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  1. princessdollie

    Charli XCX

    Oh sorry I meant the contradiction is her silence on rina’s situation
  2. princessdollie

    Charli XCX

    von dutch is such a favorite of mine even though there’s not much difference between the song and the snippet that she first posted. hope she can keep this rollout strong <3 mess is fun
  3. literally and also just announced that she’s going to be in a 2nd big movie soon & the lawsuit coming up later this year. she’s not about to start a major album cycle anytime soon
  4. Following multiple cancelled shows on the European leg including Oxford, Birmingham & Glasgow, Sky has cancelled/‘postponed’ her Dublin date which was previously moved to a smaller venue (1,500 capacity down to 500) on St Patrick’s day ( this was a major thing to happen as it is the busiest day for live events in the city). I know that this is not really news to anyone anymore and is kind of expected but it’s just so sad. I was really shocked by the defensive responses online from fans towards ticket holders who expressed their disappointment. These stans are still so defensive that everything is stacked against her with no album budget, label “holding her hostage”, venues “cancelling without telling her”, poor sales, unreleased music videos, touring promo flop, late to stage each night, alluding to mysterious illnesses, shows being cut short, set-list consisting of ten year old songs and covers, sore throat, sound issues every night They we’re literally getting into fights with ticket holders.. it’s just so confusing that she has an ‘azealia banks beef list’ of odds and mysteries stacked against her and these people believe her to be blameless. Its clear to me she’s just not in the right place mentally & physically to be touring and it’s extremely sad and painful as a fan to bear witness to but I mean come onnnnnn????
  5. wow Masochism (Sky’s Version) coming 2028😍
  6. the way that don’t forget hasn’t crossed into her spotify popular 5 and the songs in it are all old as hell is insane to me
  7. Pure smile snake venom is out today <3
  8. maybe the free sky ferreira crowd can pool together again and raise another 40£ to get her into the studio
  9. I hope she comes to Europe on tour I would die
  10. I was like why are u making this thread its not like she’s active but She probably More likely to release new music than sky ferreira
  11. Her crack dealer as collateral for payment
  12. princessdollie

    Azealia Banks

    she’s so real for that we’ve all already heard the damn song and overplayed it from tiktok clips by now. why should we wait till spring to have it on streaming as if PARLEPHONE.. is going to push it…. PARLEPHONE.. like… i truly believe they have 0 power to do anything that could benefit her by the time spring rolls around
  13. Ladies and gentlemen- actress, retired singer, podcast guest, Webby 2014 award winner, liar and COMEDIAN Sky Ferreira
  14. rumors report that sky will be coming out to perform as a special guest for Rihanna’s Super Bowl !!
  15. “killer is great” like yeah.. by normal generic artist standards but it’s definitely thee most underworked and boring song in twigs catalogue.
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