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  1. lovemooch

    Kim Petras

    she really went hard on her 2014 demos, that coulda been her DÉBUT, Imagine a reggae record breaK the AC, Fire Marshals, Pick Him For Me, Painkillas (also I'm sure some of these were the songs she pitched to Rihanna)
  2. lovemooch

    Kim Petras

    who sings this demo?
  3. lovemooch

    Kim Petras

    what was that draft tracklist?
  4. lovemooch

    Kim Petras

    we need her demo of this (even though her vocals are all over here)
  5. lovemooch

    Addison Rae

    I Got It Bad Demo is superior in every way
  6. lovemooch

    Cruel Youth

    someone leak her version of ''Nothing On (But The Radio)''
  7. Carly Rae Jepsen - E•MO•TION: Side B First Time Higher Cut to the Feeling Roses Cry Body Language The One Fever Store Still In the Game When I'm Alone Wildflowers I Believe You Bullseye Sweet Impossible Love Runaways Last Christmas
  8. lovemooch

    LIZ Y2K

    who wants these
  9. lovemooch

    Brooke Candy

    i remember back in 2013 feeling brooke so fresh and unique
  10. lovemooch

    Kim Petras

    Where are ya'll putting Running Up That Hill? Problematique or Feed the Beast?
  11. lovemooch

    Brooke Candy

    we need her version of this to leak
  12. I did this mini album fully produced by Fernando Garibay and tried Kiss Me Once as a double album.. with the first side being dream/dance pop and the second half EDM/agressive pop- not fully finished tho, since she said she did "three albums" in "three genres": a "pure pop" album, a "dancy-urban" album, and an "indie" album. Kylie Minogue / Kiss Me Once (2014) Kiss Me Once Million Miles Sleeping With the Enemy Golden Boy Crystallize In the Name Of Love If Only Into the Blue Beautiful (feat. Enrique Iglesias) Feels So Good Beat Of My Heart Fine Timebomb Les Sex Mr. President Kyliewood (feat. Sia & Brooke Candy) Sexy Love Right Here, Right Now (feat. Giorgio Moroder) Sparks Waiting 4 the Sun Skirt I Was Gonna Cancel Sexercize Voodoo Kylie Minogue / Sleepwalker (2014) Glow Wait Break This Heartbreak Chasing Ghosts Black and White (feat. Shaggy) If I Can't Have You (feat. Sam Sparro) Your Body
  13. lovemooch

    Kim Petras

    I'm at the middle and it really is a mess, but somehow it feels ethereal? I'll go with the og tracklist and cutting the problematiqué songs
  14. lovemooch

    Brooke Candy

    still questioning if i imagined this or what
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