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  1. u know the album is tanking when they throw a listening party dueing release week i hope theyve got smth else up their sleeve (like a new vinyl variant ) to give her one last sales boost
  2. i ordered mine from them too & it came double-wrapped in bubble wrap i guess u got unlucky, id contact customer service if i were u
  3. melon made some points i cant unhear Beautiful sounding like a jewelry ad jingle now but its still melon so to every score of his add +2 to get the actual score, so its more of a 7/10
  4. Rough Trade & Vinyl Tap shipped my orders i only ordered the vinyl twice cuz i was scared one of them was gonna cancel my order
  5. "key limes and perfume and vegetables"
  6. nope, you can hear Barrie with his scottish accent talking during the Cherry Blossom sessions i believe we only thought Fabrizio produced the tracks cuz they were recorded at his studio
  7. same, when i first listened to BB it gave me mixtape vibes rather than a fully fleshed out album. kind of like L4L but even more pronounced since LFL had 2 cohesive halves which BB does not
  8. text book still that bitch though i think i/more ppl would like it better if it was called "Thunderbird" or smth
  9. AjayII knowing Beautiful & Violets for Roses are among the best tracks yup
  10. Guns & Roses literally one of my favorite Lana songs
  11. VfR literally one of the best songs on BB but i guess not everyone can have good taste its okay
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