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  1. Tbh I'm still lowkey hoping for a lossless leak of Fingertips without the censor. I've gotten used to the official release, but damn I just feel like the verse would be more impactful intact.
  2. Idgaf what anyone says, this little fuckin' bit of magic is one of Lana's sexiest, prettiest vocals. Jesus, I will never fucking get over this song.
  3. This. I think it's just the overexposure that's soured people, and I get it—TikTok's an awful place for music for that reason imo. It just gets turned into background noise as a "this will get me views" prop. If it isn't just overexposed, it's overexposed and sped-up to death. But honestly, the real takeaway here is, as far as getting official releases of unreleased tracks goes:
  4. Beat me to the punch! This girl is on a whole different level than what's happening in the synth pop genre right now, and I'm nothing short of impressed and amazed. This is the textbook definition of artistic freedom. hemlocke springs will be a renaissance artist, watch. If people sleep on her, it won't be for long.
  5. That sped-up version will never not be funny to me. Aside, the normal version I'm glad to have in my collection now. And now I patiently wait for "Hollywood's Dead" dammit. it'll never happen but imagine
  6. Oh, Feminomenon is ADORABLE as shit though, come on! I don't love that style of pop, but sometime's I'm just like get it hot like Papa John like Bestie wdym have you SEEN Papa John? Chappell I luv u but if u got naked in Manhattan u know there's better pizza LMAO
  7. I'm so glad a Chappell Roan thread found it's way here. I'm fucking HYPED for Red Wine Supernova, goddammit. This girl just puts her whole pussy in everything she does and it's all fucking incredible banger pop shit.
  8. Not that "Candy Necklace" was my favorite song off the album to begin with, but those cutaways and BTS bits were getting jarring and disruptive. Still, wasn't until her comment about snakeholing into yourself in the limelight that I understood the intention of it and decided to watch it through a different lens rather than as someone just looking for a music video. This was ALSO a glimpse of what Dan Auerbach mentioned working with Lana during the UV era, how (in the most positive way,) she was difficult to work with, because she knows exactly what she wants and doesn't want anyone fucking with her vision. None of that was acting, you can hear the shaking frustration in her voice as she's saying she can't act like a robot during the Monroe bit. That wasn't a playful "go away" when she caught the cameraman recording her. It can really be hard working on your art under a label as a big time star. You have a lot of hands in the pot, and it gets to the point that people are telling you what to do with your life labors and their fruits. Sometimes it's those same people that contribute to the snakeholing instead of completely supporting you and working with you. It's the Hollywood curse. You don't really make it in stardom without a group of people imposing their idea of who you should be as a star upon you. Or what you do with what you create. Not many artists are willing to show that the process really does carry a lot of grief and peeves, especially when you're signed on a big label. Sometimes it puts you on the verge of tears or even incandescently pisses you off. This video also got released during a time where other artists have been forthcoming with their feelings about labels/big name streaming services, the commercialization and commodification of their work, how little agency they have, and how little many actually get back (especially smaller artists.) We're going to see a revolution in pop culture soon in our time. So, yeah, honestly... Great video. Just for the honesty and candor. Wouldn't binge it, but I'm glad it exists for the commentary alone.
  9. It's been a long time since I shared some music here. I just discovered this gem of a band, and this is their debut single. Keep watch, I got great feelings about where this group's gonna go. Fucking gorgeous, fun track.
  10. Wanna share some tips on playing around with AI vox?
  11. Fuck, I'd love to learn how to do this just for personal use.
  12. Anybody got a masterpost?
  13. Ngl I've always been perplexed by the album art choice this time around. Like, what/who is it? Is it AI? Was this ever mentioned previously and I'm just late to the party? I get why it's still on-brand, but out of all the full-lengths, this is probably my least favorite artwork.
  14. Welp I now have five of the six variants. Now I just need the indie record green vinyl. I stg if there’s a seventh one
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