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  1. Are you kidding did you go on any Instagram live stream I literally could not hear Lana over all the screaming
  2. She looked so gorgeous but I hope she wears dresses that are bit more flowy for the next shows, the high neck combined with the long sleeves and tightness of the dress makes her look very stiff and awkward sometimes
  3. I don’t understand how she cut down half the songs to like a minute and still only played 20 songs😭 I feel like she should’ve been able to play like 25 if she did another mashup and cut out the 5 min of changing😭
  4. Ya that’s honestly the one song on the setlist hat like actively annoys me that it’s on there (besides Arcadia but I just don’t like that song) there are so many more songs that are fan faves/hits that could replace White Mustang😭
  5. I love video games but tunnel was so emotional and the live arrangement was amazing I kind of think that should be the closer…
  6. She looks like she’s really upset I’m confused she looks like she’s crying
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