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  1. Back at EYEYE's preview listening party in London Lykke told me that Liv have a lot of unreleased stuff - has any of it leaked? I just love their stuff so much 😭 I actually recorded the whole interview and Q&A part of the event idk if any of you would be interested in hearing it... πŸ˜… (I seem to remember there was one in Paris as well? Did anyone record the interview there?)
  2. You completely missed the point and wrote all that for nothing but ok. I responded to a message calling Sky a deception, which I took as an artist who turned out to be completely different than what we thought initially. In that regard I think it's fair to say that Lana, Marina, and Grimes changed far more than Sky. None of them have an ounce of "alt pop girl" in them anymore. Lana: a glamorous chamber pop artist turned to looking like any basic country woman, singing over barely-there piano instrumentals with no effort or care about the visuals. Marina: a concept-album artist whose writing went downhill and started selling candles, notebooks, and polyester sweatpants while saying that mother nature's dying and humanity is poison (hypocrite). Grimes: a cr**khead communist making excellent cr**khead music who got pregnant by Elon Musk and just became an elf cosplayer with way too much budget. Sky is still her old unreliable self making (and barely releasing) the same kind of music πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  3. That would be either Lana or Grimes actually. (honorary mention: Marina)
  4. This sounds so much like my involuntary routine, except sleep and wake up times are usually about 3-5 hours later πŸ’€
  5. That NFT movie Sky is in was very recently released. It was called 18&Over and now it's Alone At Night. Some links to buy/rent it can be found here. Let us know how it goesπŸ’€ https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/alone_at_night
  6. Huh.. is the name of the company, director, or anyone who worked on it known? Yeah I knew of the Allie X situation but I thought she just didn't like the video like the one she made for Santuary 😳
  7. Wouldn't her label have the rights to the video since they're the ones commissioning it/Sky if she paid for it herself? The story just doesn't add up
  8. Well, I sent "her" a message. We'll see if they ask for my bank information to deposit a Nigerian prince's secret treasure soon or not.
  9. Not sure how high quality you need it in but I usually look for flac files on soulseek. I know there's also a Reddit/discord community about sharing music in hq but they got raided some time ago, idk where they're at now
  10. It might happen at some point https://m.soundcloud.com/ai-ferreira/ai-ferreira-mix-tape-001 (oops just saw this has already been linked)
  11. I'm pretty sure that despite qrates allowing it to go ahead it wasn't officially licensed. The guy who was behind "the graphics" probably did the campaign himself and just sent qrates an official looking form and that's it. I don't think they'd actually check with the record labels but just needed that piece of paper to shift the blame if they get sued. It's not even known who has the rights to it specifically, especially since Esta Noche's sample was never cleared for official release (and missing from all official channels). There weren't even any copyright mentions on the packaging or records.. that just doesn't happen. But yeah, that's what I'd ideally like to do, NTMT + B sides on 10" and if possible a DL/DF 7"
  12. I sent queries to several UMG emails out of interest today asking about licensing NTMT, B-sides, and the Downhill/Don't Forget for vinyl pressing purposes. We'll see what (if anything) they say πŸ™ˆ
  13. I wish Sky would just open a Cameo account or something and start selling merch / signed prints somewhere if Capitol won't press her records. Get enough money to finish this record/make at least A video without doing too much work πŸ™ I highly doubt those streaming royalties are enough to do anything but scrape by.
  14. 300 of which since Don't Forget was released πŸ’€
  15. Sky Ferreira, you will always be famous. Happy 1000 pages everyone πŸ–€
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