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  1. the way that don’t forget hasn’t crossed into her spotify popular 5 and the songs in it are all old as hell is insane to me
  2. Pure smile snake venom is out today <3
  3. maybe the free sky ferreira crowd can pool together again and raise another 40£ to get her into the studio
  4. I hope she comes to Europe on tour I would die
  5. I was like why are u making this thread its not like she’s active but She probably More likely to release new music than sky ferreira
  6. Her crack dealer as collateral for payment
  7. princessdollie

    Azealia Banks

    she’s so real for that we’ve all already heard the damn song and overplayed it from tiktok clips by now. why should we wait till spring to have it on streaming as if PARLEPHONE.. is going to push it…. PARLEPHONE.. like… i truly believe they have 0 power to do anything that could benefit her by the time spring rolls around
  8. Ladies and gentlemen- actress, retired singer, podcast guest, Webby 2014 award winner, liar and COMEDIAN Sky Ferreira
  9. rumors report that sky will be coming out to perform as a special guest for Rihanna’s Super Bowl !!
  10. “killer is great” like yeah.. by normal generic artist standards but it’s definitely thee most underworked and boring song in twigs catalogue.
  11. the stink under that dress i know it smells like cheese & B.O. !! kim was probably fighting for her life to keep her consciousness no wonder her performance was so lackluster
  12. i hope twigs takes a bit of time in between albums to really finesse and sit with her art. even if it meant only droplets or no lead single for a while. im scared they’re going to push her to put out something less intricate because everything since singing has been way way less intricate by comparison to her EPS, lp1 & magdalene
  13. princessdollie

    Miley Cyrus

    im not trying to hate but the way this song blew the up is kind of insane to me. it’s definitely not her best song and arguably not her best lead single and it’s probably going to be a billboard #1. it’s not even her most commercial song tiktok marketing is so weird. still so exciting nonetheless i can’t wait for this album plastic hearts was such a strong era
  14. princessdollie


    im so excited for purse first (bitch I'm loca) remix live!!!!!
  15. I feel like the label probably still isn't going to put as much money into her solo work after all of that mess with problematique even though she has a number 1 single now. they probably understand she wouldn't have got that without sam smith.. :/ I feel like if anything they're going to make her do more features with random radio artists and make her be the trans bebe rexha it's literally been PR mess after general mess and bad fan reception since she signed. also why did she make a French inspired album when she's literally German like that was so random bring out ze apple strudel and frankfurters - give us the lederhosen kunnnnt LOL
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