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  1. what's wrong with a squidward 111 theme? that's iconic
  2. 111

    Sky Ferreira

    give it up girl
  3. 111

    Sky Ferreira

    jobless. get on stage at a normal time, sing a FULL set and shut the fuck up. the way she keeps saying she plays for 2 hours when most of the shows only had around 13-15 songs (so just around an hour) and only in the last few shows she managed to make it 20+, gaslighting behaviour. continuing her decade long lack of accountability and deflecting blame and responsibility, now that she doesn't have capitol to blame she just blames the venues & fans (and accusing them off trying to get covered by tabloids because they are unhappy with her unprofessionalism?) delulu.
  4. not THE carcase asking for 111 ogs... love you king now leak pretty when u cry video
  5. 111

    Charli XCX

    i said goodbye before you came i turned around and ran away i felt so scared i should've said hello hello helllooow
  6. 111

    Charli XCX

    rewind ft bladee
  7. 111

    Caroline Polachek

    scientist of love! you make the world your proof never thought the day would come, when the candle burns for you and all my heart is heavy, but i feel light
  8. 111

    Gwen Stefani

    love angel music baby, time to go out and play put me into automatic, roll me up in laser rays i'm on music like an addict, i get it when i need it and the DJ has it!
  9. 111

    Kylie Minogue

    she is making bops, oh mother mother mother... KM51 is coming! it feels so good, so good as gone, gone love the way you're gone love the way i look out of your arms who'd think that losing you would be so much fun?
  10. 111


    a label whore but i'm tired of wearing clothes you want kids? well i'm MOTHER don't even try to give me shit, i've earned the right to be like this joyride, i'm just looking for a good time tonight
  11. 111

    Florence + The Machine

    in the new world you can worship what you want can you hear it roar? how dare you call us godless when somebody is always watching us HA!
  12. 111

    Charli XCX

    none of the robyn songs are good
  13. 111

    Sky Ferreira

    i just burst out laughing, you just can't make this shit up
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