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  1. obviously yes, cuz ill have all 10 vinyl variants and all 5 CDs and 3 cassettes preordered anyway
  2. i think i cracked eclipses riddle... high by the beach, snow on the beach... a full circle moment
  3. when Snow on the Beach is the closer on LDR9
  4. i once said this in class and the girlie sitting next to me almost 5150d me
  5. ok but fr im excited af, i hope somethings coming on wednesday
  6. i will not be called a twink, ive got a beard and chest hair. delete your post
  7. nothing, sadly, im just saying shit
  8. oop if yall knew what i just found in the source code...
  9. january is the worst month to release new music, i doubt theyre gonna opt for that after the numbers BB pulled. Im calling a March/April release
  10. God's Peace Sought Only Through Sacrifices of My Fathers Whereabouts Hereby Deemed So Fetch
  11. Dominikx4

    Rina Sawayama

    roughtrade exclusive!
  12. Dominikx4

    Rina Sawayama

    omg finally a RINA repress
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