember a 2014 interview with Chuck where chuck mentions lana would carry a token while recording or switch up a journal as a signifier for each album she has done) and now that she is no longer blonde I wonder if she's writing new stuff??? here's the Galore piece where chuck mentions to lana about it CHUCK:Do you remember decorating David Kahne’s studio? I remember sitting next to a decorative Urn during one of your recording sessions. Even now, you’ll bring ribbons or bows or specific iconography to recording sessions. How important is it that your space reflects your personal style or headspace? LANA: I honestly haven’t thought about that in so long. I used to have to have some sort of talisman with me if I was writing. Something connected to the lyrics like a sparkle jumprope or a golden compact mirror- at the time it was really important. Now I have internalized so much of what I’ve come to love that I don’t think about it as much any more.
  3. omg yes yes yes the hair looks so good WTF & the nails & cat eye. omg the boots. giving us everything
  4. lets not be delusional... do we think she meant 2 albums as Chemtrails and the AmericanStandards/Classics or a new album and the AmericanStandards/Classics ????
  5. this Liverpool vinyl makes me think she is covering up the fact that Chemtrails is not finished... it just doesn’t make sense ?
  6. thank god she told them off, idc. these toxic "Stans" love to misrepresent her ON PUPROSE, and even on here... its absurd.
  7. what is "American Standards and Classics" im dumb? is that a classification for how it is released digitally or a different record?
  8. why on earth are y'all discussing politics in Chemtrails pre release... dear god help us, we all know lana is Not a trump supporter... and if people wanna pretend she is then who cares. im so sick of rich ass celebrities pretending to be political gods when in reality they will be fine cuz they are rich and the people in power in America are rich and out of touch with those of us working to barely pay rent... anyways lets keep this about COTCC please
  9. Lanas music & my other sad core ladies(Weyes, Julia Jacklin, Lykke, SharonVanEtten) have REALLY been getting me through 2020, and I hope Chemtrails delivers the perfect beautiful ache... thats the main reason I don't care to have Yosemite lolol inject the PrettyWhenYouCry/Blackest Day/California vibesss into my earsssss please miss del rey
  10. also I doubt she would release the same day as Zella Day (who just confirmed a song coming 10/30)
  11. why did she say "as of today hahaah" when he said lana del reyyyy???
  12. I love Nikki Lane's energy, it almost feels therapeutic... she seems so comforting. they seem to be having a cute fun time, nothing lavish - genuinely friends just going wherever they wanna; thrifting, getting coffee, singing on a farm with other artists, doing small shows... this gives me the vibes Lizzy Grant had back in her trailer park interview, just doin whatever she wants while being around other creatives/artists (and not the LA rangerover crowd) -- just the old van/easy going, not fancy, chill crowd... not worrying about status/money... so I wonder if this environment is gonna be refreshing for her & similar to Chemtrails energy or if i'm just reaching lmfao...
  13. yeah I guess he was in Austin TX this weekend with Lana afterall 😍😂🎨
  14. I have just discovered her through the song "So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings" and wow... im OBSESSED... funny enough this song came on after LMLYLAW on Spotify
  15. I see what u mean, but Fuck it I love you & Hope is A Dangerous are quite different songs, so without context it would seem as if those songs wouldn't fit on the same record
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