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  1. she announced somewhere that she’s taking a break on music and focusing on her personal and family life while working on her next poetry book so i wouldn’t expect anything from her for another year or two. if she stuck to her regular schedule, she would have an album out this year.
  2. here’s for those confused about the new target pressing of chemtrails! left is the new one, right is the first pressing
  3. this is her new song lightning strikes over the map of la
  4. i had a dream blue banisters leaked and i got all three cds in the mail
  5. the username “jack antonoff is a god” gives this comment no value
  6. am i the only person who’s gonna switch the jackets of the white and yellow vinyls bc they’d look better or am i too nit picky…
  7. my heart just dropped.. someone pls tell me they’ll be restocked.
  8. can anyone who’s on here frequently update me with everything we know about the album and tracklist so far?
  9. huh? the haus labs is on the remix album. the leaked snippets aren’t the haus labs.
  10. which is crazy, but someone on depop wanted to trade me for it but i wanna make sure it’s real
  11. Can someone tell me how to spot a fake coke spoon necklace through pictures? Like the difference between the official and the one from etsy. thanks in advance
  12. bigspender

    Wolf Alice

    holy shit.. THX!
  13. this band, song, and album is absolutely amazing. I recommend everyone listen to it. They did a video for every song, and when you put them all together it becomes a short-film about a break up through the lead singers eyes. It's genuinely perfection to me. also Allie X's entire Cape God album. I really slept on it at first but now that I've been listening back, I can't get those songs and melodies out of my head. Let me know your thoughts on Wolf Alice or Allie X's album!
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