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  1. You know y’all how I feel about that I need six months before any announcement, before speculations and false hope, before finding out if new insiders are just full of sh*t or really are who they claim they are, and so on.
  2. I really really love the songs she did with Zach, but put them all together side by side, and it might be too much of a mellow and subtle album…
  3. The album isn’t even out for me. Give me a break, guys
  4. This is the interview that kept on giving: - she finally put to rest how we should count her albums (Paradise being her second because it is too long for an EP); - she gave us an update on Behind the iron gates… 😢 I hope we get to hear the 7 audio poems of what was that project, someday.
  5. It’s usually available at midnight of every time zone. Which means NZ should be listening to it in less than 2 or 3 hours?
  6. Interesting and, of course, debatable https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/best-lana-del-rey-songs-1234696106/music-to-watch-boys-to-1234696245/ Serial Killer is on there, as well as A&W and Tunnel’s title track. probably deserves its own thread though
  7. well love her to death but are listening parties with the songs playing on speakers the best way to experience her albums, and that one especially?
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