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  1. TropicoKitten

    Taylor Swift

    I’m so getting the cat cover
  2. If that screenshot is real, someone on her team needs to make an official post asap. Why would we just assume that it was no longer affiliated with Lana if they never told us. We’re not mind readers. Did they think people would just.. forget it existed and stop buying from it something fishy goin on here
  3. I’m starting to believe that Lana uses a magic 8 ball to make all of her decisions
  4. I like that she’s incorporating kicker songs, but I think it’s best to stick with only a few. I don’t know how to end is so surreal and beautiful. I know it would sound great live
  5. Have you seen her perform/videos of her performing that song? The choreo with her guitarist is just like… chefs kiss
  6. Go off queen!! Put them haters in their place “They say I came from money and I didn't, and I didn't even have love and it's unfair. LA I sold my life rights for a big check and I'm upset”
  7. TropicoKitten


    I definitely wasn’t about to take that risk, so I snatched some tickets anyways. I’m extremely grateful to get to see her, I’m just super anxious about driving in big cities
  8. I got the email twice between both of my emails. The first one asked me to verify my email/date of birth and the second went straight to the presave screen
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