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  1. I love the releases so far, especially Setting Sail on a Distant Horizon. Not only is this my favourite kind of study music, but they go alongside some of the Ocean Blvd tracks SO well (especially Fingertips, Paris Texas and Grandfather).
  2. Ultra Violet


    Exactly! She did acknowledge that she's heard it too much now but I hope she doesn't just scrap it. She's already done that with one album, I think in 2014.
  3. Oh wow, I am moving for that BANKS collab. TBH, the only work I know of hers is Turn Off The Light, but that is a brilliant album, such a vibe. I'm going to listen to more of her discography before this album.
  4. Discussion on the sound effects (different to song samples) in Lana's songs. Some of my favourites are: - the fireworks in National Anthem (it makes me feel so celebratory and i picture them every time) - what are the rickety noises in the first verse of FMWUTTT? I always imagine it as a train rolling over the train tracks. - the soft ticking throughout the chorus of Heroin (different to the gun cocking). It makes me feel like time is running out. - the train whirring past in the second verse of 13 Beaches -the bird noise throughout some BTD songs (and also Gods and Monsters). What instrument is that? It sounds kind of like a flute or pipe. -The glass smashing in TNBAR. In the demo, it is a beautiful and intense addition. But there are so many more. Would appreciate help reminding me of some
  5. I couldn't take this out of the spoiler in my earlier comment, but Madly and LMLYLAW demo are twins. One is like Barries side, one is Lana's side. Two of her best unreleased songs and I truly wish they got released, but at the same time they are SO personal to their relationship I think. Not only are they such an intense look into their relationship but into the whole 2013 era, pre-ultraviolence, and in the making of that album. It hurts my heart how special these two songs are.
  6. Ultra Violet

    Melanie Martinez

    She should push Evil as a single, or even Womb tbh. I'm tired of her overusing Void.
  7. Ultra Violet


    Just listened to her podcasts on Forbidden Fruits and some things I've noted: - she did used to actively go against beauty standards but now finds it fun to try - she's had the album (book 1?) done for 2 years but is now bored of it and has started new things, doesn't really know if it/when it will get released - good that she's trying to protect her children somewhat from the public - mentions having a minor god-complex but is embarrassed by it sometimes - thinks she shouldnt do anything crazy (like go to space) until her kids are 18 but anyways
  8. Cola / Body Electric I even got so obsessed I wrote a blog about it
  9. Weird question: what are Ari songs that make you *feel pretty*? I'm making a playlist, and Arianas voice is one of the most stunning, so she has to be on there, but I don't know her discography. I've only added a few so far: - Just Like Magic - No tears left to cry - 7 rings - positions - into you - God is a woman Maybe all of her songs sound pretty and I just don't know enough yet, but any recommended additions?
  10. Ultra Violet


    Spit is one of her best metal songs. In her previous metal songs you could tell she came from a different genre background, but something about this one sounds so natural, like it really fits.
  11. Same. The other day I was making a playlist of songs that make me feel pretty, so naturally there was a lot of Lana and Ari on there. DCMA was a constant recommended song for the playlist and I got SO mad.
  12. Angels Forever needs to see the light of day too this is the kind of magnificence i was expecting out of White Hot Forever
  13. Okay this really IS my favourite version now. There are so many subtle additions that make it so heavenly and beautiful.
  14. I don't know the real reasoning behind it but I assumed that this song is very personal to her and something happened which motivated her to get it out there officially. It seems she's been wanting to release it nearly every album since it was first made, and we haven't seen that with many (or any?) other songs. But especially because she's sung those other 2 songs live, it really is a wonder still.
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