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  1. those days of old twice i sang at the hollywood bowl and my dad plays just like billy joel
  2. 111

    Sky Ferreira

    cute lil cameos
  3. 111

    Caroline Polachek

    art of war, art of peace these eyes are shut, this heart is open violeeeeeeeeent loOoOve feel my embrace oh I DON'T KNOW BUT I BELIEVEE
  4. i screamed, you need to put a tw if you are gonna post a jumpscare bestie
  5. 111

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    i would give my heart for a chance at your heart and lie with you in this quicksand... and it feels like we have lived an eternal summer!
  6. 111

    Sky Ferreira

    everyone dreams every night, but if they are not vivid or you can't remember them after waking up something might be messing up your REM cycle, such as weed/certain medication or you might be low on serotonin which regulates sleep for which i'd recommend 5-htp xoxo
  7. 111

    Sky Ferreira

    no you weren't in it
  8. 111

    Sky Ferreira

    i had the worst nightmare of my life i was next door neighbours with her and we was hanging out all day. i woke up sweating
  9. 111

    Sky Ferreira

    i can share my insta <3 (if you are 18+)
  10. 111

    Sky Ferreira

    i'm a hot girl pop girl rich girl
  11. 111

    Sky Ferreira

    omg she is the asshole hot guy who ghosts you for months and shows up every once in a while with a thirst trap when he wants your attention/hole (that's me ngl maybe we are more alike than i think) and some of you really eat it up with your arms and legs open i- have some self respekt!
  12. 111

    Sky Ferreira

    she woke up right after i dragged her to pits and this is like the 10th time that happens... she really is seated on lanaboards.com
  13. 111

    Charli XCX

    wtf is a block
  14. 111

    Sky Ferreira

    i shared it with skyfupdates and they leaked it so it's somewhere on this thread/twitter, the close up on her face with a yellow kinda tint
  15. Hollywood Bowl is a fully fleshed out gorgeous ballad, reminds me of Sweet Carolina she opens with "I know I'm not Joni Mitchell But I've got a dad who plays like Billie Joel" Beautifully written & very personal. Lost At Sea is moodier, feels more like an interlude, she is just mumbling away idk what she is singing and it's bit of a skip. Doesn't really build up in structure but fades out with some beautiful strings. It's my birthday and I'm feeling generouz so that's your 111 Exclusive for the day xoxo
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