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  1. im sorry in advance, but also not sorry. 1) Peppers 2) Let The Light In 3) Paris, Texas 4) A&W 5) Jon Batiste Interlude 6) Taco Truck x VB 7) Candy Necklace 8) Grandfather 9) Ocean Blvd 10) Fishtail 11) Fingertips 12) Margaret 13) The Grants 14) Sweet 15) Kintsugi 16) Judah Smith Interlude
  2. I thought I'd have a go at it while I've got nothing to do. Very simple design.
  3. She was once featured on a game show called Tipping Point in the UK whereby the question asked was "Which artist sung 'Call Me Maybe'?" With selections being Lana Del Rey, Carly Rae Jepson and Cara Delevingne The contestant chose Lana Del Rey. The secondhand embarrassment was real.
  4. When Lana was performing live and there was a live stream, I took more screenshots of Blake than Lana He's got such a beautiful jaw line ugh I could've got a selfie with him when I went to see Lana but I didn't want to be seen as being too stalkery He looks so good in that omg
  5. I don't... I don't have the time anymore and I've only listened to it twice
  6. Flipside, Is This Happiness, Florida Kilos and Black Beauty are the only songs I like on ultraviolence. Shame they're all bonus tracks #sorrynotsorry just not feeling the rest of ultraviolence
  7. Getting to the front is an easy way, but you may get bored depending on who else is on. Keep hydrated too, you're not gonna have a chance to get water waiting all day, you will evidently lose your spot. They may not allow it at the festival but bring empty bottles, and fill them up inside the festival before going to the stage. Worst case scenario they take away your bottles or maybe there lids (maybe carry the lids separately to the bottles) Just stay healthy at the show and don't faint and get there early to guarantee your spot and you'll be fine
  8. What if this interview was pre-ultraviolence, and the description she gave is what she thought of Ultraviolence at the time? Could that be possible or is it confirmed that this is a new interview? It may not of been released until now
  9. Lana Del Rey


    Was the Ribs instrumental leaked in 320kbps? 160kbps is weak I might be doing a cover of it too at a mini-festival so I want the instrumental in the highest possible quality, but if not, that's fine
  10. When I went, I heard like brass instruments and it sounded quite mysterious, I've discussed it with someone else who went to another show and they heard the exact same thing I heard, really fast brass instruments
  11. Lana Del Rey

    Bob Dylan

    I've seen him live twice. My dad, and my grandmother and huge fans. I think my Grandmother has been to 30(?) of his shows and she still attends even though she is 68 years of age. Lana has seen him twice too, makes me feel more *~spiritually connected~* to her.. Knockin' on Heavens Door is one of my faves and I was overjoyed when Lana sung it (Even though it was only 50 seconds long)
  12. Ramona Lisa AKA Caroline Polachek. Ramona Lisa was originally in the synth-pop duo, Chairlift She announced her solo career in January 2014 and also stated that she has been performing in bars under the name Ramona Lisa. On twitter, she stylizes her genre of music as "Pastoral Electronic" Being a new artist, she doesn't have much content. Arcadia, her debut album, is being released on April 28th 2014, but a stream is available on thefader.com Listen to Arcadia HERE I really do love the album and I love how it's just recorded using her MacBook and Midi instruments Listen to some of her songs here
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