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  1. I just want all the mixing to be done by the same person because Iโ€™m scared there is gonna be hugeeee dips in vocal quality on the Drew tracks
  2. Are White Dress or Dealer on Ocean Blvd? Then why are we talking about it on this thread
  3. People who purposely stay up are so funny to me (most of the time Iโ€™m up because a lot of stuff comes out at like 8-10pm for me so itโ€™s not too late) because I love the surprise of waking up and seeing something happened!!!
  4. Which is actually amazing because we know this girl does not know how to do promo herself! Nice to know Ben and Ed might actually care now that Dua Lipa dropped them
  5. The surprise is clearly performance is clearly Taylor or someone like her literally why would Lana perform at the Grammys like that would actually be embarrassing for her
  6. The fact that artem just dropped the date and dipped makes me think maybe heโ€™s fr but itโ€™s already kind of late and there is no sign of a single so idfk
  7. i don't even need a&w friday can they just post on the fucking instagram account
  8. i kind of forgot where it was but it was either in a tiktok or tweet, he actually shaded her a lot when they broke up at most there might be a diss track towards him on the album
  9. tbh i really think she doesn't gaf enough about him to do that he implied she cheated so i really think he was just a rebound for sean
  10. I think its gonna be one of the most "commerical" and "classic lana" songs which is so funny because the title is insane
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