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  1. im like 85% sure its a suprise release this friday and at the same time 60% sure its not coming at all
  2. And did it leak? Yes it did so we will win either way. If it shows 26th then its coming on 26th. Either official or by leaking. Unless they change it like 5 minutes before midnight
  3. keep refreshing those every 5 minutes ladies https://fnd.io/#/nz/song/1545567748-white-dress-by-lana-del-rey https://lana.lnk.to/whitedress
  4. girl you should be giving warning points to every single post then
  5. yes https://fnd.io/#/nz/song/1545567748-white-dress-by-lana-del-rey
  6. @Eclipse i see u lurking this thread for hours now, do u have something that can put us out of misery?
  7. Omg cant wait to hear aaaa ya aaaa sitting in a backyard yeah whatever yeah aaa 😍 Anyways 1 day 2 midnights
  8. ik ik its just that for some reason i kept waking up with a thought that the performance is starting in that moment
  9. i remember when we were waiting for the jimmy fallon performance and it was at 4am for me but i kept waking up every 30 minutes with a heart attack being on this forum makes me feel better that im not alone in lana del rey obsession
  10. buuut if they pushed it back and the release date on itunes still shows 26th then it means its gonna leak from itunes so its a win win
  11. i wonder what songs did she write in 2020? looks like she did most of the album back in 2019
  12. i just realized that in brooklyn baby she says "i think we r like the wind and sea" and in cocc its " you're in the wind I'm in the water"
  13. 1. Yosemite 2. Dark but just a game 3. Not all who wander are lost 4. TJF 5. Cocc 6. Wild at heart 7. White dress 8. Dance till we die 9. Lmlylaw 10. Flopping Slowly 11. For Flop
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