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  1. Boston and/or Lana fans are a dirty, nasty, sick bunch. I love us, but imma keep my distance for the time being feel better soon!!!
  2. Urghhhh I got strep from you guys anyone else sick after the show?
  3. My favorite broken clock
  4. lol I think that’s what we all mean when we say not everyone will be happy - you are, us new Englanders not so much
  5. Honestly I think they do hope for the best and wait for the worst 😅 I saw Beyonce in DC last year and that was just as bad as last night! The only consolation was we got the full Beyonce experience after. I think that’s the disconnect in my brain after last night. Not only did it get postponed under dangerous conditions, the show wasn’t “complete.” Not saying she owed us a full show, just trying to explain why many of us at the show last night feel the way we do. Between my experience with Bey, and hearing how Taylor played full shows after delays, I think a lot of people (including myself) are playing a (potentially unfair) comparison game.
  6. People were checked out by the time the show started … even in the YouTube videos someone posted earlier … it’s not that loud. A lot of people were sitting and not even singing. And I was in section A turf! again, it was a lose-lose situation all around. I selfishly wanted it to be postponed. And at the end of the day, I place much of this on the venue. Fenway crowd control was nonexistent and sounds like it was dangerous for many. I know medics rushed through my section once when we were sheltering, but it sounds like other sections had more hazards … that alone isn’t worth it. Without your health, what’s the point of any of this. I think that’s what my biggest gripe is looking back on it … that it was quite dangerous for a *long* period of time - over an hour. That’s on Fenway, not Lana and her team.
  7. I was feeling all the feelings by the time I got back to my room last night, while also feeling apathetic at the same time?? so now that I’m dry, rested, and stable, I can explain my experience from yesterday: first and foremost - we as a fanbase can be so amazing but also so icky to each other. Had great convos and vibes walking to the concert with people at my hotel. Then when I got to my seat, a group was taking my spot. I let them know I’d like to sit, but I get hit with a deadpan voice and stare “we’re just staying until the show starts.” Babes, let’s not play this game. A smirk, a wave, and a simple “come on” got the bbs out of my seat, but they spent the whole time prior to the show having to move and dodging security.. basically being nuisances. And don’t get me started on everything while we were in the tunnels! The majority of people were chill and making the best of it, but some people were just mean - either making fun of nearby fans or pushing/elbowing/screaming at fellow fans. I have never been to a concert where people were so mean to each other. Now onto the show itself. Her voice was BEAUTIFUL and she is one of the few artists I’ve seen who sounds better live! I wish we had more solo songs versus the guests, but I totally understand why they performed- out of respect. I personally don’t feel like Lana needs dancers. I wish it was just her and the band. I wish I had more to say on the show, but it went by SO QUICKLY bc of the curfew. My final verdict - it should have been postponed. I was shocked she chose to still perform with the time cutoff. I knowwwww people spent so much on this show (myself included), but I woke up today feeling disappointed. I have never felt this way after a show EVER. Even concerts I was dragged to I ended being like “I’m glad I went!” the next day. I feel sick knowing this is what I’m walking away with as my first (hopefully not last) Lana concert. I do hope something is offered to us (a partial refund? A recording of the show? A free tee shirt 😅) but I won’t hold my breath honestly. Lana is a sweet person and her choice to perform/postpone would never please everyone, I understand. But I reallllly think the majority of us wanted it postponed (based on my crowd in the tunnel). But I couldn’t even vote in the poll bc there was no gd service 😭 ughhh maybe I’m not as emotionally stable today as I thought I was
  8. Im so sorry :(((( I just saw the video of you guys rushing back to the pit after the delay … I didn’t even think of all the “wasted time” queuing for hours prior just to have to race for a decent spot. Ugh my heart breaks for you!!!
  9. Did anyone sell their tickets? If so, how? I was just able to snag a better ticket and want to sell (at face value!!) my other one!
  10. either a super breezy sundress or sweat-wicking tank/running shorts. Birkenstocks. I’m in my early-mid thirties, I don’t have patience to dress up (unless it’s for 👑 🐝). I like to think I’m doing as Lana would 😆
  11. Thursday’s temps are looking HOT! So much for looking cute … don’t judge if you see a disheveled, mid-30 yo wearing sweat-wicking lululemon and birkies at the show
  12. Can’t wait to see her! Still bummed about the ticket that I got (all the way in the back on the turf), but I know just seeing her live for the first time is what the experience is all about. what do you guys think will be there for merch? Do you think it will be the same as her online store or will there be something unique for the “one special night”?! Her current selection is
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