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  1. Blue Banisters (minus Beautiful) save me... SAVE ME!!!!
  2. Lana's new pic on last.fm :banned.gif:
  3. Lavender Sunshine

    Taylor Swift

    I'm not a Taylor fan but here's this https://www.instagram.com/p/C59kqTfp6lF/?igsh=MWUyenZueGdjb2NzMA==
  4. If Jon improvised that way at my concert I'd be screaming my head off too
  5. I have to get ready rn so I can't watch the whole thing, but I'm keeping the livestream on while I do everything and omg she sounds heavenly
  6. The LTLI erasure gave me a stroke, hopefully she performs it next week with FJM
  7. Yayo next weekend PLEASE It is slow-paced and has minimal instrumentation like the songs she just sang
  8. What is the name of that youtube channel which does jazzy arrangements of famous songs and stuff? Actually loving this outro tho
  9. Hearing this intro will never not be iconic to me
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