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  1. Mash Tragic

    Taylor Swift

    ... Oh My bad, I always thought it was about that because the streaming party came just after and SYTH took so much time to be released Anyway, Swifties, we might be hopeful then
  2. Mash Tragic

    Taylor Swift

    Idk but last time he said "OH Lana??", it was about the streaming party so don't get your hopes too high
  3. She looks so stunning and happy on that second picture Iconic father-daughter duo, they're both so freaking adorable!
  4. Though I couldn't care less about SYTH being properly released (I do love the song and couldn't imagine getting tired of it, but having its 100 versions in my music library was already enough), I feel super happy for Lana to finally be able to let go of that song. I don't know what it truly represents in her life but the fact she kept reworking it for all these years makes me think it means a lot to her. I don't think Tik Tok is the sole reason for its release (it's been a fan favorite for SO long...) We've seen Lana change a lot these past years and that change cristallized in DYTTATUOB, her most hopeful album to date. We litteraly have songs about letting the light shine in. Releasing SYTH seems like the logical next step. It's like she can finally say yes to heaven herself and move on, while encouraging us to do the same.
  5. Omg THIS. I wrote something similar at first but couldn't quite word it so I deleted. She does sound really hypocritical hating on America while living her best life there
  6. Couldn't agree more with that. Not only the UK, but European countries should share the blame for what they did/do. America is far from perfect but so are other countries, and at that point, it just feels like an easy target. I mean, she risks nothing pointing out sexism and racism in there. Everyone does it and there are little to no repression thanks to freedom of speech. There are so many more worse countries, but it would be riskier to call them out and it seems she doesn't have the balls to do so. Which leads me to think she doesn't want to be controversial: she simply wants approval. And, hey, I'm fine with that, not everyone can handle being authentic and divisive. What bothers me is how she seems to think she's actually doing something... When she's really going nowhere by being a people's pleaser. She's always struck me as narcissistic, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it makes her sound out of touch everytime she attempts writing universal shit. The poems give me the feeling she's back on writing from past, personal experiences though. I'm genuinely excited for what's next.
  7. I love listening to instrumentals even though I can't recognize any instrument so bear with me, musicians. Off To The Races: absolutely iconic, I love the chants at the beginning, the weird hauting sound at the end of the verses, the frantic chorus and those strings during the bridge. Plus, the moment the pre-chorus kicks in is just *chef's kiss*. 24: I just live for those trumpets or whatever it is (French horns?). Such a slow but dramatic song. The build-up towards the end is to die for. Ultraviolence: it's probably the instrumental I listened to the most. It's quite empty during the verses without the vocals but the chorus and the bridge are so intricate and mesmerizing... I might be crazy but the instrumental also gives off a very different vibe, almost more hopeful? Music To Watch Boys To: I'm just soooo in love with the melody of the flute. I think it's the song that started my obsession with instrumentals, I just wanted to listen to it over and over again. I feel like it's one of Lana's richest instrumentals because of the flute, the strings, the synth, the piano, the drums... And I mean, you can hear it all? Just incredible. 13 Beaches: for me, it's the song that blends the best orchestral sound and trap beats or whatever. I don't know how to describe them but the little sci-fi alienish weird sounds are so cool and really adds something peculiar, almost suffocating and ill-omened to the vibe of the song. I kinda have the same hauting feeling during Heroin's chorus.
  8. Her gaze and grin on that one: Also, this pic of Jon Batiste is so beautiful. The toning and the colors are so soo pretty!
  9. I think I already said it somewhere on LB but the stranger than a stranger line reminds me of that poem by Apollinaire that goes like: They pick autumn crocus which are like mothers, Daughters of their daughters and colors of your eyelids I always found that daughters of their daughters line to be super clumsy when I was younger but I grew to love it. Same with stranger than a stranger.
  10. Mash Tragic

    Charli XCX

    I'm sorry but this gatekeeping is just super dumb Not being online the moment the account opens is one thing: but how is sending a request a proof that you're a "real" fan? It's really the "only for fans" thing that bugs me because you can be a fan and not having the time to get in or you could be a shit stirrer wishing to leak everything and having the chance to get in. It's not like the account and its content are protected by the super limited time frame she opens it If she truly wanted it to be for loyal fans only, I'm sure there would have been many other, more intelligent options. Anyway, everything will leak so I don't think I'm missing much.
  11. Of course it was! But I mean, while the spectator has this information, the police doesn't. They only know this girl was on the farm and everyone's dead. Plus, society often considers old people frail and disabled. I guess it would seem more plausible that these young people slaughtered the old couple. Not sure Maxine could even prove it was self defense... I just think it could lead to a misunderstanding, you know? With Maxine falsely accused? But it certainly was self defense. I also would've bashed the head of the old lady that killed all my friends
  12. Omg good catch! I didn't think about the blonde hair! I wouldn't be surprised if this was a nod to Pearl hating blondes, yeah. It also could be a symbol of success, like it references how the jury was looking for a blonde girl in Pearl and how it was a pre-requisite to succeed. Pearl was unable to do so but Maxine could. The fact Maxine could leave the farm alive when Pearl was stuck there for her whole life is another difference between them. Maxine was able to pursue her dreams (and become a blonde ). Not sure if she truly succeeds in the end though. Blonde hair wasn't enough for Mitsy
  13. I can't wait for Maxxxine! X and Pearl were both fantastic movies in their own way - so different but so complementary. I also adore Mia Goth ever since Nymphomaniac (aka the times where you'd only find paparazzi pictures of her and Shia when you'd search images of her yes I'm still bitter, it's like she couldn't exist on her own). It's really interesting how you can sense that she helped wrote Pearl, like there's so much fragility and vulnerability among the dread and horror of Pearl's killings. It's such a refreshing take on the horror tropes (like you usually endure atrocities through the eyes of the victims instead of thoroughly exploring the killer's mindset). Plus, the aesthetic of the movies is always on point, it might be dumb for some but it's important for me Anyway, I'm soooo excited to see how and where the trilogy ends!
  14. Omg same! I had such a hard time vibing with the album at first but then came Ptolemaea and everything clicked. The second listening was absolutely insane and shattered my perception of the world. I already loved a few of her previous songs but I owe this one my obsession, adoration and fascination for Ethel Cain.
  15. This thread is so cursed and yet I keep reading it in pure morbid fascination. It's like watching a car crash in which a circus is involved and clowns have died.
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