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  1. ...she prolly meant to say "in the next days" but misspelled, calm down yall
  2. i just know the tour stops are gonna be some random shit like Albany Lincoln Rapid City Bakersfield Augusta Andorra Kosice Innsbruck Stavanger Plymouth Cork
  3. its not bad at all, just very musical-y, so if youre not into that ull hate it
  4. this is so much better than toilet bowl, wtf are yall on
  5. Dominikx4

    Taylor Swift

    not her most anticipated re-release being a 2 disc only
  6. im just happy and delighted were finally getting another single picture disc
  7. i wish theyd give us new anniversary exclusives instead of repressing the old ones... just change the cover or smth i know buying one is gonna be useless cause i already own it, but im still tempted to hit the Buy button
  8. this is literally what it is, she just spat random lyrics out to some piano chords
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