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  1. Danny Milk

    Kim Petras

    Does anyone have a link to the updated version of Push Push Push?
  2. Danny Milk

    Taylor Swift

    not looking too deep into these track titles because for midnights i thought Vigilante Shit would be a cool rep inspired song like Don't Blame Me and also thought the title Maroon sounded like a filler track
  3. Danny Milk

    Charli XCX

    randomly got accepted into 360_brat today?!
  4. Danny Milk


    i think it was shot well after the video came out, im guessing it was for a backdrop for a performance or something
  5. i think it's part of the photoshoot for the original desire EP, BOZ had a pic that looked like it came from the same session as his discord pfp that i think had her riding a motorcycle
  6. Danny Milk

    Charli XCX

    don't forget After the Afterparty, Come to My Party, The Party's Never Over, It's My Party, 5 Star (Party in My Trousers), Party Party, Party 4 U
  7. Danny Milk


    apparently she might finally release the So Heavy music video according to her recent tweets here's a snippet withh unifnished CGI
  8. Danny Milk

    Taylor Swift

    How likely is a rep tv announcement tomorrow??
  9. Danny Milk

    Melanie Martinez

    Are we sure that "Dragon's Blood" was the end credits song? I thought it was just the last song in the actual film?
  10. Saw The Marvels and I didn't hate it! Definitely a lot better than Quantumania. The Loki S2 finale was also very good, even though I wasn't a big fan of the ending I wonder what effect it will have on the rest of the multiverse saga. Also I can't believe we're only getting one MCU film next year (and it's not even set in the main universe?) I wonder if a years break from the 616 universe will benefit them in the long run?
  11. Danny Milk

    Taylor Swift

    Kinda need the Is It Over Now? 2014 demo
  12. Danny Milk


    hopefully james dean isn't gonna end up like sunshine
  13. Danny Milk

    Taylor Swift

    i'm mostly scared for All You Had To Do Was Stay TV
  14. Danny Milk

    Taylor Swift

    i saw a tiktok of someone who has it but idk if it was real or a really good fake
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