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  1. taco truck

    Taylor Swift

    She really hyped up the vault tracks so I think they are gonna be really good
  2. i looked it up, it was between cotcc and bb, but closer to bb release
  3. violet isn't an album, i don't care if she says that but it is literally not an album. she is the only one who considers it one
  4. i'm going to see her with a few friends!! she's playing a tiny venue so i'm super excited
  5. I’m sorry I’ve never understood the hype
  6. I’m pretty sure NFR is her favorite record, I think it was a defensive post right before bb came out in case it got bad reviews lol
  7. taco truck

    Song vs. Song

    Last Girl on Earth v.s Nectar of the Gods
  8. chemtrails title track is cute and definitely one of the better songs on chemtrails but compared to other title tracks it’s only better than bb and lfl imo… nothing will ever beat the grandness and iconicness of btd and honeymoon title tracks
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