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  1. Dominikx4

    Billie Eilish

    the 1st part sounds like a bad madison beer song
  2. Dominikx4

    Billie Eilish

    chihiro is sooo good and im seeing spirited away tomorrow (the play), i love this for me
  3. Dominikx4

    Dua Lipa

    this album is the music equivalent of unseasoned chicken
  4. Dominikx4

    Taylor Swift

    evermore, sweetie, im so sorry...
  5. Dominikx4

    Taylor Swift

    its kinda funny to me how she chose the worst tracks on the album as bonus tracks for all the variants, with the exception of The Bolter, which is great
  6. Dominikx4

    Taylor Swift

    calling a 31 track album with not-short songs a cash grab is such a weird take... in today's age and time where tiktok and reels has shortened our attention span to 2 seconds, a 2 hour album with an average track time of 4 minutes is certainly not the way to go
  7. Dominikx4

    Taylor Swift

    are we really using spoilers in the taylor swift thread 8 hours before release
  8. they have to send them out over time so they dont get flagged as spam
  9. Dominikx4

    Ariana Grande

    the boy is mine sounds like the song they use in movies when 2 guys are talking to each other in a bar and its faintly playing in the background, then one of them gets up, the other takes another sip of his drink and the volume goes up as the camera follows the leaving dude on his way thru the bar
  10. wdym "is there proof"... you give me proof that youre not a north korean spy before i believe you aint
  11. some of y'all are chronically online and have nothing better to do in life and it shows
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