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  1. lowkey Glir$ is the best one out of all of these
  2. ikr i was so disappointed w that, the song would have been fine without it, dare i say it ruins it
  3. tulsa jesus freaks

    Addison Rae

    her music slaps but whenever i try to stan her i remember "you don't know if she's asian, she could be korean" or that awful netflix movie and i get a lil emberassed i'm still streaming tho
  4. when she decided to make this the alternative cover for paradise
  5. i really hope LDR10 sounds like this
  6. this is so emberassing i thought this was about surviving the pre-release thread cause that shit was MESSY
  7. i feel like she's costantly working on a new album so this doesn't really mean much
  8. im confused is this gonna be the lead single for EC2 or a standalone single?
  9. how low? like should i even bother?
  10. SN, guess it wasn't worth reworking it
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