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  1. There goes the perfect insta feed....maybe announcement post today and triple cover reveal along with a single
  2. shes partying with friends again so no announcement for the next hours for sure
  3. byron like comments "like if somethings coming this tuesday" and "like if the album is coming this month/next month"
  4. not me typing every possible word combination in lana.lnk.to/ for the past 2 months.... ty
  5. this is the most streamed at the moment ranking. Not the most streamed ever
  6. everybody stream Young n beautiful!! It finally surpassed Dcma as her most streamed song on spotify
  7. byron liked a comment that said "like this comment if somethings coming this tuesday (22nd)"
  8. i got scared for a min that he meant tuesday 29th as the flop poetry book premiere but the comment says specifically this tuesday 22nd so team delulu won and we r not accepting any new members
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