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  1. they said i’m a dreamer..
  2. thiss, there were 68 songs in total for Reincarnation, from the stuff she uploads to instagram i’ve compiled these titles Me & These Streets Bad Girl Tell Your Friends Luxury Change Candy Gurlz Love Me Again My Light Growing Pains Be Like You Still Young Keep Running Weakness Headspun Bad News Make Me Say (reworked? other song?) Mother England Real Love Eminem (?) Fluence / Flux (?) Nothing (?) Peter Pan Static Mister Monday Drugs, Sex, Passion Propane
  3. that problem cover photo was also meant to be an album cover at some point, called weakness before reincarnation came to be
  4. lets stalk her to upload those albums!
  5. I screamed when i saw those cds, the derek one has to be from 2007 and the bubble based from 2006, both have songs produced by cameron mcvey and ben ash
  6. lovemooch


    stranger, heavy, downtown, money, underneath the lights >
  7. lovemooch

    Charli XCX

    today leaks omgggggggg
  8. lovemooch

    Eden xo

  9. yeah that EP wasn't really a thing, the billy mann tracks were meant for the album before eleutheromaniac in 2014 with fred ball, dsign and jon bellion, i remember she wanted to call that Freedom, i read an interview where she stated she had so many songs recorded that she wanted to released 2 albums and one was called freedom https://twitter.com/neonhitch/status/441740689089392640 https://twitter.com/neonhitch/status/428370083216257024
  10. well we can only stream her stuff and promote her on socials!
  11. i was checking her natal chart now i feel like i understand her sun is gemini, she seems soo outta place and messy because she changes her mind like every hour moon is sagittarius, expansive nature, needs variety and change, loves traveling (her india travel as a teenager) mercury in gemini: witty, verbal, ''a bored Mercury in Gemini will stir up drama, just to make things more interesting.'' cancer venus: vulnerable heart, emotional af, she goes deep in love until hurt, wants real intimacy. (she always talks about her family) capricorn mars: ambitious and hard worker!! pisces jupiter: sensible, empath, charming! aries north node: she came to be original, to lead, to speak her mind libra south node: tries to please the rest forgetting herself chiron in gemini: her wound this encanation is that she feels like her message isn't heard, that nobody understands her.. i'm connecting this to her lyrics and.. now i love her even more misunderstood queen
  12. neither, i was looking through her twitter and repertoires
  13. Party Song: March 16 2010 Tongue Tied: March 26 2010 Sweat: March 2010 Pink: March 2010 Rainbows: April 2010 Where R U: April 2010 Miracle Hearts Don't Sleep Bad Dog: August 22 2010 Poisoned With Love: August 25 2010 Get Over U: September 30 2010 Silly Girl: December 2010 (she did 17 songs with Switch) Take A Breath: October 2013
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