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  1. ooo i love that shes on the cover of a big playlist
  2. what did she serve during ADIAM besides, lana never had the audacity to release smth like L+F and is releasing an album every other year so...
  3. leme do R rice balls! next one is T tho
  4. from what ive heard, taylor's release is very limited outside the US so that was kinda expected, and the 2 Weyes Blood releases were only 1500 or 2000 copies each iirc so oh well good luck to you though!
  5. my record store didnt even get a single copy for any of the 3 releases i wanted
  6. im gonna go try getting The Lakes and both Weyes Blood releases! wish me luck
  7. can someone fill me in on the drama im not a stan, but i really loved the Masochism timeline thread on atrl (which is now gone, sadly) i thought yall had a release date whats happening
  8. idk i scrolled through his feed and its giving gay
  9. well, i can see why Violet would be her fave but that still doesnt answer my question which is whats her favorite MUSICAL album oh lana
  10. WE GETTING A COVER??????????? WHENS THE NEXT ISSUE GON BE OUT edit: June? >:( thats so far away aaaaaa
  11. Dominikx4


    it wasnt so much of not knowing the word, we do have that in german too, and more like all werent correct and didnt even give me remotely a hint of what the word was supposed to be so well
  12. can she just post a track title or smth i just remember that time some users + i convinced people on here 13 Beaches leaked by posting fake lyrics and pretending we were listening... good times, wanna do that again
  13. Diamonds Never Crack lyrics ????
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