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  1. A video of Sky from ssion's IG story. Can anyone make out what she's saying? https://uTHOT/q1txnx
  2. 42 and 17 plays but only two likes on the post "boo, you wh*res"
  3. Surprisingly, and so much better than her Britney too! 😰🤣
  4. Well, it's two years later and I ended up subscribing just to listen to them. I laughed a lot. Enjoy.
  5. Oh... R.I.P. indeed 😬
  6. So happy to see that after being one of Panera's elite employees for all these years, Sky has finally managed to open her own restaurant 🥺 https://ibb.co/QdZF4YB https://ibb.co/Y8vfrXw (From Charli XCX's video for "360")
  7. Nah, don't think I will but "thanks" for the unsolicited "advice" "xx"
  8. Yes, I'm aware. But that's exactly what I was trying to do. Make it an official "mass produced" release to sell 🙃
  9. Because I wasn't trying to make a bootleg lathe cut / dubplate record but a proper official pressing à la Vinyl Me Please. I don't really want to get into legal trouble with Universal Media Group so I have to ask for a license to use the recording 🙃
  10. My request to license Downhill Lullaby and Don't Forget to make a 7" picture disc was rejected by Capitol. I only sent it a couple of days ago so I think they just want to bury her into anonymity out of spite at this point, since they won't even accept what is basically free money for them.. should I try with Ghost EP?
  11. Are you working on a project or something? This is the best quality image I could find.. It even has lens and exposure info so I suppose it must be pretty close to the original. No idea where I even downloaded it from lol https://ibb.co/RN6sw1J
  12. feelingxcx


    Yes, she released stems for Bitch, Hello, Prime, Tumor, and Super Duper Party People 🙃
  13. May your favourite unreleased never be leaked in HQ
  14. This image reminds me - did we get any more Liv tracks apart from Wings of Love (+ tantra remix), Dream Awake, Heaven, and Hurts To Liv? Any l£aks? 🥲 I'm really desperate for more of their stuff... If anyone can suggest other artists with a similar sound I'm all ears 🙏
  15. After giving the free Sky campaign the idea for the billboard, here's the next step I think we should take in this delusional campaign: gaslighting Capitol into thinking there's a new Sky song they're supposed to be releasing (Descending) by talking about it openly on social media and "tipping off" music publications / journalists about it. Whether they decide to seek confirmation from the label or just go with the story I'm sure that'll trigger at least a few questions / some interest within the label lol
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