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  1. Danny Milk

    Rina Sawayama

    Catch Me In The Air - Out Monday Snippet here
  2. cool, apparently the leak is a more "pop" sounding version and a final version is still circulating
  3. Danny Milk

    Melanie Martinez

    i guess you dont use tik tok, i scream is used a lot on there
  4. Danny Milk


    i'm finally getting into her music after 6 years of trying, debut and post have been stuck on repeat for me
  5. right? + the reworked nothing on but the radio im assuming hoarders have them but aren't spreading and trading them as they know they could probably sell them as many are desperate to hear them
  6. Danny Milk


    Finally getting into bjork, i listened to debut a few days ago and have been listening to it everyday since then
  7. is killer the start of a new era? does anyone recognise the logo in the top left of the single cover?
  8. the funny thing is...
  9. A few more I use Ava Max - Heaven & Hell Taylor Swift - Lover Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia
  10. Danny Milk

    Miley Cyrus

  11. Here are a few I use (most of the changes i make are minor, I usually don't like messing with the tracklist unless the final realy bothers me) Allie X - CollXtion II Katy Perry - Fingerprints (Original Draft of One of The Boys) Grimes - Miss_Anthrop0cene (very similar to the final) Melanie Martinez - Dollhouse
  12. Danny Milk


    she's live rn
  13. Hoping the Don't Forget leaked file was tampered with and the final version will sound a bit clearer
  14. Danny Milk

    Mars Argo

    doctor and creepshow instrumentals leaked, praying that we'll get both of these with vocals soon
  15. Danny Milk


    they're not, shy confirmed cleo isn't on the album on twitter
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