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  1. She did perform PWYC, it just got cut from the stream for some reason.
  2. I was so anxious that I had to go out of the thread It was beautiful
  3. https://supertvaovivo.tv/multishow-ao-vivo/ If your stream is lagging try Opção 2-4. I'm using 4 without any lag.
  4. Try to click on the two x first in the top right corner.
  5. Did you click on ads? I didn't have to download anything. Also did you try Option 1 and 2? Both should work.
  6. It's weird, Lana's vocals sound a bit harsh with AirPods but with proper headphones they sound great. Taylor's vocals on the other hand sound great with AirPods but harsh with proper headphones But I'm just nitpicking, still love the new version and especially the humming
  7. https://lanadelrey.fandom.com/wiki/Move_(song) It's a different title for a Sirens track.
  8. It might be because the title doesn't have Lana Del Rey in it causing it to get recommended less often by the YouTube algorithm. Some people might not even know it's a Lana song. It gets more streams on Spotify.
  9. I liked Euphoria but I feel this one will be a bit too much Still going to watch the first episode and give it a try. Also The Weekend's acting looked distractingly bad in one of the shared scenes.
  10. I remember someone shared an edit with his name removed but no idea how to find it.
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