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  1. she’s good! exhaustion just caught up to her
  2. if i’m remembering correctly i think it was lemonade chapel candy apple and saturday night??? i think she added iswmuomwn and let’s all go to the lobby later but those are what i have on my phone from like 2016 LOL edit : oops someone answered this already LOL
  3. the official stream kinda sucks fr 😭😭😭 but at least it’s something
  4. so many fuckin phones like can y’all enjoy a show 😭😭
  5. i didn’t like this guy at first but now i kinda fuck w it…
  6. is anyone screen recording for the HD stream?
  7. dropping this again for the new page lana on after this guy https://supertvaovivo.tv/multishow-ao-vivo/
  8. i actually think it’s this they just had a pop up that said lana del rey soon https://supertvaovivo.tv/multishow-ao-vivo/
  9. official stream link: https://futebolplayhd.com/assistir-multishow-ao-vivo-24-horas-online/ running 30 minutes behind real time so I think she should be coming out in about 20? I'll wait to watch so that I can actually hear her lol
  10. also i doubt it’s happening anymore she said something about it before pd even came out and i think her taking off the soundcloud songs was (and for lack of better words) kind of a fuck you to the people who spread around her old old music and if you look everything up already you can look everything she’s put out up at that
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