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  1. My order is surprisingly already out for delivery and I should be getting it by tonight!
  2. We don’t even know what the cover will look like or if there will be an interview. BUT did I just spend $43 on this magazine? Yes. Do I care that I spent that much? LOL no
  3. I don’t think I’m ever going to recover from this moment. We NEED a magazine with these photographs!!!
  4. Wow the way I bought the signed print and 4 cassettes bundle when I’m broke as shit… Lana and her fam really have me in a chokehold Mind you I already have the vinyl, signed CD and both 7” pre ordered as well LOL
  5. YAY I GOT MY TICKETS!!! I decided to just get the lawn tickets which will be far from the stage (I’m a broke bitch at the moment) but IDC I’M SEEING LANA FOR THE FIFTH TIME YAAAAAY
  6. OMG this is so perfect. LANA AND BOYGENIUS!? Arlo Parks anddd Beabadoobee!! Only two hours from me!!! Definitely going to try to get tickets - signed up for the presale so fingers crossed 🤞🏼
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CqOeON-I_4W/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= oh
  8. She just posted a pic of the necklace and box it comes in on her stories! Personally, I don’t like or wear necklaces but I figured you cuties would want to know!
  9. Imagine how iconic it would be to get a 7” heart shaped vinyl with these two songs like we got for “Love”/“Lust For Life”
  10. Do you live close to a Target? On release day they are usually in store! I went and grabbed the Target vinyl and CDs in store for NFR, COCC and BB
  11. AH THIS IS ALL SO EXCITING! MY FAV PART OF A NEW ALBUM - ALL OF THE DIFFERENT VINYL VARIANTS!!! (even though I'm broke and this will severely hurt my wallet ). So far I've ordered the standard black vinyl, exclusive white vinyl, standard cassette and CD from her webstore. I called my local record store and placed an order for the indie exclusive light green vinyl and ordered the light pink vinyl from Amazon. I think I'm going to wait until release day to buy the dark pink/red vinyl and CD in store at Target!
  12. Did I really just make my bf buy me the thong for my bday coming up this month? Why yes I did 🙃 Wish they had a post card set and maybe a new record variant though!
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