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  1. I completely agree… the video seemed a little odd in some way - can’t really put my finger on it. I really hope she’s doing well.
  2. Arcadia is such a beautiful piece of work by Lana. The last verse specifically is so so powerful. Her voice sounds vulnerable and reminiscent of her Lizzy Grant days, which fits the theme and story-telling of the song PERFECTLY. This woman is a genius and I love her so much
  3. Her best album, I can feel it… I’m just so in awe of everything; from the album covers, the song titles - just EVERYTHING. I’m so proud of her.
  4. I really do think there will be an announcement/tracklist post from lana today with the pre-order tomorrow after Arcadia
  5. I personally like ballads, especially for Lana… everyone has different opinions!
  6. I buy a lottttt of physicals and honestly stream albums more! It’s more accessible to me - the vinyls are purely to have for my collection, and to play once in a while.
  7. so… today has officially been one of the most mentally exhausting days on LB
  8. I…. Have been gone for so long and there is so much info rn I can’t keep up this is such an exciting era
  9. PLEASE I’ve been working two jobs and have been SO SO busy - what has been happening with the album? Is it a surprise release? Do we have any info from any reliable insiders?? An update would be great and very appreciated !!!
  10. I always thought WW sounded like an opener and BB as the closer - TB somewhere in between. The album starting off with, “here’s the deal” would be so powerful; like she’s setting the record straight for anyone listening, and she’s finally telling the story that she’s wanted to for so long.
  11. lizzyschemtrails


    Does Lorde’s new song sound like HTD/WAT to anyone else, by Lana ???????
  12. I’ve been away for a few days - any updates about the album? (I’m not expecting any )
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