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  1. I was so sure she was going to win at least ONE grammy but wow….
  2. Ok so what do y’all think the album cover will look like?
  3. I can’t believe i just woke up to a fucking album announcement we got a one-word title again
  4. this hair color on her.. yea ima need her to dye it like this permanently for LDR10
  5. The greatest always makes me cry, it’s just something about that damn song
  6. If she released an unreleased album full of outtakes from every era i would never complain about anything ever again, she could release an album of her singing in gibberish with only an otamatone as the instrument and i would buy all the vinyl variants
  7. You can be the boss vs every man gets his wish
  8. I can talk what i want, how i wanna, i can talk what i want, how i wannaaaa 14 years
  9. I guess they really got the best of us, didn't they? They said that love was enough, but it wasn't
  10. at least 2 grammy wins and an unreleased album with MORE than 25 songs, AKA re-release, more instagram lives where she talks with her fans, more interviews and the album that she made with Barrie
  11. Lana’s comment on @wilshiredelrey’s reel
  12. Imagine if she dyed her hair red again 😭 we would have red haired Lana on an album cover again
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