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  1. Tysm, I hope so too I'm fine btw, how about you? and yes, I just didn't really feel like logging in and posting anything, but I still get emails whenever a new topic is created in the Audio section so I'd usually come online for a few minutes just to check out the leak threads (btw you're free to post on my profile any time you like, I get an email for that too!) I'd love to go to a show in their hometown, but I don't think I can convince someone to come with me I'm sorry to hear you're not going :/ you could try asking some fanpages on instagram if they can give you a little shoutout for the tickets and see if someone's interested
  2. I love the albummm ugh yup it's a 0-skips album for me, absolute serve I think my favourite songs might be Who's your money on (not sure why hehe) and A night on the floor, but I love them all It's so cool that they chose In my sleep (aka a banger) as the closer, what a way to end the album! Maybe it's a hint of where they'll take off from for their next album's sound? Btw thank you so much @Clampigirl for the screenshots! I was too lazy to make a discord account lol their profile pictures crack me up. And I'm sorry about the vinyl :/ I'm also looking to buy two tickets for their Milan date, I just want to see them live so bad so hopefully I find someone to go to the concert with, whether it's a relative or a friend of mine
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  4. I love it it's a solid debut album imho, the previously-unreleased songs sound great on the studio version and Slide out the window is such a vibe song, love that too my only concern is that the tracklist might be too short, but then again, it is their first album after all. Also I have yet to hear it as a whole, so I still can't really say if its length is fine or not - I'll stay up once it officially drops as well, I have to be in complete silence and take it all in when listening to an album for the first time Btw I updated my previous post with another link
  5. https://www.virginradio.it/scheda/177259/Virgin-Radio-FM.html hope this works http://liveonlineradio.net/virgin-radio-italia or you could try w this as well
  6. Omg they're playing the whole album as a preview on Virgin Radio Italy Here's the link if you wanna tune in, we're 4 songs in rn!! https://www.virginradio.it/sezioni/1184/virgin-radio-on-air Edit: basically I tuned into this radio station and it was halfway through It won't always be like this (song), then they played My Honest Face and after that a song I've never heard before and I was like ummm, then I heard the line "Slide out my window" and I realised it was one of the brand new songs we're getting on the album
  7. Her last ig story is serving this kind of realness
  8. They're probably just messing with us, but you're right, I also wasn't considering the fact that BoZ's description of the song and the snippet that's on that site don't even match
  9. I think whoever uploaded that snippet just decided to kind of troll us and name it that way by going off of what we've been speculating for the past few pages as to the next single possibly being titled "Good God", they have to be reading this thread
  10. I love the album cover it looks a little like a manip, nonetheless it's a serve and a huge step-up from the selphies As for the snippet, I haven't listened yet since I feel like we still have a long way to go before we get the album so I don't wanna rush it and I'll just listen to the whole single when it drops if that makes any sense Edit: I caved and listened to it she's cute but I'll have to wait until I hear the full version
  11. No it's true The fact that she reused this line/concept and still managed to convey a different feeling is a sign of great lyricism
  12. Ikr Sometimes I like to bask in her older catalogue and this is one of the songs that makes me so nostalgic, it has that escapist quality to it that makes Lana's music so memorable imo
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