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  1. Ultra Violet

    Katy Perry

    It's fine. Wouldn't hate it if i heard it on the radio. Wouldn't listen to it intentionally again. I might still like it more than Marina -Man's World tho
  2. If I don't like a lana song that much (and there's only like 3) I don't think a rework could save it. But I do think a superior version of many songs could be made by fusing parts from Demos + Final version. That's not exactly a rework tho.
  3. Kinda looks like her necklace might be a rosary. I need to see more details!
  4. This! It literally just showed up like a message from God and is now forever behind the glass in a museum for us to look at but no one will come close to it.
  5. It's Honeymoon. I'd say Ultraviolence but I do sometimes get bored of the change of pace in Old Money + The Other Woman. Honeymoon leads you flawlessly through it all. No deluxe to tempt me to "add" other tracks. Just a standalone masterpiece and solid 10.
  6. First song in 5 years is released on Spotify, called "HA!". It sounds a lot like her earlier work for Chrysalis <3 She also now uses Patreon for early releases and extra things, but personally im still taking a break from Patreon for a while.
  7. I definitely get this lol! I thought @bluechemtrails meant quavos autotune, not lanas
  8. I'd wish y'all luck but I don't think there's any to be found in this position
  9. I'm sorry but I kinda wish I could unhear it. The first time listening I was like "ohkaaAAYyy? " Second time listening I didn't get past 15 seconds.
  10. If I ever honestly related to a song, I never think to myself "nah not relatable anymore" once I'm in a different place, simply because I honour every part of my journey and I remember all the time that I once did relate to that song, rather than focusing on how I don't anymore. But perhaps some I can actually mention would be: Lolita (trust me I never thought of it in terms of the character, it was just me being a carefree girl and only wanting one guy- not having the time for other guys who had crushes on me) Carmen (I never truly related but I would listen to it everytime I felt sad and misunderstood as a teen lol. Maybe i wish i would have realised at that age how much I actually did NOT relate lol) WTWWAWWKD (still need this instrumental leak! But nowadays, especially since Israel started genocide in the middle east with everyone supporting it, I kinda refuse to listen to it as I think it doesn't come across in a way I want to accept, idkkk, its hard to explain) The rest I am very happy to connect with again easily.
  11. Nostalghia (very cinematic and poetic, lana-dark-honeymoon-esque) 1. Kingdom of Disturb 2. Nicoqueen 3. Be My Man 4. They Don't Love You For Your Mind 5. Imago 6. Lonely Angel
  12. Finally checked out the album! I was super impressed from the opening track. And skinny also made me think of Lana, and how different everyone talks about her this year (even on this forum) compared to the last 2-3 years. Overall, I'd say, the only thing that's stopped me being a regular fan of Billie is that I prefer a different singing style. In fact I'm most drawn to the shouted backing vocals of Chihiro, and when The Greatest picks up, and the end of L'amour de ma vie. Can anyone recommend more Billie songs where she sings like this? I know the power of Billie's voice, and have known since 2017, but i don't tend to like the style she's settled with. I have the same opinion about Halsey. I need these girls to use their voices power and not hold back! But yeah billie is still excellent and appropriately rated.
  13. Same! That's exactly what I pictured lol, and I was like "how random, it must have some meaning to Lana"
  14. Ariana stop making me think Penn Badgley is attractive again
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