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  1. Glad you asked because I completely forgot. It was Obsession, played in 2x05
  2. I can't really list anything that hasn't been mentioned already, but I never think that repetative songs don't stand out. I always think repetition in Lana's songs makes it easier to sink into the mood. Edit: okay no one said Cruel World yet. There's a reason that one is my favourite.
  3. I was referring to the Neil Krug shoot she posted on twitter which she used to promote witchcraft against Donald Trump. That was just after Love's release, and a month before the LFL trailer. But anyways someone needs to ask Lana about what she wanted to do with the witchy aspects of LFL and if there was anything unreleased that she considered to be on-theme with that. I wonder what Lana considers witchy, because everyones definition is different and can change over time. E.g. Stevie Nicks said it wasnt nice for people to call her a witch in earlier Fleetwood Mac years, only to later be obsessed with it herself and appear on AHS Coven as a witch.
  4. Girl do you remember the album trailer? And one of Lana's promo pics before the album? Lana has never teased us so hard with an album vibe/aesthetic and not followed through like she did there. I don't think Lana intended LFL to be witchy upon its writing, but she definitely made it look that way in the roll-out. Pretty sure I did write at least a 3 page essay on that trailer now that I think about it
  5. (Which I've got blog posts on because I want to keep expanding them, and currently need to update) - the Ultraviolence era development - the weather in Lana's music - references to death in Lana's music - the honeymoon era development I'll eventually do
  6. That's interesting, thanks! Gonna take note of that and find which songs involve more people and see if there's a pattern
  7. Honestly the first look of her in Wicked is so much cuter than the looks for this era. I think the pale pink is really her colour, and always has been, no matter what shes tried to do with her skin colour I've always been such a cautious, secret Ari fan, like I'm always fascinated in what she's doing, yet genuinely know only like 15 songs. But if the rest of this album is gonna sound so early 2000s (I get so much 2006 pop from yes, and?) then I'm in and will probably stream the whole album a lot.
  8. This didn't even show up in my spotify new activity So I thought "OUT NOW" meant only the trailer of the TV show or the pilot episode or smth. So now that I have heard it, ITS GORGEOUS OMG JESUS CHRIST Season of the Witch background vocal throwbacks omg. For all the Jack hate I've given, he does really REALLY REALLY good with these covers. I think maybe because he knows he needs to do better with covers Or he gives himself more time to feel the vibe that's already there? And same with Lana because her vocals are more interesting and variable here compared to her recent albums. Her voice was made for the classics.
  9. Ultra Violet

    Melanie Martinez

    I could finally be fucked watching the Fairie Soiree music video and.... it's giving more and more "school musical". The lighting doesn't make any of the colours look nice, and it's getting really boring with this being born and entering the world, vibing around or whatever, and then going to the next. It feels claustrophobic and uninspired, even though I know it has meaning, like life lessons and cycles and portals and whatever. But are we gonna watch them all in order and enjoy it? Nope. However, once again, just like Tunnel Vision, the ending is nice. I just see all of this potential, but my final thoughts are that these last 2 music videos were poorly executed, especially Fairie Soiree. It's funny how some of the crybaby music videos could be so simple yet so much better.
  10. I like to assume "confusing shade" or "sending a coded message" before "good terms"
  11. Is anyone talking about how the getting ready Insta Story from 5 hours ago has a G-Eazy song playing? Edit: sorry I'll move to the insta thread
  12. if he wanted to do an iconic sample the way BTD did with the bird noise, he coulda just asked lana for help
  13. It would be nice if there wasn't that broken kazoo sound
  14. Thank you for sharing. i wanna look more into it. I remember that "Mayan calendar 21st Dec 2012" prophecy actually worried me but not much was going on at that time. Nowadays tho.... it won't be an asteroid or volcanoes that ends us. It'll be us.
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