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  1. To me, those are the « bombastic songs ». Last time before that she used that term, it was for some LFL tracks (title track and Get Free). Maybe the Norman outtakes are LFL outtakes as well?
  2. You could be completely right (we really have no clue so far how those songs will sound). I guess I’m mostly wondering if those bombastic songs are any good
  3. Agree with pretty much everything you said. Lyrically, it’s pretty cohesive, and even if it’s not that much sonically, I really don’t mind : her most cohesive albums are not always my faves (UV and HM are wonderful but COCC is a bit underwhelming even if it’s super cohesive; I guess it all depends on the genre she decided to use for the album ). With BB, I was happy how Dealer switched up things a bit between the « piano parts » of the album.
  4. Disclaimer: the next post will be based solely on an « old » tweet from Honeymouns, who said that there were three outtakes from Norman that made it to COCC (DBJAG, NATWWAL and WAH). And I know that he has lots of unreleased but is not necessarily the best source for info. I wonder how many « bombastic » tracks were left off Norman. Based on the fact that COCC got three softer outtakes from Norman, I don’t think there are more than a few bombastic songs (two? Three?). True, she writes and records a lot of songs, but Norman had 10 songs made with Jack, and she did say that she liked to hang with him, talk and if it lead up to a song, fine, but it wasn’t always the case. So, maybe she could include the best of those tracks on the new album to switch things up a bit?
  5. I really have no idea what to expect from this album… HM X Violet X BB?!?
  6. This version is simply gorgeous (and would fit perfectly at any wedding )
  7. When she finally posts a snippet or there is a lead, I’ll either : a) collapse and totally lose my shit because it sounds so insanely good; b) ask myself if I’ll end up loving this project. BB took me some time to process, when she released the three singles: I loved BB right from the start, but the RCS post had me thinking she would release summery tracks and well, none of them are. I don’t have much expectations for LDR9, except that I’d want a bigger sound (Buddy’s RV has been on repeat since it got released and anything like that would be a dream, or anything channeling FIILY or Venice Bitch)
  8. I don’t know if those are my fave lyrics, but I really love when she reads a man: « You can be a bad motherfucker but that don’t make you a man » « Goddamn manchild! You fucked me so good that I almost said I love you, you’re fun and you’re wild, but you don’t know half of the shit that you put me through (…) you talk to the walls when the party gets bored of you »
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/CfR6XyQvs8f/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Not sure it’s relevant to post here since, well, who knows if it’s about her anymore…
  10. I think maybe July could be a good time to launch the era. Anyways, she hasn’t even posted or commented about the recent US events (I wonder if she’ll do) and I don’t expect anything related to the new album in the following days (would Lana news be good escapism at the moment? Hell yeah! But would it be a good idea? Not sure if she wants to avoid backlash)
  11. Change hit really hard a couple of weeks ago, but God Bless America, these days with everything happening in the States, is something else LFL deserves another chance for whoever called it trash.
  12. I used to see Paradise as an album also… BTD is Lana telling about her troubled teenage years and Paradise is moving away from NY, to LA, to launch her career. So two distinct phases of her life. And musically, it’s different from BTD. But the BTD cover was shot while filming the first and homemade version of the Blue Jeans MV… and the Paradise cover was shot while filming the big budget Blue Jeans MV, which kinda joins the two of them. So I don’t know how to see Paradise anymore, except that it’s brilliant.
  13. And yet, Paradise is longer than so many LP released these days, which sometimes barely are over 30 minutes haha!
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