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  1. That last video where she's all tired is lowkey my favourite video of her ever.
  2. Wow tropico is sort of a tough one. It covers a lot of things! I see parts of it as Virgo- not just because "she's the virgin Mary" in parts, but because it's bright, clean and idealistic with that hazy filter over the top. Bel Air gives me Virgo vibes for the same reason. She looks exactly like every depiction of Virgo I've ever seen in that music video! In touch with nature out with the grass, a white dress, pure ascension. That's not to say the whole film would be Virgo tho. I have no idea for Gods and Monsters, nor a lot of the monologue sections, but Body Electric gives me Dark Moon Lilith vibes rather than any particular sign.
  3. Love this and love what you think! I think Carmen would be Libra or Aquarius. And for some reason I see West Coast as a bit Pisces. Maybe just the way Lana described it as being like reality vs the dream. Maybe it's the transition between Pisces and Aries I thought National Anthem was super Leo. It shows the vulnerable side of Leo too. The others that came to mind are exactly what you said: BTD - Taurus Doin' Time - Sagittarius Blue Jeans- C-cancer af with the water and Lana laying at the bottom of the pool being like happy in her shelter, unreachable by anyone else but him. The symbolism is kind of like a Scorpio/Cancer relationship, maybe Scorpio/Pisces too.
  4. Thank you for your service
  5. I had completely forgotten about how amazing and witchy the outro of COTCC is in the music video. Why does she keep robbing us like this.
  6. Lana doing a psychedelic rock album which melds Ultraviolence and some of the lowfi production of High By The Beach and ethereal spookiness of Freak. Opening her tour shows with Cult Leader and closing with a cover of Pink Floyd - Great Gig In The Sky.
  7. Thanks for posting! Something that makes me laugh is how they write that the NTMT album cover is of Sky "cowering in the shower". That sounds hilarious. I never saw it as cowering, so I'm not sure if that is obvious to everyone else. I always saw it as kind of a "I don't care" pose, because she isn't posing with a straight back, just gazing off at whatever, etc. And yeah she does look a little vulnerable, which im sure is the point, but not "cowering". Am I totally wrong? Still working on Masochism tho at least shes really happy with it.
  8. Anaemic idk, there's something about Version 2 and 1 that fits so well with Fine China, especially Version 2, and it makes so much sense to me. Plus i can't see the songs full potential without that distorted accordion sound (or whatever it is). It makes it sound like a historical love song. It also reminds me of the similar sound in Your Girl, and sort of also the demo of Young & Beautiful because of that harpsichord piano.
  9. It's Ultraviolence season! Here is a long list of approximately 50 fun facts about UV
  10. Literally West Coast. I think it's my all time favourite. When will it let me move on
  11. You can't just take out the drums/beat, add some barely audible strings and call it the Orchestral Version I was expecting Dan Heath level.
  12. Ultra Violet


    I didn't finish watching Dune because I think I need to read it first, but it prompted me to look up the references to Dune that Grimes made in Geidi Primes. It's making so much more sense now! Multiple song titles in the album are references so just in case someone's interested. (Copied and pasted from SpaceGeneis on reddit). Also I'm cackling because I always read Shadout Mapes as Shadeout Maps when I saw that in the film I was like Caladan is a planet, the home of the House Atreides (the good guys); Giedi Prime is another planet, the home of the House Harkonnen (the bad guys); Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen is the younger nephew of the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen (the boss of the bad guys); Shadout Mapes an old female Fremen housekeeper at the palace of Arrakeen that warned the main character (Paul Atreides) about a traitor; Sardaukar Levenbrech is a double reference to: 1. a fanatical army known as Sardaukar 2. a military rank known as the Levenbrech; Zoal, Face Dancer is a reference to a species of shapeshifting humanoids from the Dune universe; Beast Infection is a reference to the "Beast" nickname of Rabbann, a character within the Dune universe.
  13. Avril's new version of Breakaway >>>>>>>
  14. thank you!! I just checked my Spotify and I have 4 liked songs, 3 from Mother and 1 from Black Widow
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