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  1. hotshot2am

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    The other songs (for example Europe) are also still in Apple Music's system, but it's not possible to get snippets. At least not without having deeper access which I don't have. { "id": "ami:recording:b26b908d6626fbf5c5ca6f6adc46d854", "type": "SONG", "name": "Europe", "imageTemplate": "", "score": 1, "popularity": 0, "genre": "Pop", "artists": [ { "id": "ami:identity:149dd175f384a8279f364156ab737208", "name": "Carly Rae Jepsen", "imageTemplate": "https://is1-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/AMCArtistImages116/v4/57/e4/ed/57e4ed62-0a74-d898-f6cc-b6654e5e6ffc/7b28ffb9-fec7-40cf-a54c-89b1b4bba9b1_ami-identity-149dd175f384a8279f364156ab737208-2023-07-27T19-56-43.574Z_cropped.png/150x150bb.png" } ], "album": { "id": "ami:release:bde751d9d95db573619895f74f4d06da", "name": "Curiosity", "imageTemplate": "https://is1-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Music/e9/a2/18/mzi.efjthqjt.jpg/150x150bb.png" }, "parentalAdvisory": null } You likely downloaded some text as .m4a, that's why it appears corrupt.
  2. I don't want to destroy the fun but just a reminder that we aren't allowed to share links of songs that are on her upcoming album. I only checked the NTMT instrumental and It's cut off at 16kHz, not legit.
  3. hotshot2am

    Weyes Blood

    Titanic Rising outtake "Sleep Feelings" leaked.
  4. No repress today unfortunately Whatever happened with the NFR repress also caused this one to get delayed or canceled. Last month Universal Music told some of their customers that a repress is coming so plans for this definitely existed.
  5. I think it's not coming but will write for certain tomorrow morning.
  6. Listing is from 2021 or earlier: https://web.archive.org/web/20211209105326/https://www.northendhaarlem.nl/a-41562157/pop-funk-vinyl/lana-del-rey-honeymoon-2lp-limited-red/#description
  7. It's being released at midnight local time. Less than 2 hours for New Zealand.
  8. Candy Necklace picture disk and the towel got added on Lana's birthday and didn't get released until over a month later, so seems it was delayed.
  9. In the beginning of August there were still plans for Honeymoon UO Red repress. I don't know the current status until they add it to the store, which should be in the next days.
  10. hotshot2am

    Taylor Swift

    They are just on her regular shops for international customers, no other retailers involved. https://storeuk.taylorswift.com/products/1989-taylors-version-tangerine-edition-vinyl https://www.bravado.de/p51-i0602455866363/taylor-swift/1989-taylor-s-version-/index.html
  11. hotshot2am

    Taylor Swift

    The Tangerine Edition will also be on international stores for those outside the US.
  12. It means some algorithm has decided to take it down for arbitrary reasons
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