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  1. This is the one I always think of. I didn't realise there was a "Shut Uup!" Before it "Can you be careful of the girls, be careful of the girls, pleaase" she's so nice, why is that one so funny
  2. I didn't take it seriously but what i still heard was: "It's beautiful, Palestine. Normality settles down over me." I'd sing it every time even tho I knew I had it wrong. Then recently I was just listening with different headphones and I heard it properly and was like what is wrong with me? The real lyrics are so beautiful, truly.
  3. I agree, but I still listen to Textbook for the second verse. It's my favourite part. It reminds me of a dark Nancy Sinatra
  4. The covers are nice. They don't really give me the vibes of the albums tho. BTD honestly looks like NFR, Paradise is the best one nice but it still isn't the right tone in my opinion. And then the white NFR one just looks like a snowy picture, which is nice but I can't place it to any of her music! Still miles better than the other covers I've seen. I guess we won? I'd be pretty proud to own the Paradise one I must admit. I still would die to see an Ultraviolence reimagined.
  5. Ultra Violet


    I never clicked with anything THAT POPPY, although I did listed to Altar and American Kids several times. It was actually Computer Boy and Interweb that got me on Poppy.Computer that was the moment I was like "oh damn, im a fan". I would have kept listening regardless, but her genre change really made her rocket up to my top artists.
  6. Omg same hahah, like I understand, but her vocals and atmosphere can't be criticised and thats what ive been missing a lot
  7. Okay I admit that's pretty funny that she does that lol Thats exactly how I feel about sky. Her music was everything to me and now I'm just mad and sad, while clutching onto NTMT.
  8. We love no empathy here
  9. Cmon tho, considering how much titanic damaged her as a person, and how much him and poppy continued to psychologically block her from entering the scene again, we can all understand right? Sky is just something else
  10. I wish Dan Heaths strings remix of West Coast had been released. Also definitely Valley of the Dolls. "So I just forGET agAINnnnn" I also wish the beat in the Freak demos were used.
  11. The fact that Lana's cover of this probably features Tired of Singing The Blues and Dealer yelling vocals
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