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  1. Arcadia is one of my favorite songs by her and I know it’s one of her favorites of hers, so it makes me so happy to see the Brazilian fans singing every word. It’s really heartwarming to see her get appreciation in other countries that she just doesn’t get to the same level here in the US.
  2. I agree!! I know it's messy as fuck but it's sooo Lana I love it lol
  3. Not the seven dancers twirling around with orbs and candelabras while she chills in the far corner of the stage behind some kind of music stand skjads;lfjsdlk;f
  4. It looked like she wasn't gonna do the bridge of Y&B until the fans basically started singing over her !! I love
  5. Wow the backing vocalists are incredible. So glad she brought them. Mother is mOTHERING
  6. I don’t dislike any of the songs on this album so this isn’t really a best to worst ranking at all. This was still so hard! A&W Let the Light In Kintsugi Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd Margaret Peppers Candy Necklace Grandfather please stand on the shoulders of my father while he’s deep sea fishing Taco Truck x VB Paris, Texas Fingertips The Grants Sweet Jon Batiste Interlude Fishtail Judah Smith Interlude
  7. It’s really amazing to me that I know several people IRL who never cared that much about Lana get totally converted by DYKTTATUOB. I’ve been listening to all of Lana’s other albums the past couple weeks and that’s really made it clear that her songwriting has really grown by leaps and bounds since she started (not that it was ever bad). Just like the new songs on BB felt like a bridge to the songs on this record - I’m super interested to see where her songwriting goes next. I have a feeling this album was a real shift for her. I love the Jon Batiste interlude. It’s like something you’d hear on Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. I find the Antonoff hate so tiring and I hope he and Lana do continue working together, but I’d absolutely love for her to keep working with Jon Batiste. What’s interesting is that DYKTTATUOB sold more than NFR. I think this album really secured her legacy among stans and non-stans alike. I have a hunch this album will be very influential for younger musicians coming up, specifically in how the lyrics are written and the unconventional song structures.
  8. Damn. What a great interview. I could read this stuff for pages and pages. The Rolling Stone UK interview was also excellent. I wish a really smart American writer at a quality American publication could have this level of discussion with her.
  9. I truly don’t mean this in a rude way but some people have GOT to let the Jack Antonoff hate go. You NEED to move on. She’s almost 40 years old. She was still in her twenties in the UV era and clearly much unhappier. You can’t expect that she’s going to write the same damn kind of songs for ten years straight. also — I can guarantee if she WAS writing UV carbon copies ten years after that album came out people would complain she wasn’t changing her sound enough. Enough is enough!!!!
  10. It’s a shallow and unintelligent response to Lana’s art. It’s very “Jezebel blog post in 2012.” A lot of women (and men) have had the experiences Lana has, questioning their self worth, dating people who don’t treat them well, experiencing domestic violence, experiencing problems with drugs and alcohol. Why don’t they get to listen to music that reflects that experience back without judgment? Who are these dumbasses to think that they get to dictate the kind of shit other people want to sing about? Why do so many people seem to need an artist to release their music with disclaimers and caveats so that these losers don’t get apoplectic when they hear about something they might not like?
  11. Don't feed the trolls - eternal life advice. They clearly want to rile up the Lana fans and they shouldn't be given the satisfaction
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