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  1. i'm gonna ask again cause i really need it does anyone have a folder updated and accurate with all the leaks?😩
  2. what happened to that mega file with all the unreleased? does anyone have another one?
  3. tbh after BB i hope she takes a break and doesnt immediatly jump to another era like she has been doing for a while now i feel like having a period of time without listening to new material and not knowing what she's up to, then coming back with a new sound to explore could do good to her carrier
  4. was that snippet of IYLDWM real? the acapella one, cause it sounded so good
  5. session 4 of CB made me even more sure about the fact that it's literally impossible that that is the same version that will be on the album. there's no mixing, no eq, no backing vocals, plus multiple sessions leaked and there are some lyrics changes in some of them, so saying that "it's the same as the one that leaked" doesnt really mean anything
  6. how can u not scream BEACAUSE IM CRAZYYY BABYYYY I NEED U TO COME HERE AND SAVE MEEE i dont get it
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