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  1. Heads Will Roll! Amazing.
  2. OMG!!! WOW!! AMAZING! Thanks so much!
  3. OMG! Why would he/she do that? That's messed up! Anyways Lana Del Rey ~ Yayo
  4. Can you make me a set please? Avi: Sig: Do whatever you want with it, just make it kick ass please. You don't really have to do it.
  5. What post? Obviously a fake. Polish Girl ~ Neon Indian
  6. Oh I'm sorry, did I give the impression that I wanted your opinion? It won't happen again I promise ;'))
  7. I don't really know you so won't be able to tell ;'((!!
  8. I really really don't know lol!! Umm the same he is here i guess!!
  9. LOL!! Sorry if you want me to stop using it here tell me ;')) Anyways 5
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