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  1. Maybe her « pandemic texts » will be on her poetry book? anyways, do we need another reminder that there’s a pandemic going on? Maybe this is why we love the title track so much: it’s fucking good escapism. agree with you that this song has many layers, about loving someone, about wanting to merge with someone at some point in life.
  2. She sure wasn’t as shocking on NFR than on other records, it’s true. And thank God the rest of NFR isn’t tainted with political undertones. I never saw NFR as being « toned down », maybe more subtle? But I guess it’s an never ending debate. which makes me wonder if QFTC wasn’t her way of coming forward by saying: « critics, if you loved my criticism of society on NFR, you surely won’t like Chemtrails because it’s nowhere to be found haha! » Eclipse heard it.
  3. There’s a bit more than that. The male ego on the title track was very relevant with Trump as président. The fragility of sanity on Hope reflects everyone’s state of mind in our modern societies. FIILy’s ode to never stop is parallel to the whole capitalist system. All echoes of the state of the world. Just enough to notice, just enough to please everyone without being too much.
  4. Disagree about NFR not having stakes or being safe. Yes, on NFR, she was telling her story, but it had many resonances with everything happening in the world. The end of the world of the greatest, the fragile state of sanity on Hope (which is epidemic for, well, everyone), FIILY’s ode to not caring and wanting everything (very reflective of the whole capitalist system), the narcissism of the male ego on the title track... NFR went beyond her story. But I don’t think it was intentional of her to be « the voice of a generation »: it just happened to coincide with the culture. Chemtrails is back at her regular « telling my own story » (which I’m fine with). Critics compared her songwriting to the wits of Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan... but does an emblematic and talented songwriter has to tell a story beyond herself to fit that « definition »? So, I don’t disagree with the review from a an objective point of view, but does Lana has to sing songs about the state of the world all the time to maintain the « respect » she gained with NFR? I don’t think so.
  5. Exactly! Even when the previews came out, we didn’t know it was Bartender Chuck was listening.
  6. To be fair, we had no idea it was Bartender... and the lyric speculation was
  7. Just Bartender, I think... both love song and California had posted snippets
  8. No wonder the album got delayed: there are so many damn variations with the vinyls And giving the fact that all the coloured vinyls I bought sounded cheaper than regular black ones, I really hate the delay because of those.
  9. I saw the December / June part to be more about the contrast « I want to play, you’re no fun » than about astrology and the signs associated with December birthdays... about the man/men associated with the song, I don’t think we can pinpoint only one man to a song in her case (except maybe IMF), though the Sean comparisons are numerous (especially with TJF being the next song)
  10. That site proved right in the past, unless there’s a last-minute change on her team’s part. I think FIlLY and the greatest both had release dates on August 9, but Looking for America changed the release dates for both. Chemtrails seems to be pretty much set in stone at this point, Especially of the MV for WD is done or almost done. So I think that date is legit.
  11. It’s just speculation and not actual storyline of this album, right?
  12. Yes, hun. white dress is scheduled to be released on Feb 26, according to a song search engine. Eclipse got the chance to hear it and it is her saddest song apparently, about her Lizzy days. Other than that, we are contemplating (God) the beauty of the title track and speculating.
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