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  1. i’m really liking this album
  2. the way i didn’t even realize and no one caught it for months…
  3. nicole baby please i would risk my life for her
  4. the article is really funny, they said “some people remember it being on merch stands” like?? we all remember it being on merch stands lmfao?? but i think the price of them is ACTUALLY outrageous and ridiculous and i hope no one buys it and makes people think it’s actually worth that much when it’s not.
  5. hoping that her and jack donoghue can begin the witch house trilogy
  6. i must be the only one who doesn’t want NTMT repressed
  7. ugh heart shaped bed is so damn good
  8. she was right she faced a lot of criticism for doing what a lot of MPGs are doing today with not nearly as much bad press
  9. leave her ass alone or i start sh++ting
  10. “all i wanted to do was put out my stupid little album that i started writing when i was a teenager and now im getting paraded around in front of people i’ve never met who want to make money off of me and getting told i’m ugly and a man and that i want to be someone i don’t even listen to and there’s a million strangers that i don’t know who need something from me and i’m sick and i’m tired and i’m anxious and i don’t want to do this anymore, i want to change my phone number and go home and get a job at pizza hut and be fucking normal. i hate this shit and i have never been more miserable.”
  11. how was she being hateful to her by saying that she deeply respects lana and to compare them is to be disrespectful to both of their art? she’s 100% right
  12. this is her first time posting the first pic and i absolutely love it 😭😭 gonna make my own CDs for it later
  13. alt covers for preachers daughter
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