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  1. bigspender


    why is it called lana….
  2. bigspender

    Song vs. Song

    florida kilos vs black beauty
  3. ummm idek what that is 😭
  4. bigspender

    Nicki Minaj

    deleted, im an idiot and didn’t know what was going on
  5. i might editing this to add that that’s still in the works but i haven’t been told anything else abt it
  6. dare i say bigger? it’s unguessable tbh but have fun imagining!!! in the span of a year i mean
  7. oh no there’s stuff coming this year for sure, but the big giant thing might not happen until years. maybe 2026 if we’re lucky. she can’t be touring during, it’s gonna be a lot of hands on work
  8. there’s maybe a 1% chance of that happening. it was and then the greedy fans ruined it because they weren’t happy with the design so she said fuck it no vinyl after fighting for one for so long
  9. trust there’s bigger things coming…. things u don’t even expect… a true mother alert coming soon.. it may be years but it’s big and huge and it’s coming…. to quote her, “i want ethel cain’s name shoved into every household in america” and it’s gonna happen
  10. fan for a while and not super personally, we’ve only met in person couple of times, just online usually. we dont talk much anymore but i do know some things directly from the horses mouth i obviously will never share anything that’s top secret or not meant to be shared but i think its fun giving people just a little bit of insight when shes so mysterious now
  11. all her ig posts are gone except the new photos, tour announcement, and pd release post i’d expect an announcement within the next week or two
  12. idk nothing is ever set in stone with her( ex: the nicole dollanganger feat on pd)… the trilogy is a real thing for sure bc she’s almost if not done writing the second or third draft at least. with everything she’s been making like the ambient songs and the visuals she’s been doing it’s just highly unlikely the b sides are gonna be next. she’s going in a much darker and much more catastrophic direction at the moment. the b sides will be dark but not as dark as what she’s doing right now. PW will also be not nearly as dark, she described them as love songs with sexually repressed themes but she’s doing something almost timeless and avant garde.
  13. what if i told yall the b sides aren’t coming next
  14. you’re thinking of briscoe park! he has pinterest and tumblr in a chokehold and i don’t think his name is well known enough for how talented he is.
  15. firstly, please look up the definition of “fetishized” because you might be confused. second of all, it’s not that deep and you need to touch some west virginian grass. get as distant as you want from her but finding a reason to do that because of a classic song she’s covered is beyond me.
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