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  1. im still waiting for my halloween album
  2. can he shut up and get a job omg
  3. i just realized how simple life is without constant release date lies
  4. tired of the "conversational music"
  5. Oh the album is conversational not controversial
  6. Jack really thought he got his job back huh
  7. If its produced by jack im not gonna stream it once here i said it
  8. As an european i feel offended
  9. more piano and iphone 11 lyrics to come? oh lord help me
  10. i cant stand that breathy high pitched yelling voice shes been using in every single song and the way she thinks shes killing it
  11. the fact that i wasnt even nominated for the biggest lana hater
  12. I hate that they made her make it just 3:30 the verses r so short n outro is clearly rushed
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