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  1. thank you so much for the descriptions omg the album literally can't come soon enough dealer did a few weeks back
  2. someone who has already heard dealer, can u describe it to me? i dont wanna listen to the leak cause we kinda already heard half the album, but im just so excited aaaagh- anyways, what's the instrumental like? is it a bop, is it slow? the lyrical content? does it have the potential to be the a career highlight?
  3. the dealer snippet is giving Tired of Singing the Blues mixed with The Good Life and i'm here for it.
  4. wait why are we talking about aka rerelease? did i miss something-
  5. her get free moment too let’s not forget, both top 3 of their respective albums
  6. pretty sure she says wallflower
  7. 3 new singles… i fear they’re gonna get the mac and vb treatment…
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