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  1. Unironically. Fans shouldn't have begged Capitol to free her but instead lock her up in the studio. Huge miscalculation on their part if the plan was to finally get Masochism.
  2. Obviously not cool at all to post a fake tracklist but the way it was so believable is both sad and hilarious. The fact it didn't surprise anyone says a lot more about her than her fans imo, like the bar has been so fucking low for so many years we're now always expecting a shitshow, even when she tries/gives her best. Ngl it's kinda pitiful at this point...
  3. Mash Tragic


    Quickly creeping out of the shadows: I just read a quote by Sartre that says "Les mots sont des pistolets chargés" (Words are like loaded guns/pistols) and it immediately made me think of the line "The poetry inside of me is warm like a gun." Do you think the similar imagery is a coincidence or that Lana could have read Sartre? Given her love for philosophy, I wouldn't be surprised but maybe it's a stretch. Idk. Maybe it comes from elsewhere, the imagery might not be super original. (Edit: just saw the post above about Happiness is a Warm Gun, I guess the imagery really isn't super original lmao). I don't like Sartre anyway so it would suit me if it's a coincidence. It's just that I like to know what Lana reads/where she draws her inspiration from and I found the parallel interesting.
  4. At least it seems like she's self-aware Awesome you had such a wonderful time, I would have killed for those kind of interactions in 2014
  5. I'm surprised there's so few comments about how amazing they are I've been watching their performances for a while now and they're really consistent with the quality of their shows. They're constantly giving vocals, charisma and aesthetic (most of their stage outfits are to die for, I freaking love the baroque ones). Abigail is such an awesome frontwoman but all the girls really shine in their own way. I love when she dances near them to highlight their performance. I seriously cannot wait for Prelude To Ecstasy. I've been dying to get the studio versions of Caesar on a TV, Burn Alive and Mirror ever since I heard them and I'm soooo happy they made it on the tracklist
  6. I honestly feel so bad for people thinking the delays and technical difficulties are normal and worth paying for at this point. The fact they're expected and became part of her show is beyond me. Good for the fans if they're content with the crumbs they're getting, but like seriously... She's supposed to be a singer. Singing well is the bare minimum. If I was a perfectionist singer and got comments like "at least, she sounded good during X", I would be mortified.
  7. Let's be real: Lana would have imagined a way better, more original and unpredictable name than honeymoon.v2.0 We're talking about the sparklejumpropequeen. There was 100% chance it was a fake account.
  8. I don't what some of you are on but 111's rants are hands down the most entertaining stuff among the usual leak pleadings, hopelessness and 2014 throwbacks Giving energy and quality absolutely every time, the opposite of Miss Sky. They're now an integral part of the thread. You just cannot not expecting them when you come here. If in a week there's no Sky drag or a Pretty Dull mention, well, it's simply not the Sky Ferreira thread.
  9. Absolutely, that's exactly why I no longer come to this thread as regularly as I used to. I'd add it's easy when you keep reading about violence and injustice to be so angry you start losing focus on what's important: what you can or can't do. As individuals, we cannot help Palestine exist as a state/entity. We don't have that power. It doesn't mean we cannot help at all though. If you have the money, you can donate to charities. If you don't, you can still raise awareness on the subject, with understanding and empathy.
  10. I think this thread is a perfect example of how things are getting messy in the international discourse. Putting it in spoiler because it's long: That said, some things should be simple enough not to get confused but for some reason, it's hard for some people: You can criticize the despicable, evil actions of the Israeli government without being antisemistic. You can hold Hamas responsible for their crimes and still support Palestine. All Jews aren't Zionists. All Palestinians aren't terrorists. All Israeli don't support Netanyahu. All Palestinians don't support Hamas. I don't know if the two-state solution will ever see the light of the day and if Palestinians will finally live in peace, but I do know the true victims right now are the civilians being bombed, killed and mutilated for crimes they didn't commit. All the money and energy Western countries are putting in that conflict should be for humanitarian aid and nothing else. Side note: I wouldn't ban people spouting IDF propaganda. There's a slim chance they've been brainwashed and interacting with other people might open their eyes. As slim as it is, I'd still take it.
  11. Ngl my paranoid ass thought removing her from the roster was a way to scare or threaten her and get a reaction out of that. I'd kill to be a fly on Capitol's walls and hear all the tea, seriously If we can't have Pretty Dull, can we at least know why exactly? And in details? I no longer want speculations. I want proof and well-documented claims (and I know @111 has a list (that I love to read and reread), but I mean, I want tea from an "official" source like a record representative and no more vague stuff that can be denied or refuted).
  12. Mash Tragic


    Damn I love her so much.
  13. Wish I could lay hands on her whole Lizzy Grant wardrobe, even (especially) her kitschiest clothes. I swear if I could, no one would be able to snatch them back from me. I'd be buried with them
  14. I'm SO HAPPY for our queen She deserves so much after years of snubbing, if not more. Like nominating's cool and everything, but now they better make her win and finally recognize her longtime influence on the current musical landscape
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