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  1. LMAO I totally heard her voice while reading it! That man is right, she really has a beautiful energy.
  2. Mash Tragic

    Gia Woods

    I listened to most of the songs and I really liked them. I'm now sending her singles to all of my friends.
  3. The fact we had I Pray For Rain and Guardian makes me hopeful the others will leak one day
  4. Ikr, I just learnt to never believe them and enjoy troll posts They were fun and I'll miss them. Like, all threads are full of shit posts about vinyl colors or dumb album covers with clowns, but an alleged fake insider can't post delirious rumors? Idk, it just kept me entertained...
  5. Wow, I'd never expected to be nominated one day, I'm so fucking honored! Thank you to everyone who submitted me, I'm really touched. Of course, with all due credit to my absolute idol @Rorman Nockwell (who I think should've been nominated as well for Best Username). I would have never been nominated without you, iconic queen. I'm sorry I'm not active anymore (as if I was really active before) but I'll make sure to spare some time to be here January 22nd. I love you and I miss you all!
  6. Ok I'm no psychic (or at least a terrible one because none of my dreams ever came true) but two days ago, I dreamed that Lana was releasing some sort of disco/funk single where she was screaming in the chorus. It was completely trippy and electric guitar based. I don't remember much about the music video, just that she was wearing some 40s purple jumpsuit with a large white belt and chunky white boots. Her hairstyle was kinda similar to the L'Officiel Paris shoot. There were a lot of 70s psychedelic stuff, with geometric backgrounds, multicolor and cloning effects. She was using her high pitched voice in the bridge. I had the melody in my mind when I woke up but of course I forgot it. Lana, if you're reading this, make me a real psychic instead of an obsessive fan, please
  7. That's funny because her current lyricism does the exact opposite for me! I never felt her lyrics to be relatable in any way in my life (I'm the shy hermit type and I never fell in love, never did drugs or parties ) but I think the BB songs (the new ones) don't really have a deeper meaning than what's she's singing about. Her writing's getting more personal, but it's also getting less metaphoric, much more simple/straightforward and actually more relatable (at least to me). Or the stories are relatable but the way she's writing them (the journal entries) are less emotional to me, probably because I prefer her old writing style since it resonates more with mine. Also I can't stand the whole LA socialites vibes but it's another story. Let's say it adds to my deception. I guess I preferred the older days because she comes across as... hm, really basic(?) to me lately. I think she's trying to connect her work with older prestigious artists (that's what I get from NFR at least) and it's watering down her own artistry. She's definitely experimenting (with tracks like Dealer) but there's also songs that sound like caricatures of her previous ones. It didn't bother me before but again, it adds to my deception. I do love the album otherwise and I really enjoyed it. It's just less inspiring to me, as a writer and I realized why. I also want to say it's purely subjective and in no way am I saying her work is garbage like some so-called critics. But her lyricism doesn't have as much an impact on me anymore.
  8. I don't know if it belongs to this thread or the random one, but I've finally understood why I'm not vibing with Lana's music lately. It's the autobiographic thingy for me. I just don't care. I've always loved how she would tell stories in a way they felt universal. Even if you've never ever fell in love with an old gangster, or never got into a toxic relationship, you could get into the mood and feel every tiny bit of her raw emotions through the metaphors and vivid imagery. It might be a little specific in my case, but I've always written with Lana in the background because some of her earlier works have the same vibe as my characters's stories. Not necessarily the same story, but they're feeling the same as the personas in her songs, if that makes sense? Anyway, old Lana songs felt like novels to me. When I was listening to them, it was like I was drown into a whole different world. Right now, I just get the impression she's singing her diary to me (I remember @Rorman Nockwell saying something similar?) and it's so bland and so boring I can't help but skip the songs. The irony is that she's singing about more common experiences (in my humble opinion, but maybe that's because I had mommy issues too) but there's a way she's writing them that gives off a really strange self-centered vibe...? I don't know how to explain that feeling. It's like I'm completely excluded from the story, because she's not singing about her life to tell it to us: she's singing about her for her, probably to her as well. Or maybe it's just hat I'm not currently in the mood to listen to BB Sorry if I'm wordy and can't get things right, I'm a mess today and I can't think straight even in French. Edit: I feel like I've already written something like that before but I'm too burnt out to know if I'm dreaming or not. I might be rambling.
  9. Talking about her lyricism: I don't know if it truly is an unpopular opinion, but I never quite figured why people think Lana romanticize abuse or sadness. I've never ever in my life as a fan wanted similar relationships because, well, being in love with a cheater or an abuser... sucks? I can understand how people can be inspired and would want to suffer the sadness, pain and heartbreak of an abusive relationship (you know how people mimic celebrities, and not only teenagers btw), but blaming it solely on Lana's lyricism is a little unfair. I've always had the feeling that sugarcoating her words is just a way to cope with her feelings, like magnifying the pain so it seems less unconquerable. For real, I don't know how you can listen to Ultraviolence or SAD Girl and think "wow, I want to be that girl so much and live the same life" when you can feel the despair in her voice. Even the so-called glamorous lives narrated in Born to Die seem full of pain. When you scratch the glossy veneer, everything's dark and melancholic. I think the problem is, people are obsessed by aesthetic. They differentiate looking glamorous and the real feelings behind the mask, when in Lana discography, it goes hand in hand. Carmen is a perfect example for me, as she describes how fun her life can seem, when she actual feels like dying: it's like, you know, thinking beautiful people have it easy in life just because they're beautiful, but in reality, they feel miserable for many reasons.
  10. I just hope she keeps Tex and Mex on the album cover. I love dogs.
  11. I still don't get why people fight over tracks being officially released. I don't want unreleased tracks we already have, I want new songs
  12. I mean, some people can't shut their damn mouth. I had a close friend I shared really sensitive stuff with, thinking she won't tell anyone, just to meet random people in high school telling me things like "I hope you're okay..." If it's true, it doesn't surprise me tbh. Lana always gave me bossy vibes in her relationships. I keep thinking about the moment Sean stepped on her dress at the Grammys.
  13. Mash Tragic

    Britney Spears

    The French media I was reading probably got confused as well. But thank God. I was truly disgusted by the decision, like what kind of human being can hear all these atrocities and still deny her request?
  14. Mash Tragic

    Britney Spears

    Disgusting, devastating but not surprising at all. The things they'd do for money...
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