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  1. Just now seeing all the clips from today. THE WIG BITCH I- lizzy grant is alive and breathing
  2. No one asked but here’s my fit for the Barbie movie The romper has little palm trees and Barbie symbols on it
  3. I hope the cover is good if we get an ep/album of unreleased songs. Something that really incorporates all of her past eras
  4. Can’t stop listening to casual. It’s SO good
  5. I’d like to announce that the winner is @caribbean blue !!!! Congratulations, I will message you with more details! Thank you to everyone who entered. I hope to do more of these in the future
  6. I actually decided to get the refund because I felt I was more likely to get my money back than for them send me a whole new package. Ig I’ll find out in a few days if it worked
  7. Just got one of those emails to keep/cancel an order of the brass pill case, whistle, hoodie and lilac shirt even though my package has already been delivered. I hope they accidentally send me another
  8. Lana Del Ray aka Lizzy Grant (Lana’s version) coming when?
  9. I am slightly worried over HOW sped up the second version will be. I’d like to avoid the nightcore vibes if possible
  10. Just a reminder that the winner will be announced in three days! If you haven’t entered, and would like to, now is the time
  11. I received an email saying that it would ship on the 19th even though they shipped it a few days ago
  12. what do they mean by, “some of which are autographed”? Autographed by the musicians or the painters?
  13. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but I really hope she releases at least one more mv for this era. Music videos are one of my favorite parts of each era. I just love seeing visuals for an album, really puts everything into perspective. I think a video for DYK, A&W or Paris would be really good options
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