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  1. Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd?
  2. Considering this other picture of Chuck, it could potentially be right behind her? You can already see some carvings in the stone, and this gives a better perspective of where it could be carved
  3. searched up female canadian rappers... nova ROCKAFELLER came up "Rockafeller" on DYKTTATUOB confirmed
  4. David Kahne - 15 Emile Haynie - 10 Dan Heath - 11 Dan Auerbach - 15 Blake Stranathan - 10 Rick Nowels - 14 Zach Dawes - 10 Drew Erickson - 6 Barrie-James O’Neill - 9
  5. i remember making my hatred for 'breaking up slowly' extremely vocal in the chemtrails pre-release thread. ironically enough it's now in my top 3 on chemtrails and country music has slowly (no pun intended) been taking over my music library personally, TPGiCM sounds like an american classic already. as multiple people have said here, the twang and country elements have lingered in lana's artistic vision and in the foundation of her music career, so i'm extremely excited to have more of that but make it defined and developed.
  6. here are the titles in albanian: e lindur për të vdekur parajsë ultradhunë muaj mjalti epsh për jetë norman i ndyrë rokuell/rockwell gjurmët kimike mbi klubin e vendit kangjellat e kaltërta i had to use a translating service for some of these cause contextually speaking english and albanian are so far apart
  7. ure so nice for doing this thank you count me in!!
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