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  1. Happy 10th anniversary to Night Time, My Time: B-Sides Part 1. Can't wait for Part 2 to be released soon! 💀
  2. what's with the new descending file on dbree? the website's playing up so I can't download or listen to it but I remember the old .wav we got before was about 17 MB and this one's 72 - is it any different?
  3. Is it just a basic blank looking promo disc or are there any graphics involved? If so I'd be curious to see it 😳
  4. Speaking of vinyl.. 👀 how many copies do you think a 7" Downhill Lullaby / Don't Forget single could realistically sell? About 2000?
  5. She mentioned it once or twice through the years, but nothing concrete really.. people are just hyped due to the album's 10th anniversary coming up
  6. An article on Vice says she performed most of Ghost, and You're Not The One from the upcoming album
  7. I'll gloss over all the assumptions you've made and the logical inconsistencies in your argument, and just leave you with this. https://ibb.co/cDgPccL
  8. As does she 💀 honestly I kinda wish she interacted at least a bit with fans.. it would make the wait between albums much more bearable. Then again I'm not sure it would be such a great idea. I still remember when during the EYEYE preview I approached her while she was chilling to get 3 of her records signed and she was cold AF and just asked "all 3?" 💀 Like, no babe I came all the way here to show you your own long out of print records and go home straight after... 😳 That interaction kinda ruined her whole image/vibe for me unfortunately.
  9. Besides cosplaying as an authority on all music discourse and this useless addition to it, I'd expect you to know these things given how obsessed you are with this woman... Her dad is Brazilian / Portuguese and her mom is of Native American descent.
  10. Me and my ex met her after her London show last summer. It was VERY late by then (like 3am or something) due to the set itself being scheduled for late, and her coming on stage even later (1h or so late) than that. She probably spent about 3 minutes explaining why she was late that night, signed an item for each, then took some quick pics with everyone (literally about 6 people in total), then someone from her team told her they needed to go. I wouldn't expect her to come to the merch table, I don't think she even has any (?), and just wait at the back/side entrance. She did seem happy to see that people still care about her but definitely don't expect Lana levels of interaction lol. Random update on this: her grandma just shared the selfie I took with sky on her IG story 💀😂
  11. AI generated. Original pic + uncensored can be found here (you can see a difference and weird stuff on her body right where the "extended" part begins especially in the uncensored one)
  12. And please record your videos in landscape! OT: I made a little edit last night and I'm obsessed 😭 this is what we could've had so easily and yet we remain visuals-less
  13. The untagged version was leaked on the 7th of January.
  14. feelingxcx

    Tove Lo

    How much demands do you think there is for a Blue Lips standalone red vinyl repress in terms of copies it could sell?
  15. Would y'all / anyone care for a 7" Downhill Lullaby / Don't Forget picture disc if Masochism doesn't come out by winter?
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