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  1. You raised some points!! I actually am kinda shook. I personally don't think it's because her values have changed that much (she still very much stands behind her love for "strong physical relationships") but I think she would now just be too scared to provoke any anti-feminist comments, since it's clear she's at least trying to be more pro-women. Or do you think she has less interest showing her sexuality these days? Anyway, it doesn't bother me, but it definitely grabbed my attention back in 2012
  2. I think my ticket for LA to the moon in Australia was $120 at least ($88 US?). And this was general admission, all tickets that price. I thought it was pretty expensive because other artists at the same venue (Florence, Halsey who are both arguably bigger artists than her) were far less. I don't remember spending more than $80 on those, more like $70. And I definitely agree with BlueInk. The pricing is really strange for what we get nowadays.
  3. Ultra Violet


    https://www.cbr.com/poppy-poppys-inferno-interview/?utm_content=buffer610fb&utm_medium=Social-Distribution&utm_source=CBR-TW&utm_campaign=CBR-TW Shook! Cannot wait. I'm buying the shit out of this. Also her answer what's your favourite sandwich is me af: "Poppy: Veggies, no dairy, no bread. Add pesto, vegan mayo, jalapenos, green + red peppers, black beans. Do NOT let onions anywhere near my sandwich."
  4. Ultra Violet

    Melanie Martinez

    Anyone else getting nostalgic about the K-12 release now that it's been a year? It's taken me a while year to appreciate this album fully. I've been trying to make outifts of K-12 on animal crossing new horizons. Some people have done the uniform already which is great, but the others are so complex, I've been failing. However, I've managed to do Carousel and the first dress in Mad Hatter.
  5. Ultra Violet

    Melanie Martinez

    I'm so glad the K-12 instrumentals came through. I can hear the art of it, hear the vintage toy sounds she went on about that I couldn't hear through the vocals. All except Nurses office (which makes me physically sick from the coughing) hold up very well and have more complexity than I originally thought. Sometimes it does sound like lounge or elevator music, like Lunchbox friends, but I can get around it as some sort of lofi haha. So I think my problem with the album remains with the lyrics mostly.
  6. It's probably a good thing that we can never find two users with the exact same opinions because that means Lana's music is always making someone happy right?
  7. Definitely not haha but I do appreciate the vocals in the chorus compared to the rest of nfr. That's the only reason I ever listen.
  8. Love this idea! BTD- I never really got into video games and only liked it cause the piano was easy to learn Paradise- I always skip Body Electric unless I'm listening to Paradise as a full album on purpose. Tasteless, I know. Ultraviolence- florida kilos is her second worst released song after coachella Honeymoon- Freak is perfect Lust for Life- Groupie Love is such a nice song and everything about it is so Lana NFR- should have had more than one producer
  9. I've said this multiple times. I've always loved Guns and Roses, but I definitely admit it's not in the right place in her discography. Though, it is a nice track between the Ultraviolence era and the soothing trippy vibes in some Honeymoon songs like HBTB, Freak and MTWBT. Flipside and Is This Happiness (ESPECIALLY ITH) belonged on UV. Is This Happiness is so softly violent, it's perfect for the album and even nicer and more beautiful than Old Money. It actually would have made a beautiful wrap-up after The Other Woman, closing the album with the themes of violence and loneliness explored from every angle. Production-wise, sometimes I think the NFR songs were trying to aim for what ITH had, with the piano ballards and the vintage sound (what even is that sound? Organs? Muted strings? Sorta what HIAB and HTD had in them). ITH feels so quiet but it has such beauty in it that it doesn't need to be anything more.
  10. Even the opening strings don't do much for me, because the rest of the song isn't worth it.
  11. Listen with good headphones when you're in a really carefree/badass mood and it will be great! It used to always be a skip but it definitely grew on me as a lovely track.
  12. Totally agree! These are the ones I also gravitated towards. I might not call them my favourites from the albums but I go back to them the most. I just love how they make me feel.
  13. Why people want to make 100 assumptions to avoid acknowledging that reckless dangerous behaviour is bad idk idk
  14. Anyways I don't know why people try so hard to defend celebrities who have bad and dangerous habits. If this was a person in my life I would criticise them this hard for SURE, maybe even worse because there's no way I'd be okay with it or just pass it off and be like "oh it's just a fun reckless quirk". I can pass off a dangerous habit if it's not going to endanger others (like doing drugs, reckless partying, or breaking laws that won't hurt anyone), but once it really can hurt others, that's it! I don't care if the road is dead silent, how are you gonna see another car coming if you acting like that.
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