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  1. I have no self-control when it comes to her, so if I still want surprises when the album drops, I don’t want any single either. Besides, we all thought we’d get White Dress before release and well, we know how this turned out. We’re so close to release that we’ll get a MV when the album drops or shortly after, I think.
  2. Cherry is amazing… it’s the association with her « sexy songs » that I’m unsure of. . The beat of Cherry is sexy AF and mysterious, but the lyrics aren’t. anyways, Can’t wait for the songs after the interlude… I see no lies.
  3. My first unreleased were Black Beauty (demo) and Angels Forever. I began loving her after Tropico came out. I had bought the album and EP and wanted to hear if she had done anything else. I went to YouTube and was so surprised to discover her unreleased…I had no idea that she had been hacked. Serial Killer was on that playlist also, Never Let Me Go. Even though I didn’t love all the songs that had leaked (even today, I find many of her leaks overrated : people here are always saying « it’s her best song ever!! » when many are very basic or very demo-ish), it was as if I had found out a new album by her that night
  4. I love that Lana doesn’t do deluxe editions of her album anymore because of the damn bonus tracks that are always impossible to get legally on all platforms. But I’d be down for that RCS edition if she released it six months after release, as long as it’s available everywhere
  5. I love how no one has heard BBS yet… I hope it’s a sexy bop
  6. I ordered the alternate covers of the CDs through her website with the Hope of a early shipment Nan we can wait a little longer. But on the weekend of October 8, it’s a national holiday here… that would be incredibly good timing
  7. It was a couple of pages back. Lustforlife mostly. I read it quickly so I might recall wrong. Black Bathing Suit is an invite but we don’t know much more (insiders want us to be surprised but LFL fans will love it), one of them apparently has surf rock elements to it (can’t remember which), Sweet Carolina is co-written by her father and Chuck and is the best closer she ever written. on another note: I love the kitschy spaghetti western elements to Text Book, Wildflower Wildfire, Arcadia and the Interlude
  8. This album has me so happy with the tracklist so far, especially with the leaked songs. My only deception though is Rock Candy Sweet being scrapped. I guess it really didn’t fit the vibe of the album. I hope she releases it « soonish » (haha)
  9. Agree with both of you! If a number 1 album was the goal with her previous albums, since Norman, I don’t think it matters that much to Interscope: Norman was a critic darling, Chemtrails had impressive vinyl sales… Lana is a singer-songwriter. To wish for her to sell as many albums as the top five pop female stars is utopia at this point.
  10. We sorta run out of options… tracklist is posted, insiders gave us the tea on the songs we knew nothing about, there are no interviews, she’s off the grid… watch out this thread though if the album leaks because of early shipments…
  11. This game is way too hard lol. it’s Sophie’s choice but with a family the size of the Von Trapps my only certainty is: 3. Venice Bitch because it’s my fave from her, but I do realize that I had to give Shades of Cool the chop
  12. Bah! Same happened in 2015. Adele took the commercial crown but Lana released her timeless masterpiece HM. They are in different spheres and Lana can’t compete with that number-wise, but we know who we love… (seriously, Adele is giving me such « lazy vibes »… by the time she releases the follow up to 25, Lana released FOUR albums and a poetry book since, I mean…)
  13. Cause there’s nothing to talk about… like the future and those things… ive been busy with work, but the only thing that happened is a snippet posted of a LFL demo that we call « On and On ». Other than that, I don’t think anything happened this week.
  14. She should release them as standalone singles and be done with it, at this point lol
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