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  1. An album with songs between Paradise and Ultraviolence. This would be a nice EP, but easily made into a full album if it used songs that did end up on UV, like all the demos. EP 1. Angels forever, Forever angels 2. Cult Leader 3. Nectar of the gods 4. Living Legend 5. I Talk To Jesus (Alternative Version) 6. Say Yes To Heaven (Version 2) Full album: 1. Angels forever, Forever angels 2. Cult Leader 3. Ultraviolence (Demo) 4. Sad Girl (Demo) 5. Nectar of the gods 5. Money Power Glory (Demo) 6. Fuck My Way (Demo) 8. Is This Happiness 9. Living Legend 10. I Talk To Jesus (Alternative Version) 11. Say Yes To Heaven (Version 2)
  2. Found out here: https://at.tumblr.com/magicalcutzi/two-of-my-favorite-artists-lana-del-rey-and/tbt3mv66d9wl Both Lana and Ciscandra in the Blumarine cloak, 2014.
  3. I might like Body Paint just a bit more than TBBAMB because it picks up more, but havent given either more than a few listens. I still listen to several old songs almost daily (mostly Stop The World Snap Out Of It and I Want It All- the ones i will never skip). Btw, does anyone also associate their music with The Black Keys and Miles Kane/The Last Shadow Puppets? I kinda always see these three as a very particular vibe in my head, especially The Last Shadow Puppets and Arctic Monkeys, i guess bc of the Englishness. Anyways I kinda made this connection when i heard this.
  4. I have to entirely ignore the chorus of Textbook to like it. And its not only the lyrics, its the vibe too. I find it very weak for Lana. But I really do love the verses, especially the second one. Its weird because thats the opposite of how i feel for several NFR songs like the title track, Love Song and California where i love the chorus but dont like the verses. And when some of yall here try to compare it to West Coasts tempo change WC is the cultural reset TB will never be.
  5. Ultra Violet


    I definitely respect him as an artist and for speaking about what believes is right. His story of how he became vegan as a child is really inspiring. He's someone i know i should listen to (music) yet i dont because i cant be bothered. But i did find this cool https://www.instagram.com/reel/CiISdPCA9iX/?igshid=NGI3YWI1Y2U= he is undoubtly talented
  6. Ultra Violet


    I dont fully understand whats going on with Alice and Grimes even after reading all that. So what im gonna say probably has no relevance but heres my thoughts anyway: - ive listened to both Grimes and CC since 2013, yet i have never considered Grimes to be influenced by Alice or CC. - Whenever Grimes speaks about something it's usually something unimportant or poorly thought out. She never said anything of value surrounding Poppy when she could have (only alluded to not being happy with their collabs, making it sound as if Poppy did something but kinda sounds like they both did, idk). So im not surprised shes never done much to show support to Alice leaving CC. The email Grimes sent does sound rude but its not threatening, it wasnt public slandering (to my knowledge it was private right?), and it was warranted tbh. -i literally have no idea what else to think, only to realise it would have been awesome if they collaborated in the artangels era but sadly i know they never will now. Im not blaming either for that yet because its too damn messy.
  7. I could totally see Contagious or Alone being covered too. Contagious could be so Ghost EP and Alone could fit NTMT.
  8. Graveyard still sounds so new tbh. I cant believe it was 3 years ago.
  9. Ultra Violet


    I confess i had no idea what yall were talking about last page with FYB. I thought it was an unreleased song that leaked, bc i completely missed the promo. But it's great!
  10. Cool read it could be a published article for all i know. Thanks for sharing! I have to agree with what youve written, even tho i might always think "well I never took it that way". But i think thats because i wasnt going to fully commit to any aesthetic, and i could seperate my perspective of her music from what others were trying to make it. Meanwhile, i totally acknowledge that others didnt, and they will always associate her with that tumblr era, toxicity, etc. I basically wish people wouldnt blame Lana for starting it, because she didnt promote this community around, but tbh, im still not sure if she is 100% not to blame? You know? If shes to blame, then there are other artists to blame too, like Marina, for example, who literally had e.d. glamorised lyrics not sure if thats a box i wanna open
  11. I read it! it reminds me even more that what someone can be famous for can be so different to who they really are. Like Lana sparking the romanticisation of depression on tumblr- as someone who dealt with depression at that time, i personally dont think Lana's music was my soundtrack for depression (she barely even mentioned being sad if not for another person), but rather a soundtrack for love and intense emotion. That never stops people from doing what they want with her music tho. I think the current coquette girlblogger thing would be like cutting off your essay when you mention LFL, and pretending it never progressed from there. Even if they do use one of her more recent songs like Happiness Is A Butterfly (for the serial killer part), they sure as hell dont use images of her from that album era! Genuinely, i feel for anyone into coquette who wants the aesthetic without the toxic parts but cant escape it! I found the toxic parts of tumblr surprisingly easy to ignore, but its not the same these days, especially for young people who really dont know who they are yet. Just some thoughts and random points. You dont need to respond
  12. I will later today! Im just checking in for short moments during work rn
  13. Eek i hope you know its not what i think! Its what i think they were getting at so they could pretend Lana never changed or something
  14. I think it was literally coquette girlbloggers fantisizing about Lana becoming even more legendary or some shit.
  15. Oops i also added, maybe i got it wrong, and so did others in the comments. Saying like "yeah, it was suicide "
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