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  1. LFL sure was under appreciated as an era, if we look back at all those covers alone
  2. Totally 💯 agree with you: the back cover should have been the front. and BB’s cover is top 3 for me for sure
  3. It sure is her worst cover ever it’s not that it is that bad, but it’s bad for her standards, although I didn’t find it that ugly after a Twitter fan account put side by side the COCC cover and the alternate UO one (which I like)
  4. I do love Jack and Lana together but get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Not to go on with that endless debate, but I don’t think he will be the sole producer on many tracks, and that Drew will have his hand on songs. Everybody praises California, and it was a Jack and Zack track, so I’m all for « two-producer » songs.
  5. Whether their info checks out or not, I see UV and HM as « influences / spirit »: to me, UV is all about dark lyrics and some guitar (Dealer is UV in spirit, though I know it’s nowhere near the guitar progression of the album); HM is all about strings. WCE was very much « sadcore Lana », even though it’s not BTD in terms of production (which is, to me, the epitome of sadcore Lana) I don’t think anyway that Lana will ever do a 2.0 to any of her albums, but some influences are sure to be back. i had an epiphany last night: so, Leaks Nation was right?!?!
  6. All I see here is Jack is this, Jack is that, but the real REAL question is : What is Daddy Rick’s involvement on the album?
  7. From what I’ve seen, I missed the « insider trial » ?
  8. Everybody wishes for 10 coloured vinyls and well, good for you, but I wish there is a box set for this album as well: the LFL one doesn’t get enough praise, with its Neil lithographs. The COCC booklet was also beautiful.
  9. Waking up to Lana and Neil confirming they are doing visuals for this album is a dream come true
  10. If LYTAN isn’t on the album, I won’t lose my mind since she never talked about it (unlike Yosemite); we pretty much found out about that one through insiders. am I curious about it? Yes, but can still wait I guess
  11. Each album pretty much had one flower, but maybe there’s a photoshoot for an interview that has a different flower? Im excited as it is for the new album coming very soon, a double album seems too much almost
  12. Love the euphoria version, but we have that one already, I want new songs.
  13. The Eclipse comment, I didn’t know what to make of it but maybe… As for the flowers, why couldn’t the two be for a single album?
  14. Why the sudden belief it’s a double album?
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