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  2. Chromatica comes out April 10th
  3. She was fantastic in Hannibal! You should check it out
  4. that super pretty aka cd that someone was gifting people a few years ago
  5. I saw Video Games posted a lot so I gave it a try but didn't really like it at first lol. This was the end of 2011 but I didn't even know the Born To Die video existed because people only talked about Video Games and youtube never recommended me the video lol. Lana Del Rey EP was released and I listened to it a few times but still didn't know if I liked her or not, though, I did love the song Born To Die. I found out the video existed and I loved it so much. I watched it a few times a day lol. Then the album was released and that changed me in a big way.
  6. My favorite new series: Count Crowley: Reluctant Midnight Monster Hunter - A 4 issue flash back to 80's midnight creature features. It's fun, action packed, and all around great. Heartbeat - A damn beautifully drawn vampire story. Think True Blood meets Vampire Academy with some of the most beautiful horror art in current comics. Money Shot - Scientists need funding for space exploration, so they decide to make adult videos with aliens. It's not as cheesy or r-rated as it sounds lol. Once & Future - Imagine zombie King Arthur comes back, but with the ethnic cleansing goals of Hitler. The Plot - Without a doubt the most interesting horror comic I've ever read. SFSX - A near distant future where sex is monitored by the government. But in this series, sex workers are the heroes of their own story. Pretty Violent - A young super hero from a family of villains tries her best to be good. If you like the idea of Harley Quinn as a kid trying to be good, you'll love this. Unsacred - An angel and demon love story, though, it's not written as your standard comic. It's mostly one mini story per page. Other series I'm reading that are worth checking out: 20XX Black Stars Above Butcher Of Paris The Clock Family Tree Folklords Heart Attack Lucy Claire: Redemption Marked Mountainhead Nomen Omen Ogres Red Mother RV9
  7. Finally // Beautiful Stranger You Should Be Said Forever... (Is A Long Time) Clementine Ashley Still Learning I Hate Everybody More Killing Boys 3am Without Me 929 Graveyard The Interludes
  8. It's strange to see how many people fear WW3 when I feel like we've already been in it for like 15 years
  9. I sang this at my 6th grade talent show
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