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  1. The poem is great, very abstract writing style that I'm totally into. The instrumental is interesting, despite that one sample that's really distracting. His voice also sounds like it's been slapped on top of a fully flattened track, rather than being mixed into the music. I just think it all clashes with each other. I would've been in favor of a more trippy, atmospheric instrumentation that allows the poetry to come forward. If I remember correctly, he had shared months ago about having a reconnection with his faith - with that in context, the undercurrents of self-discovery and transformation shine. I'm here for more; this project feels more experimental in its current state, but I think once he finds what he's really aiming for, it's going to be fantastic.
  2. I doubt we'll ever see official studio releases of "Your Band is All the Rage", "Super 8 Movie", or "All Smiles", but if ever was a time, THIS IS IT.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6KQVbOhN04 ETA: Dammit the video won't embed ok fine just click the link
  4. Wryta Thinkpiece

    Ha Vay

    Just me coming back from the grave to say "I showed y'all first."
  5. Jesus fucking Christ I was annoying as shit. This song is still that song though~
  6. Wryta Thinkpiece

    Nadia Oh

    What a fucking blast from the past. I remember when Hot Like Wow first dropped. Christ, I feel old.
  8. The scalper prices for a lot of Lana merch is just fucking insane. I usually just stick to my local record store. Even if it's $20/$30 more than original price, at least I know it's a legitimate copy. Now all I need are: Paradise UV Chemtrails (might grab both, mostly want that one really pretty sleeve variant.)
  9. I SWIPED THIS SHIT SO FAST! https://shoplanadelrey.com/products/lust-for-life-coke-bottle-clear-vinyl
  10. She's got a dope vibe, I can't wait to see where she goes.
  11. Tbh I'm still lowkey hoping for a lossless leak of Fingertips without the censor. I've gotten used to the official release, but damn I just feel like the verse would be more impactful intact.
  12. Idgaf what anyone says, this little fuckin' bit of magic is one of Lana's sexiest, prettiest vocals. Jesus, I will never fucking get over this song.
  13. This. I think it's just the overexposure that's soured people, and I get it—TikTok's an awful place for music for that reason imo. It just gets turned into background noise as a "this will get me views" prop. If it isn't just overexposed, it's overexposed and sped-up to death. But honestly, the real takeaway here is, as far as getting official releases of unreleased tracks goes:
  14. Beat me to the punch! This girl is on a whole different level than what's happening in the synth pop genre right now, and I'm nothing short of impressed and amazed. This is the textbook definition of artistic freedom. hemlocke springs will be a renaissance artist, watch. If people sleep on her, it won't be for long.
  15. That sped-up version will never not be funny to me. Aside, the normal version I'm glad to have in my collection now. And now I patiently wait for "Hollywood's Dead" dammit. it'll never happen but imagine
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