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  1. I was wondering if her song appearing in the credits only was because it got finished too late? Like they were done editing the episode and could only put in the credits? Anyways, it’s a missed opportunity.
  2. I wonder how many songs they recorded together. I don’t mind Nikki’s voice (I like how gritty it is), but at the moment, a whole album of duets with Nikki, I’ll have to hear it before judging.
  3. It’s not bad! I really like the lyrics. I won’t judge this new song too quickly because her BUS collab had me like at first, but I ended up liking it more than I thought. I wonder on which project will this new song land… I really hope she includes Hey Blue Baby if there is an EP or even full album of country music (she also could include Fine China in there: it’s one of her most country songs in terms of lyrics. Maybe not instrumentally speaking, but the whole vibe is def country)
  4. That’s what I’m hoping! I was listening to West Coast this morning and the end of MAC: those electric guitars are soooo summery!!! She needs to bring back those on LDR9
  5. Nobody knows for sure. But knowing it was on COCC, it’s either super quiet or it was too much different from COCC and got scrapped. I don’t know why it didn’t make the cut to BB though (this album is diversified enough for any different song from her, I think…) It would be lovely. Or in May. I really hope we do get another summer album and not « end of summer »
  6. I think it’s going to be a mixed bag. Jack will produce a couple of songs, hopefully Mike will be back for something bigger than WFWF. Drew Erickson makes a lot of sense. Maybe Emile could be back?
  7. It’s so weird to see her on stage… Here in Canada, COVID is hitting hard and everything is still closed… To see a crowd in a bar is almost eerie. anyways, I wonder how many tracks she did with Nikki and on which project they will land
  8. I’m not sure anymore, since now we all know that BoZ was teasing WCE and not DNC on his Twitter account. If it had been DNC, it could have been released in the first quarter of the year. I’ll tell myself nothing is coming until the FJM cover, not to be disappointed. DNC gives us summer vibes because of the logo, but who knows with her 😂. I never thought that the RCS line would be in a breakup song either 😂😂 Until someone really reliable spills about how far she is in the project, I won’t get my hopes up too much for something related to LDR9 in the next weeks, and will go back to Chemtrails, BB and WCE
  9. Congrats to all the winners i Love spending way too much time here with you, freaky bunch
  10. Most of the time, her side projects or soundtrack songs don’t sound like they could have been on her records, except for Young and Beautiful and this one. Jon Denton is right by saying it sounds like Creep… I really hope another lawsuit is not ok its way
  11. I was sold to this song as soon as I heard « Rock Candy Sweet » It’s really dreamy.
  12. THANK YOU!!! This is what I was wondering, by posting it! Which is not far-fetched… but not confirmed either haha
  13. I really love this song as well… but more-stripped back version?!? … I’ll need to hear that.
  14. I’m kinda shookt that a more stripped back version exists… I mean, it’s not a big-production track… How more stripped back can this be ?!??!
  15. I can’t find who « confirmed » she recorded unreleased tracks.. Has it been discussed already, between the fights?
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