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  1. The way that I haven’t been on lana boards since July and I signed back in just to read about this idk what to think but I’m still gonna listen to her music tbh
  2. I’m going to their concert august 3rd!!
  3. What time will she be performing and how can we watch it live?
  4. where do you go on the link???? There’s no live stream
  5. I’m sorry this has probably been asked before but I’m still so confused. what time will lana be preforming (Brazil time)? where can we watch? Will there be a live stream?
  6. This is my list. It will probably change tomorrow tho 1. NFR 2. Honeymoon 3. Lust for life 4. TUOB 5. Chemtrails 6. Ultraviolence 7. BTD 8. Blue banisters 9. paradise
  7. The new Coke necklace literally looks exactly like the fake one I got on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/1285696831/
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