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  1. this tbh ive also met lana a few times but each time i talked to her i was so starstruck and unable to say anything i had prepared to ask her, and all thats usually coming out is "i love you, the show is great" or smth like that
  2. we dont, somebody who has them made that snippet ____ judging by her recent posting behavior, we should be getting a tweet/IG post within the next 60 minutes and i PRAY shes giving us some COCC crumbs
  3. the birds of prey snippet was Playing Dangerous stems it aint real
  4. the magazine cover "leaked" on ebay when some magazine reseller put it up for sale but yea the AHS font could mean something, as @bel air rose said, Ryan just started following lanz recently and the next season is probably about Sirens of some sorts i can see lana playing one tbh. but i doubt its more than just an educated guess on their part
  5. https://nomorechasingrainbows.tumblr.com/songsorter i did this song sorter btw in case yall need it. it only includes released songs tho my list: Rank Song 1 Get Free 2 Ultraviolence 3 Happiness Is A Butterfly 4 I Can Fly 5 How To Disappear 6 American 7 Mariners Apartment Complex 8 Salvatore 9 Honeymoon 10 Venice Bitch 11 Tomorrow Never Came 12 Radio 13 Ride 13 West Coast 15 Terrence Loves You 16 Change 17 Old Money 18 Off To The Races 19 13 Beaches 20 Guns and Roses 21 Lust for Life 22 The Greatest 23 Cinnamon Girl 24 Brooklyn Baby 25 Is This Happiness
  6. i love this project so much, Quiet Waiter - Blue Forever remains my favorite poem from this book i hate that theres not more discussion going on here, Violet deserves so much love đź’•
  7. who of you guys left this violet review on Urban Outfitters
  8. i didnt interpret it literally. i thought she was metaphorically speaking how she seems to unintentionally hurt people around her. cuz lbr, stepping on a bird and killing it is pretty hard to do
  9. ffs i ordered Violet on 2 different stores and both say there sre delivery delays I hate it here
  10. its 10 haikus, 4 short poems and 19 long ones so 5 new, long poems Titles of the poems according to their appearance, spelled the same as in the book: Also putting this up here, some pics from the book - shamelessly promoting my Twitter account
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