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  1. i hope it’s released later of september so i can sit with it through the beginning of winter like bb
  2. omg i meant to add both of those but was in a rush 😭😭😭😭 erm yes both of those 100% not observatory mansions tho…. 10/10 song but not the vibe!
  3. i have a working tracklist in my library ISWMUOMWN Lemonade Chapel Candy Apple Saturday Night Tammy Faye (the demo version) Heart Shaped Bed (demo version) Snake (original version)
  4. don’t listen to anyone who tells you to start anywhere that’s not the beginning, it’s always important to start from the top and watch growth happen in real time
  5. just wait til u hear what the rest is!
  6. well she does scream on hand crushed by a mallet but i don’t consider that a nicole song
  7. i been told yall homecoming won’t be on there and waco will
  8. there’s not a b sides it’s just her next album
  9. bigspender

    Taylor Swift

    yall think taylor swift is deep?
  10. omg i forgot abt this ive changed my mind sorryyyyy it’s not that good anyways yall would be insanely disappointed
  11. so many oh my god? some of these might be a little out there but bare with me and keep an open mind… also, in no particular order, driving in cars with boys (ik this may seem like a wild card but the writing is just impeccable. the imagery, the innocence, the honesty? amazing) ride fingertips kintsugi the grants hope is a dangerous thing california the blackest day honeymoon kill kill terrence loves you shades of cool old money oh say can you see
  12. where did they say this
  13. in reality there might be a few breaking up slowlys considering nikki’s on there..
  14. more white dress, more title track, more tulsa, more wild at heart, more all of it!!
  15. PLEASE chemtrails part two that’s all i want… my life would be changed forever
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