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  1. shelaughslikegod

    Song vs. Song

    I don't know either song Party Girl vs Million Dollar Man
  2. shelaughslikegod

    Song vs. Song

    Shades of Cool vs National Anthem
  3. shelaughslikegod

    Song vs. Song

    Off to the Races vs For K Part 2
  4. shelaughslikegod

    Song vs. Song

    bringing this back up Dangerous Girl vs Honeymoon
  5. I'm sorry if this question has been discussed before. But which name do you think Lana uses within her friends? Lizzy or Lana? And I don't mean her old close friends who she may have known for years, I mean new "celebrity" friends she has made during her career. Haven't posted for a long time
  6. SEXIEST SONG Mermaid Motel, Burning Desire SADDEST SONG Black Beauty, Pawn Shop Blues, Video Games MOST ROMANTIC SONG Summertime Sadness, Diet Mountain Dew MOST UNDERRATED SONG 1949, Dangerous Girl, Fordham Road MOST LIVELY SONG Diet Mountain Dew, Florida Kilos, Smarty BEST AKA LIZZY GRANT SONG Kill Kill, For K Part 2, Oh Say Can You See BEST LYRICS Carmen, This Is What Makes Us Girls, Ultraviolence SONG BEST PERFORMED LIVE Video Games WORST SONG Dark Paradise, Young and Beautiful MOST OVERRATED SONG Young and Beautiful BEST LANA PHOTO (OFFICIAL/MAGAZINE/PRESS) 2014 There are so many but I really like this one
  7. shelaughslikegod

    Song vs. Song

    Cola vs Gods & Monsters
  8. Carmen, Carmen staying up til morning on the toilet
  9. Once there was a semen thunderstorm at a public child's birthday party which made all the ladies scream in fear of their fabulous dresses. They drove to the dry cleaners to clean them where there was
  10. i feel incredibly bad but... an all expenses paid trip to any location of your choosing vs. being an extra in a Lana video
  11. Don't make me sad, don't make me cry on the toilet
  12. shelaughslikegod

    Song vs. Song

    1949 vs Oh Say Can You See
  13. shelaughslikegod

    Song vs. Song

    Boarding School vs 1949
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