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  1. Wikipedia or MusicBrainz, don't remember which one of them.
  2. Country Roads is such a harmless cover, why did it bother her so much
  3. This cowgirl image should shows up as preview when you share the website on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  4. It's in the website source code as cowgirl.png
  5. No, they didn't even add the new merch and vinyl.
  6. I wonder if her team forgot about the password protection on sparklejumpropequeen
  7. I assume it will stay exclusive to the US/UK store.
  8. As far as I know this isn't an indie store, it's run by UMG.
  9. maybe I don't know why they are so slow
  10. I'm not familiar with the shop system used so I can't get the link
  11. Coincendence, 3434 remaining now.
  12. It's not in the source code, you have to see how many you can add to the cart
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