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  1. i like his remix better than the OG im still not sure about Candy Necklace. Apart from that, I enjoy all the songs, but the interludes shouldve just been cut altogether, they add nothing to the album
  2. im glad fishtail doesnt clip, i was pretty worried after the leaks
  3. 'cause i'm kind in spirit, warm-bodied afalla boo ba keeee wrapped up in white
  4. 3 hours until Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd? (3AM Edition)
  5. priority 2 day shipping so u get it in 94 days instead of 96 oop
  6. didnt they try to scam u too when i sent u the cocc vinyl? fight them, bestie
  7. they call the online store a "online pop-up".... one that popped up 2 years ago
  8. i think its purely a licensing deal. i mean, they used Getty stock photos of Lana in the past for their merch...
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