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  1. She couldve just ditched the account but i hope this means finally a new lana era, new producer, new music and EFFORT. We can wait
  2. Sooo see yall in 4 years when an album suprise drops?
  3. If u pretend that its uv outtake the song suddenly becomes 10/10
  4. I cant believe i pulled an all nighter for this shit
  5. U get HIV from being in a trashy studio like the one on their live jeez people touch some grass
  6. Thank u for reminding me why i left this boring site
  7. She d rather get HIV from a shitty tattoo in favela than be on time and perform Mod note: User was warned for this post.
  8. Its one of her worst and its time to accept that. No way youd rather have floptender instead of never heard before unreleased💀
  9. Literally nobody asked for white mustang, floptender and norman boring rockwell cant believe she picked this over honeymoon and unreleased songs
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