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  1. I honestly think tumblr was the best social media to push her music forward. Lana didn't even have to try, but the sheer amount of interviews she did in 2011-2012 must have been the next best. I don't think she'll ever get that same kind of attention from fans again, or that much of a boost to her career again. And please don't tell me she doesn't even want a boost. I know. I'm just reflecting on that period.
  2. This is all I've been reading in the last few pages. Then in the end, the same comments get upvoted over and over when they really have no relevance to the original comment that started it all because most of the post was ignored
  3. I genuinely had no idea there was anything going on. I want to catch up but I think I should wait till it's all out to see it. I never finished 1984 because it wasn't worth waiting a week for each episode, so maybe binging it all at once will make it good lol.
  4. Oh right yeah I've heard that in person. Someone told me they didn't like her because she's "too manufactured"
  5. Has it actually ever been suggested that Lana doesn't write her own music? I didn't know this
  6. Manifesting good album trailers for promo posted straight to YouTube, instead of instagram posts that lie to us
  7. If this current BB era is her Ultraviolence throwback, then I'm hoping the 'no social media' will lead to her private Honeymoon throwback era next
  8. Yes! This is the main reason I feel so positive about this! I don't expect it to be the exact same as before (pre-LFL), but that's also why I'm so interested to see what happens.
  9. That is really cute aw. She sounds so sweet
  10. I think it's best for her, and her music too- when just the other day I was talking about how the social media references in her music are annoying... It would be cool if Lana's actions here encouraged younger people to step back from it too, like Mars Argo's iconic "delete your facebook", but let's face it, us stans are a TYPE of people and we need to talk constantly about everything I hope she at least takes a year or two break, but I'm certainly going to be paying more attention to any interviews or videos posted from now on. I'm not openly begging her to become elusive again, but I just have a good feeling about this.
  11. Im so surprised to say this but I agree. It's her best cover. Along with the 3rd one that Neil posted. She finally made a good choice after 6 years.
  12. I didn't realise someone had basically said what I was trying to say before me, so I just wanna say props to you, I agree 100%!
  13. I wanna bold this entire post! But I'll have to keep it strict.
  14. Yes actually simplistic is how they feel to me too. And I'm never a fan of the social media references and references of "the culture", being "lit" (even in thunder, the "lit" lyric is the one thing I don't like). Basically her past lyrics felt really rich with stimulus- visual and emotional, even mental in some songs, particularly unreleased. There's no way I could relate to living the fast life in cars drinking with old men, but I felt it because she expressed it well. Even the slower life described in honeymoon was so rich. Now everything seems like a bland description of nothing much. I hate to say it, really. Omg I'm never gonna unhear the Arcadia Wiggles description.
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