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  1. Talking about her lyricism: I don't know if it truly is an unpopular opinion, but I never quite figured why people think Lana romanticize abuse or sadness. I've never ever in my life as a fan wanted similar relationships because, well, being in love with a cheater or an abuser... sucks? I can understand how people can be inspired and would want to suffer the sadness, pain and heartbreak of an abusive relationship (you know how people mimic celebrities, and not only teenagers btw), but blaming it solely on Lana's lyricism is a little unfair. I've always had the feeling that sugarcoating her words is just a way to cope with her feelings, like magnifying the pain so it seems less unconquerable. For real, I don't know how you can listen to Ultraviolence or SAD Girl and think "wow, I want to be that girl so much and live the same life" when you can feel the despair in her voice. Even the so-called glamorous lives narrated in Born to Die seem full of pain. When you scratch the glossy veneer, everything's dark and melancholic. I think the problem is, people are obsessed by aesthetic. They differentiate looking glamorous and the real feelings behind the mask, when in Lana discography, it goes hand in hand. Carmen is a perfect example for me, as she describes how fun her life can seem, when she actual feels like dying: it's like, you know, thinking beautiful people have it easy in life just because they're beautiful, but in reality, they feel miserable for many reasons.
  2. I just hope she keeps Tex and Mex on the album cover. I love dogs.
  3. I still don't get why people fight over tracks being officially released. I don't want unreleased tracks we already have, I want new songs
  4. I mean, some people can't shut their damn mouth. I had a close friend I shared really sensitive stuff with, thinking she won't tell anyone, just to meet random people in high school telling me things like "I hope you're okay..." If it's true, it doesn't surprise me tbh. Lana always gave me bossy vibes in her relationships. I keep thinking about the moment Sean stepped on her dress at the Grammys.
  5. Mash Tragic

    Britney Spears

    The French media I was reading probably got confused as well. But thank God. I was truly disgusted by the decision, like what kind of human being can hear all these atrocities and still deny her request?
  6. Mash Tragic

    Britney Spears

    Disgusting, devastating but not surprising at all. The things they'd do for money...
  7. It's amazingly simple and beautiful. She could never.
  8. Well, I'm now convinced July 4th is the new September 5th. I can't see how it's coming in three weeks if she's changed the tracklist
  9. Mash Tragic


    Old LB was indeed wild.
  10. I've never really understood what a ballad is Right now, I'd say: 1. Yosemite 2. Honeymoon 3. Cherry Blossom 4. Old Money 5. Oh Say Can You See But it really depends on my mood tbh.
  11. Can't wait for them to call me. Lan, I don't want money, just fame.
  12. ... I still dislike her breathy vocals in White Dress. I mean, it kinda bothers me. I can't consider it her best opener because of it, even though I love the melody with all my heart, and it's making me so sad.
  13. Oh, I didn't think about that! It makes sense Anyways, why are we hating on Jack again? We won't have another NFR! so I think we can leave him alone now
  14. I don't know what to think about Jack. He's a talented producer and I loved his work with Lana, but I'm pretty sure I've replayed Blue Banisters and Wildflower Wildfire twice as much as COCC and NFR! reunited. Plus, I don't know why all these girls want to work with him. As an artist, why would you want the same sound as other musicians? Wouldn't you want to have your own sound? Opinion that no one asked for, but I remember someone saying they'd like the blue banisters to appear on the cover, and I couldn't help but think it would be really cool if they were green and grey. You'd expect them to be blue as the title suggests, but the cover would actually refer to the line in the song. I don't know, I thought it would be fun.
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