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  1. Obviously it was intended to be a meme but the wording is absolutely atrocious. I understand the reverse Cinderella bit, but they literally said she “DREAMT” of abuse and depression Either they’re 12 or English isn’t their first language. I have no idea why else they’d post that Edit: just noticed the OP liked Lana’s comment so clearly it was for attention of some kind
  2. TropicoKitten

    Taylor Swift

    I know it was dramatic but the way I cried when I thought evermore was getting cut… yikes
  3. I only tuned into the sale to get an idea of what the prices looked like and wow that was a shit show. I was having the same issue as I did when I bought tickets last fall. My ticketmaster was completely frozen for a super long time. I hope everyone that wanted to attend was able to secure tickets
  4. I’m praying the dates are announced somewhat in advance. I didn’t like how the last tour was announced so close to the first date. I need time to prepare and request off work If she comes near me
  5. She’s about to hit 10 mill on Spotify. I can’t believe her growth lately
  6. My only complaint is that they absolutely missed the opportunity to make it pink. I’ve been dying for a pink Lana record, and when the Amazon Ocean Blvd was announced, I thought I had won. NOPE, it turned out purple
  7. I’m not sure if I should be excited or scared
  8. It needed to be said
  9. I can’t believe so many people didn’t like the album. It might become my favorite; It really puts the mess that cape god was to shame
  10. Naauurrr I just watched the new dune today too
  11. The first time I listened to Orville Peck I instantly knew he was a fan
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