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  1. LMAOOO spill Actual footage of the COCC merch being uploaded to her store in place of the NFR one
  2. okay, tea... hopefully she serves that look in the COCC mv tomorrow
  3. The way you kinda manifested the actual album cover w this
  4. Eye- Bring back the raccoon eye makeup queen jk btw, I love UV era makeup
  5. Honestly this whole thing started to put me off when Sophie referred to Lana on twitter as L*na Del Rey Like, I totally get asking for credit (even then, just the tag was sufficient imo) but don't... shade her that way ?? That's only made me think her intentions aren't 100% genuine
  6. Good thing we're only a few days away from Jan 11th so we can just rip the band-aid off I'm still confident all will be revealed though
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