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  1. She keeps giving the same damn interview to every publication and saying nothing.. at least we know the album isn’t finished so it’s not coming anytime soon BUT why is she complaining about no money for press etc. when she’s in every magazine complaining about her label not supporting her.. wym no press budget..you’re already in the magazines girl give us the damn music…!!?
  2. princessdollie


    Capital records… well she’s had a nice moment but that contract will end her career i fear
  3. She looks as incredible and powerful as she did in 2013 when she was on top of her game. That shoot & interview makes me feel like the album is definitely/probably/most likely/maybe coming this year even though we don’t have a date. She seemed optimistic when they lightly touched on it coming out (emphasis on lightly). I’m glad she’s stayed with capital (even though they tried to “pigeonhole” her like they do with every pop girl lol) and didn’t try to leave and be independent even because i fear she would be kind of lost without them and probably making lower quality stuff even if she says they paid for NOTHING. I would killlll to know how her management feels about the whole situation like what has sky ferreiras team been doing since 2015.. give us that interview
  4. That video rotting up a stink on her hard drive…
  5. Yeah I understood that part but i didn’t know that super freaky girl was produced by Dr Luke and all those nostalgic photos of them together seem so cute. It’s just a bit sad that she said that she didn’t know kesha the same time as collaborating with dr luke :/ feels a bit off to me.. Maybe I’m just reading into it too much. I’m a huge nicki fan but this was a bit disappointing to me idk
  6. remember when she made the diary of a song about mary magdelene and it had been through so many different hands to be finalized by nicolas under her watch and direction. killer is not that! but that’s ok. i love her, the writing is beautiful and feels similar to her earlier demos (pre EP1). i just wish she put the same time and detail into the production because that was really specially crafted with every detail so meticulous instantly recognizable as her style. i crave this so bad from her because it’s what made me fall in love with her… this feels a bit more commercial and pop ballad formulaic style. its not necessarily negative just sad with the rich precise nature of her past work (pre capri)
  7. has anyone seen more information on killer? is it coming with a video..? i really hope it is but it could just be a droplet single and not something big akin to cellophane to kick off an album cycle i know twigs said on the julia fox podcast that she feels like music videos are dead but from the live snippets i can imagine such powerful visuals for this song and feel it might be lost without them
  8. oop i was scroll tiktok and saw this girl called “kitty” said that Kim’s manager reached out to her to work on stuff and that Kim stole her entire concept for the problematique era - her tiktok is urbabykitty
  9. getting ready to die and be reborn tonight…
  10. theory: so basically the era began with a video of ethel being stalked from her window so this is my current idea of the storyline so far. most of this theory is set up from the albums title which is preachers daughter & the teeth mag article (linked above) . the story begins with an innocent girl who’s seen as a perfect example of purity within the town. a “gibson girl” so to speak. before the song gibson girl came out we had a fake article with the title preachers daughter gone wild. this idea of loss of innocence leading to demise which is a central storyline in the album i believe. if you read the text above it tells the story of a preachers daughter who got involved in prostitution a symbol of feminine innocence lost. if gibson girl comes near the middle yet towards the end of the track list and as you have theorized above then ethel is dead on strangers then preachers daughter is the story of this characters life from innocence to to innocence lost to torture to death. that’s my story and im sticking to it
  11. I’m really obsessed with how she’s giving us a whole storyline for this album. If you like ethel but aren’t that deep into her storytelling and want to be definitely read some of her articles about the album particularly her TEETH magazine article http://www.teethmag.net/thoughts-and-prayers-for-ethel-cain/ it’s so exciting that’s she’s really building her own world with this record
  12. capitol knows she exists… end that famine gorl
  13. wud be nice for sky to secure the madonna role get her a bit of money in the pocket to get maybe a video or something for this era..<3 lol
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