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  1. I think the „interview” is not even an interview and its another disappointment probably 3 sentences
  2. The interview will probably be her discussing astrology and Robs deep sea fishing and then 2 sentences „its cool. Its jazzy and beautiful.”
  3. The BLM and rappers, title track delayed for 2 months and then getting lmlylaw trauma not to mention sheridan, Nicole nodland n byron lying to us in the eyes
  4. Found this on tt https://vanflip.com/2023/01/a-review-of-lana-del-reys-did-you-know-that-theres-a-tunnel-under-ocean-blvd-sultry-pop-or-mysterious-conspiracy/ Its obviously fake but the article was posted on Jan 1st and we didnt have a tracklist back then
  5. Sonically speaking Your girl and Big bad wolf
  6. Venice bitch is lana mumbling to random noise
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