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  1. I swear there was a thread cause I remember doing this but since we've heard more about the songs I'm always happy to do it again 1. Dark but just a game 2. Breaking Up Slowly (even though I'm sad that it's not her own story, I'm sure it will make me cry every time) 3. White dress 4. Not all who wander are lost 5. Tulsa Jesus Freak 6. Yosemite (so above are the ones that I at least hope make it to the better half of her discography) 7. Chemtrails over the country club 8. Dance till we die 9. Wild at heart 10. Let me love you like a woman 11. For free
  2. It's definitely become one of those comfort movies to me haha
  3. Since this movie has a thread of its own now, this is something I put together using the Evanescence instrumental Unraveling. https://youtu.be/cYAsXrwksy0
  4. Both of these are really nice! It sounds better than what I've heard her actual music sound like! I've never really liked anyone's video games cover but I could happily sit there and listen to this one.
  5. I love the way she talks about her. Where's her Lanaboards account
  6. I've actually never listened to this group but they did so well! Usually Lana covers I hear are acoustic and I'm never a fan because being acoustic highlights the vocals more and they never compare to Lanas. But THIS , they actually turned Chemtrails into an upbeat rock song I am shook. (Edit: realised she's a solo artist)
  7. Oh? Lana getting this level of promo before the album is even out? https://youtu.be/K9wDq1gYJgw
  8. Ultra Violet

    Melanie Martinez

    Do you mean lyrics as well or just the vocals
  9. Ultra Violet

    Melanie Martinez

    I meant the themes in the demos, like rocking horse, you love I, wdbcf, which also carried through to dollhouse and maybe sippy cup. I don't think any of her pre-crybaby demos are sexualizing children, or could be acused of that. I think they're strictly about the darkness of domestic lives, from a very vulnerable perspective. But yeah, like you said, the people who are so caught up on "she's sexualizing children"- it's like... Is she sexualizing children or are you? You don't have to be comfortable with an adult playing as a child but if the only way you can see it is sexual (when it's not) that's sort of an issue in itself.
  10. Ultra Violet

    Melanie Martinez

    Her themes used to be SO dark, and so personal, yet at the same time could have reached so many more people.
  11. I love doing this but in chronicle order before an album release, so the playlist finishes on the currently released songs from the album and I'm left wondering more about how the sound is gonna come through in the new album But this is quite fascinating, like a meandering walkthrough of her work!
  12. I just searched for this and there are 3 different threads! I like the new album. I particularly like nite swim (lyrics are so nice), and the trash tv video is really nice, I love the idea and lyrics of it, which she explained in a comment.
  13. The writer said "NFR might well be about him". Of course they aren't implying that they've fucked but it's like they don't know the history of how they're friends, how Lana is even better friends with his wife, and how Coachella - WIMM was written partly about them. Writing a multiple paged article about her history and failing to pick that up is pretty silly of them imo. Idk, I just found it weird.
  14. Does anyone have a list of the 16 songs Sky had for her original debut album? I have so many downloaded, I don't know which ones are which
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