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  1. new Violet shirt up on UO https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/lana-del-rey-poetry-tee?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=010&searchparams=q%3Dlana%20del%20rey&type=REGULAR&quantity=1 same as this one except its white https://lanadelreystore.com/collections/violet/products/violet-tee
  2. its sold out online in EU & target doesnt ship here, so its become pretty rare in europe! edit: nvm sorry i thought u meant the NK PD, that one seems to be still available on Lana's webstore!
  3. LFL leak I downloaded it, went to the lake & grabbed a drink on the way there and i just sat there in the sun listening & ascending to Lust for Life when Get Free faded out, i thought it was the actual gulls at the lake crying & it was soo beautiful aaa its one of my favorite memories and although LFL is a mixed bag, its the best first listen ive ever had w/ an album
  4. ye aim sorry but if pink convertible is not on the album im not interested :/
  5. i like the sonic direction shes going but the lyrics i wish shed stop releasing these political/social commentary songs, most of them are pure cringe, lyricwise...
  6. do you have any pics? i really wanna see aaa and how's the quality? i only ordered one of the tote bags after seeing Gaga's chromatica totes, they were sooo bad
  7. i wish jack would *** ** *** *** **** ** **** ********
  8. oooh the blue sun & moon shirt looks so cute, glad i ordered that one
  9. they also optimized the mobile version of the site FINALLY
  10. no, but APC always takes an eternity till they finally leave the states, and for me tracking usually stops when the item departs the states & it randomly shows up in the mail some day
  11. For Free Almost everyone would describe you as having your heads in the clouds: an idealist spending their free time romanticizing their past and following playful tangents of “what if.” You value art (especially music) that allows you a form of escapism from your life. Unrequited love is your guilty pleasure. Song Suggestion: Planets of the Universe - Demo by Fleetwood Mac love that, For Free is such a good song, both the OG & lanas version
  12. "thanks to the locals" - Ben & Ed when the Summertime Sadness remix hit #6 on the BB 100
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