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  1. Danny Milk

    Addison Rae

    Is there a masterpost/tracker for her? I lost all my files
  2. Danny Milk

    Charli XCX

    It's the end of an era (fckyeahcharli was always my fave update account) https://x.com/FckyeahCharli/status/1799776164799742303
  3. Danny Milk

    Charli XCX

    so a certain song about going on break during the spring may have surfaced
  4. them too but they were never mentioned in the artpop era legal documents that leaked so they're probably nowhere near being finished
  5. We need Temple, I can't believe that still hasn't leaked. it's the only ACT I outtake that hasn't leaked yet (besides the Sexxx Dreams Robin Thicke version but no one wants that 💀)
  6. Lady Gaga ENIGMA - Greatest Hits 1. Bad Romance 2. Just Dance 3. Poker Face 4. Telephone (ft. Beyonce) 5. Paparazzi 6. LoveGame 7. Alejandro 8. Born This Way 9. The Edge of Glory 10. Bloody Mary 11. You And I 12. Aura 13. Applause 14. Million Reasons 15. Shallow 16. Always Remember Us This Way 17. Rain On Me 18. Stupid Love 19. Hold My Hand 20. NEW SONG
  7. Did she get genius to take down pages for the lyrics to her unreleased songs 💀
  8. Danny Milk

    Taylor Swift

    yeah they def are, @111 confirmed he's heard the OGs, don't know if the lyrics were reworked but the production is different from the 2014 versions
  9. Danny Milk

    Bonnie McKee

    Now that we have the tracklist, what are the best outtakes from Hot City? So far I've just listened to Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt and Waking Up Diagonal but I want to know what else is worth listening to
  10. Danny Milk

    Bonnie McKee

    Hot City album art!!
  11. Danny Milk

    Taylor Swift

    Well... if we're gonna be ranking her album openers... (which would be a nice change of pace from ranking her track 5s which has been overdone to death)
  12. Danny Milk

    Melanie Martinez

    what, is she supposed to perform 39 songs in a single show??
  13. Danny Milk

    Taylor Swift

    Yeah, besides The Manuscript being the closer and How Did It End acting as an honorary track 5 i don't think there was much thought put into the arrangement of the rest of the tracks on the anthology
  14. Danny Milk

    Taylor Swift

    Also this version actually made me appreciate Suburban Legends
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