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  1. I wish I could go off my meds for Lasso era and experience true delulu psychosis like I did with OB
  2. honestly i have to agree....she really is making these 22 year olds listen to five minute piano ballads for two hours straight (and that's why i fucking love her)
  3. Lie on that floor and sing every line of that song baby!!!
  4. I’m also in the Hollywood Bowl hive! I love the production on it too - that quiet strings melody before the second pre-chorus always gets me and I like the fiddle too. I think it’s a really beautiful song
  5. Omg I’m so dumb, I thought this was an actual interview from recently and was shocked Azealia was team Lana again
  6. Omg wait one of the songs he co-wrote with Kacey was literally Space Cowboy
  7. Luke Laird co-wrote a lot of songs with Kacey Musgraves and co-wrote with Shane McNally who is one of the few openly gay songwriters in Nashville - I doubt he is homophobic
  8. As soon as I saw that video of Lana in the studio with Jack at the piano I knew it would cause a nuclear meltdown on LB I don't have a specific vision for what I want from Lana's next album, to be honest. I know a lot of people hold up UV and HM as standards but I think it's a mistake for any artist to try to recapture magic in a bottle. I'm betting if she tried to do a UV or HM redux it would sound tired and people here would be unhappy. I'm interested in what direction she's going to go next. She seems a little surprised by all of the love she's been getting on this festival tour, and it seems she is maybe a little surprised by the positive reception OB got. I'm curious to see how that will affect the kind of work she's doing - if it will affect the work at all. Drew Erickson and Zach Dawes are great and I do hope she continues to work with them. I've loved the work they've done with Angel Olsen, Weyes Blood, etc., and I think they've been great for Lana. Of course I love her work with Jack and I really think she has unlocked new levels and depths to her songwriting with him so I'm happy their creative spark hasn't died yet. I'm cautiously optimistic about Jon Batiste - the interlude and Candy Necklace are great, but I found Life Lessons to be one of the weakest songs she's been a part of in a while. It ended up going on his record, not hers, and a part of me thinks maybe she knows it's not really up to par with the rest of OB. I'd love for Rick Nowels to work with her again if she feels he's creatively still up to snuff with her present vision.
  9. I am so happy she's cut so much of the playback and has actual backing vocalists to help support her. It really does make everything so much richer
  10. Nah Arcadia can stay. One of her most beautiful songs argue w/ the wall about it
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