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  1. Dan is THAT MAN tbh idek which Dan you're referring to but they're both where it's at
  2. Lipster 2020 Awards HAS to have a "Controversy of the Year" section and it's gonna be a beautiful discussion
  3. I would have thought the album was fully written by the time most of these happened, so next album it is
  4. I don't think this song takes anything away from LMLYLAW. I'm still happy we have that song, and I don't think it's overshadowed. But also, I AM glad to veer away from piano for one song.
  5. It does seem odd that she would release this at the start of the northern hemisphere winter, but for once this is a big win for the southern hemisphere The first time I listened to this I was walking under the trees, shaded from the hot sun and it was beautiful
  6. Wow yes thank you that's the other song I was thinking of but couldn't remember for some reason. This one, Wayamaya, Wild One (the background vocals), The Good Life and Thunder.
  7. She looks so luscious and honestly looks like she's having so much fun. The talent really returned in full. and glad nothing controversial has happened recently so I can fully enjoy this
  8. Have you ever heard the Stark and Targaryen theme overlayed? Literally a song of ice and fire https://youtu.be/FB-y2H_musc
  9. just minutes after I rediscover the beauty of LMLYLAW and have 30% of my faith renewed for this era
  10. I love how specific this thread title is, just saying Honestly I'd want something completely new. Not leaked new material, but something raw that the leakers don't even know about, and preferably from 2013-2016, her best lyrical era. Thinking more deep and shocking tracks like beautiful people, wild on you, etc.
  11. Love this! If it follows the lyrical style and atmosphere of Yayo or Heroin, we could be expecting a highlight in her discography
  12. We can go back to New York Loving you was really hard We could go back to Woodstock Where they don't know who we are Heaven is on earth I will do anything for you, babe Vs Give peace a chance Let the fear you have fall away I got my eye on you I got my eye on you
  13. VB is a throwback to WC for sure, but it's doesn't come close on the grand scheme. WC is 4 minutes and 16 seconds of perfection and the final chorus is literally an 11/10. VB is 1 minute and 30 seconds of great vibes, 40 seconds of bliss and the other 7 minutes is just woah-woah-woah-woah-woah-whatever
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