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  1. I liked both posts because I never know what would be « best ». I used to be in the « the more Lana the merrier », but I guess it has changed a bit. To me, it’s always a question of what the album is about. OB was so long, but it gave so many genres and it was such an eventful year for her, so it makes sense we got such a long album. BB could have been one song shorter. another factor to consider: how long are the songs? If there are a couple of long ones, a shorter track list could make sense but if the songs are shorter, longer track list it could be.
  2. Americana could mean almost anything, but the most « Lana » Americana I’m imagining (something that is uniquely hers and not some rehash of another artist or genre) would be the last CoCC tracks starting with LMLYLAW and a couple of tracks on BB (like Nectar of the Gods). She never repeated an album’s aesthetics / sound so far and I doubt she would. Still not a big fan of country (many people mentioned Mitski and it is a bit too much country to my taste even though I love her texts), except when it is mixed with something else, like Andromeda by Weyes Blood. that being said, I’ll let Lana do her thing and have trust in her process. Hey, maybe this will be the album bringing guitars forward.
  3. I always imagined it was Rob who asked her to do that (I have no proof though): like “Stop bitching your mother”
  4. Cute interview, maybe nothing groundbreaking, but she does give some insight as to why she keeps “going back” to Jack as a producer.
  5. Chuck did a great job here! Love her orange top!
  6. GeminiLanaFan

    Venice Bitch

    Yeah but I guess it’s what happens when you share an anniversary with Honeymoon. When Venice Bitch was released, roles were reversed and nobody was mentioning poor HM’s birthday
  7. If any leaks ever happened through the stolen laptop like she first suggested also: wtf is DNC.
  8. This album means so much to me. I remember its first snippet, the HM title track, on Insta, when I was on a trip in California. In the daytime, I was listening to UV non-stop and in the nighttime, back at the hotel, I would play the snippet on repeat Still one of her most hypnotic, mysterious and Lynchian tracks to date. My first listen was through the UO listening party leak. You know an album is fucking good and some tracks are insanely great when even a LQ snippet with people chatting over them doesn’t bother you that much (still remember the end of God Knows I Tried and the chorus of The Blackest Day, I was like ) a couple of months after HM was out, my mom passed away and this album was pretty much all that I could listen to that would bring me solace. Swan Song has a total new meaning to me, same with the bridge of Terrence Loves You. Fun fact: it’s the only Lana album I bought my mom, before she passed away, because she loved how calm and melodic the songs were. Still one of her best. I’m glad it’s slowly getting more attention now in the fan base.
  9. I think that if Neil pulls out a great cover with variants, LB will be at least satisfied with an era
  10. I’m with TropicoKitten on that one. True, the era has been anything but fed by Lana herself since CN’s MV, but the music is so rich, so grand. It’s her first album, since Norman, that I return to almost every day. The songs I « liked » the least (or that were maybe a bit too intense for casual listening) are now the ones I look forward the most when I press play. It’s really one of her best.
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