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  1. Danny Milk

    Charli XCX

    once again she unlocked while i was dead asleep 💀 anyways back to this classic
  2. Danny Milk


    so is the album scrapped now??
  3. Danny Milk

    Kim Petras

    owww was removed from the album in july 2021 when coconuts was recorded, so it wasn't on the tracklist when the deluxe tracks were added
  4. Danny Milk


    few more hours until the album is out for me, so excited
  5. Danny Milk

    Kim Petras

    all she wants wasn't on the album at that point, there were other collabs that have been scrapped
  6. Danny Milk

    Kim Petras

    those pics are definitely real, they were taken down on twitter for copyright
  7. Danny Milk

    Kim Petras

    can't they just put their watermark over it 💀 anyways idrc about the cover since kim said she's gonna release it one day, i hope they leak more pics from the other unused sets
  8. Danny Milk

    Melanie Martinez

    same, surely felix snow made more than just 2 songs with mel
  9. Danny Milk

    Melanie Martinez

    we have a HQ TIF file https://krakenfiles.com/view/rpM1BiUrhT/file.html
  10. Danny Milk

    Charli XCX

    why do i keep missing it ugh, i even turned on notifs for her insta and got nothing...
  11. Highlights from opening night! Setlist from the first show
  12. New visuals from the tourbook!! Also possible setlist draft: And stage sketch
  13. Danny Milk

    Charli XCX

    inb4 XCX6 is called Inflatable World or something
  14. Danny Milk

    Melanie Martinez

    has she shared at least one pic from each set or are there still some unseen ones?
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