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  1. The outtakes and most demos are better than the final album tracklist, so its like she really did her most amazing work in the era of her most potential but selected songs that she thought were most relatable, that she thought we'd connect to most (and maybe some of us did at the time). A cute move that she'll never do again, but she was still wrong It's a gem tho, and oh my god it made me feel so happy in the first few months of its release!
  2. This is gorgeous! Beautiful energy. I just hope one day she leaves this place for good
  3. Conservatives cancelling with leftist logic
  4. (Android user discussing not the best earbuds) Before aipods got cheaper, I was looking for the most similar type of earbuds and got Razer Hammerhead True Wireless. They look the most like the airpod style (nothing drives me more insane than rubber tips in my ear) and are black. Honestly sound quality is rather shit as theyre "gaming" earbuds, and I had all sorts of problems keeping the bluetooth connected until i got a Samsung phone without a headphone jack, so maybe it requires the phone to have a stronger focus on bluetooth. I am probably going to look again for different ones with better sound quality and the same airpod style, if not just get airpods anyway. Ill keep the Razers for the gym or give them to my partner who only wants them for that reason. The Razers have been "fine" and convenient for 2 years, but only for being the right style.
  5. What the fuck id say Yes give her the exposure, but ummm, not for other people like him
  6. I had no idea about the existance of this! It's so cool, and reading the comments, so awesome that this is how some people discovered her and therefore liked this version most
  7. I only realised there was a radio version recently. I wish the two were kinda mixed together, because the radio version sounds a little more rough and i like it, but i need it longer. I literally thought this was Sky until i was like "wait Sky has never had short blonde hair exactly like that". Agree with your description tho! Its cool
  8. Ive used your Sky masterpost multiple times! Thank you! This is a Lana one I've used a lot, but most unreleased are not in there yet https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/mobile/folders/1j1R_jasspbLfDADQmRArIYzmOCplCwrH?usp=sharing And Grimes masterpost by @Voignamir <3 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ep8wuywu0QodoTTyQte--onJphgfCy7pnG1wTrKekVk/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Thinking about how Boz said Lana really likes California (demo) and mightve wanted to use it still. Its so interesting that the song was about moving to Cali, when from 2 years after the song was recorded she's sang more about leaving the place. I would really love to hear more about how Cali has personally changed Lana, in her own words. I hope the new album illuminates us It all seems so bitterweet to me.
  10. Cinnamon Girl should have been Cinnamon. Idk if the girl part is any particular reference but it sucks. I also dont like Get Free as a title. Into The Blue would have been perfect to close the album and then shift straight to NFR.
  11. Oh yeah the second Ginger Snaps is so much darker and as horror goes, probably even better than the first. The third I always liked as a seperate film, a bit more horror than the first too, tbh.
  12. Halsey adds Lana songs to her spotify playlists, mentions BTD as an album influence (more or less), dances and sings to Lana playing live. And i love how Lana does her best to never acknowlege her existance Queen behaviour. (I say this as a fan of halsey)
  13. Ultra Violet


    I saw them live in December at Good Things festival. They were magnetic, electric . They also got the singer of Soulfly on stage for the last song, it was so cute. I love every single thing ive heard from them, but ive paid most attention to their Gore and Ohms albums. My top 5 songs are Digital Bath, Ohms, Prayers/Triangles, Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) and Change (In The House Of Flies). I consider myself a newer fan as in 2020 i rediscovered them after The Anix covered Digital Bath. Then I remembered I used to listed to Knife Prty in highschool <3
  14. The cinematic, psychedelic Pink Champagne
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