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  1. i cant believe we got a COCC picture disc w/ that cover. the first since the BTD RSD exclusive, if you dont count Violet. let that sink in.
  2. RIGHT i was screaming like???? im sorry the lyrics arent "i'm a gentrified neighborhood baby" like what
  3. yea that harpers bazaar article is a steaming dump of crap, not worth anyones time. the author makes 0 points, so much dumb shit
  4. i hope theres no popup shop and livenation handles all her merch this time around, whoever was in charge of the surf shop i hope they got fired smh
  5. who gives a shit about chord progression, Raise Me Up is E minor / C through the entire song and it fucking SLAPS
  6. since youve got this exact jacket: how is the sizing? is it a men's or women's jacket? cuz if it is women's, i deffo need to size up #fatpeopleproblems
  7. now thats an ugly mofo of a picture disc, and overpriced at that but whatever lemme hit buy
  8. yeah, id recommend everyone to look for the boxset in the webshop of local retailers. they usually stock them, e.g. you can order it on cede.ch / cede.de if youre in switzerland or germany.
  9. me waiting for my shipping notification like
  10. yup, theyre gatefold, some store confirmed that. no idea whether the official LDR store are 2XLP, but Violet or BTD standard are also on 1 vinyl but come with a gatefold.
  11. we won lemme cancel my US order real quick
  12. still waiting for mine, but i did screenshot the website claiming its transparent and archived the page on waybackmachine the day i ordered it so i can file a paypal claim if it happens to be cream colored
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