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  1. Cotcc controversy literally only happened because Lana felt the need to defend herself before anyone said anything, I really don’t think people gaf, most people just thought the cover was insanely ugly (which it is).
  2. This has been talked about so many times I thought the conclusion was that she made it up
  3. taco truck

    Charli XCX

    June is actually insane lol the album should release no later than the end of march
  4. I honestly don’t think so, I think it’s for the Lana x Nikki album that will never come out. God I love Nikki’s style though her dress is adorable.
  5. Lana liked this LOL https://www.instagram.com/reel/C1htECdOzLg/?igsh=MTEzdXN5enFuYTQ4cQ==
  6. I don’t understand, how can he still run for president after this?
  7. I wouldn’t sacrifice anyone the community and friendship I’ve found on Lanaboards is better than any leak
  8. The first physical music I ever purchased myself was Paradise on vinyl
  9. My mom says the first album she bought me was Red by Taylor Swift but I think she bought me Fearless when I was like 5 lol.
  10. taco truck

    Taylor Swift

    Idk why people care so much about Taylor doing multiple variants. For one, everyone says it’s about money but I genuinely don’t think it’s (mostly) about that, it’s about charts lol. Taylor is chart obsessed and honestly it’s something I like about her cause it’s fun to have one of your faves on top of the world all the time lol. Also just don’t buy it. Like seriously don’t buy it. Everyone is giving so many reasons why they feel pressured to buy it but there is literally no reason you need to buy multiple variants of an album. The deluxe tracks will get put on google drive immediately and Taylor will release them to streaming. It does not matter and also, literally all big artists do this now, it’s an issue with labels/vinyl industry more than it is with individual artists but some people’s hatred for Taylor is so strong they think everything is specifically her fault lol. Lana and Phoebe Bridgers and Olivia Rodrigo started doing the MANY variants before/around the same time Taylor did.
  11. taco truck

    Taylor Swift

    I don’t mind the multiple variants, what I do mind is the ugly ass cover that’s on the new variant the quality of the pic looks like ai
  12. Omg this is reminding me of some 2013-2015 candid I can’t think of it
  13. taco truck

    Charli XCX

    hey i don't go on this thread to often so sorry if this has already been talked about but do we know any other songs/titles that are gonna be on this album besides von dutch?
  14. taco truck

    Taylor Swift

    people are saying it's ai but
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