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  1. I don’t know if we should interpret the present dead silence as a sign that RCS is indeed coming soon, with a lead single...
  2. Always wondering if you’re trolling or manifesting. love you though.
  3. Agree! my only hope is that both the RCS and Blue Banisters posts are still on her Insta. When she archived TJF, that was a low-point.
  4. I received my Chemtrails box set: I’m ready to preorder some RCS merchandise now
  5. Looking at the upcoming releases either for May or June, I get the feeling we will have some news soon. If we don’t, I’ll tell myself it’s not coming in the next two-three months. i know it’s her we’re talking about and she never does anything like anyone else and I know Chemtrails is still new, but I think we all deserve a pause of waiting anxiously for her to drop something at any moment.
  6. Dark brown from the UV era. love her butterscotch colour HM era also.
  7. It’s true but things are bit different since Chemtrails isn’t a month old. I must say that Saturday’s post made me optimistic for the June release, with each new day without precision, I kinda doubt it more and more. I just want some sort of clarification at this point, which will probably happen when the preorder is here
  8. Well, when she answered that it was just for a selphie, when asked about it (if it would end up on RCS) kinda put an end to it in my mind.
  9. She swears a lot on it. there are a couple of punchlines similar to UV: « You fucked me so good I almost said I love you »/ « fresh out of fucks forever » both have a very intriguing title. but I still think RCS will be closer in spirit to UV than Norman; it seems to be fueled with anger.
  10. I’m been listening to my random Lana playlist, these days, in-between Chemtrails. Wether you like Jack or not, want him involved on the next record or not, there’s one thing that stands out with both albums they did together: her voice never sounded so clear or upfront than with him. I love the dreamy or weird reverb or muffled sounds of hers in the other records, but on both Norman and Chemtrails, her voice is the centrefold of the songs.
  11. If This Is the End - I want a Boyfriend sounds more like a song title, plus it’s 5 minute (aka the perfect Lana demo length) . But if it’s a poem, I’m fine with it. I just love that title so much.
  12. Yeah, we’re now entering the second phase of an announcement , when the excitement has worn off and we now realize how little we did get and how confusing it was. Seriously, it’s like we’re dating this weird and unavailable person, who just sends us into the motions every time ( Saturday: « Gosh, how sweet is it! We don’t deserve her! Her promises are really coming through this time! » Today: « What the hell was this? It’s so vague and she ghosted us again? Did we dream this? »)
  13. Let’s go all conspiracy theory here!!! last summer, leakers gave us Life is Beautiful and I Talk to Jesus, two tracks that talk about Christian divinities. Chemtrails also have a couple of God references. From what we know, it was around the time the lucky five gays got their hands on Chemtrails.... this year, we got Wild One, which mentions Mike... So it’s a message from the leakers that Mike Dean is a producer on RCS!
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