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  1. Until last year, vinyls had to be submitted five to six months before release. Artists and labels tend to announce the album / preorder three months after submission, to have a shorter pre-release rollout. But I’m not sure anymore if that timeframe is still the case. And I’m not sure if the rule is the same for every artist. Do the bestselling vinyls artists have to wait the same amount of time or can they « bump » the waiting list?
  2. We need to know who is that person and how the heck do they know so much about this damn album Thanks, hun!
  3. Lana has the rare ability to make us more confused the more she talks about an album
  4. My interpretation is that the album is more LFL-esque than it was supposed to be. I mentioned it in the Tough thread, but the fact it’s getting a MV treatment, I wonder if her label pushed that song to be the lead and reshaped the sound of Lasso. Although I can’t see her label imposing anything on her since she was the second most-stramed female artist last year on Spotify (even if OB wasn’t very « GP oriented »)
  5. This woman is so mysterious We all have very plausible interpretations of what she said and what’s worst is that all of them could be right, as far-fetched as they are
  6. Country is not my forte… but I really love Henry because it’s more on the folk side / Not Those Who Wander Are Lost. But I guess it’s the rest of the album that will tell me if it was a brilliant move or not, going country.
  7. She is gorgeous though. I mean, it’s her most BTD looks since BTD
  8. Oh Lana… Is it done? Or did you mean that the « direction is going » is its reception by the GP / critics? Or did you have in mind « what is after Lasso »?
  9. I barely made it out alive NFR was excruciating TBH. I think that all the singles being so incredible helped me cope a lot with the radio silence. At least I’ve got Billie’s new album to help me not get too anxious this time around. But I must say I can’t help myself from thinking the single is dropping « soon » when a snippet is posted. And what we heard was so summery and « bopey » that I want it like now
  10. Didn’t he reply it was dropping next 🤫? I take it it’s next month, so June? But if Tough is for her album, two weeks from Friday could be possible… maybe? They honestly shouldn’t have posted that damn snippet a month before release TBH
  11. Apple Music has discounted the album at 4.99. Interscope really wants her to have a chance against Tay-Tay
  12. I wonder if the Quavo collab was always intended as a single for Lasso or if it’s a mutual decision from Lana and her label The MV being filmed last week makes me believe the song wasn’t planned as the lead single…
  13. As many stated before, the post was fake. however, I read that some discussions had happened between Lana and Olivia Rodrigo, surely for her next album. i do hope though that a Billie X Lana collab happens some day.
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