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  1. I watched videos from the show, and her voice sounds great here. Much improved from the Brazil shows. She was consistently shaky and out of breath in Brazil. She sounded so strained and constricted. She’s actually singing somewhat normally again at Glastonbury.
  2. 85 people out of the literal millions that love BTD. Be serious. When I said “no one in their right minds”, I was exaggerating for effects. It’s common sense to know no songs will be loved by everyone. People have their preferences but the majority absolutely prefer the released version. See I don’t have to be typing all of that until now. You were making a generalization of how people always like unreleased music better which is simply not true.
  3. No one in their right minds would think these are better than the released versions. There is no syndrome. Expectation for released music is different. A song might be good as a demo, but it wouldn’t as an official release. Some demos can go toe to toe or even better than her released work that is also true. Cheery Blossom, Nector, Living Legend all fall into the good as a demo category (that needed more polish, more and better production). Thunder is perfectly fine as is. They didn’t need to make it worse. Dealer was left untouched and people loved it. In short, there is no syndrome. It’s all circumstantial depending on the songs.
  4. There are still unreleased because SYTH was the first one. We don’t know when the set list was planned. They probably didn’t expect SYTH to blow up the way it did. Let’s be honest here. And her performance has nothing to do with whether she wants things released or not. There’s nothing odd about not performing STYH when the same set list contains White MuSTANK and Arcadia. Half of the set lists are songs that no cares about and the other half are the same songs she’s been performing since 2012. The fact that she seemed surprised when the fans asked her to perform "Cinnamon Girl" shows how clueless she and her team are about what’s popular and what are fan favorites right now. They don’t have a fucking clue. She seriously need to let go most of the songs that she performed the most and add some fresher picks.
  5. *Insert that video of Lana saying she wanted to release Tv in Black & White, Hollywood, Hollywood’s Dead and SYTH. No, she’s always wanted to release an unreleased project/songs judging by that video.
  6. If it’s so memorable, they should upload her set. Instead of hiding it and blocking it everywhere like it never happened.
  7. Lana is doing everything she can to turn the public against her while she’s at her peak again. This can’t be a coincidence. - SNL happened during the peak of her career when she was ready to launch an album. - QFTC happened right after she was nominated for AOTY. She’s repeaking commercially, so she had to do something quick. This might even be a subconscious self-destructive behavior we’re witnessing.
  8. I’m pretty sure this is the same reviewer that said Blue Banisters is her best album in one of the OB reviews. And now he’s saying this:
  9. This is third time in a row that she’s late. Ouuu, it’s bad for her. Let’s see how the delulu girls will defend her this time.
  10. Can’t tell if you’re joking or not. or just plain ignorant. She was in her twenties. Injury heals faster when you’re younger. Most form of damage wouldn’t show until the body can’t heal properly anymore. Once again, look what happened to Whitney, Mariah, Miley, and more recently Shania Twain. None of them had problems vocally in their 20s despite the crack, smoke, and alcohol abuse until later. Miley vocals were damaged a bit earlier than these other ladies tho. Mariah and Whitney voice started going south with visible (or audible I guess) damage in their mid-late thirties which is exactly the same age as Lana right now. Adele could have 100% been the next victim. Fortunately for her, she stopped smoking just in time. She woke up. Even so, you can hear the damage that was done. Her voice now is different (much sharper/pitchier than what it used to be), but it’s not too bad yet. She stopped just in time.
  11. I highly highly doubt she hasn’t heard any of these albums beforehand. I just seems like she already heard these albums and made up her mind before doing the reactions.
  12. We all know why she doesn’t want to be live-streamed, but some people continue to turn a blind eye . Her team clearly knows her voice is shot but they’re still doing this, why? Ben, what’s good?
  13. She sounds even worse now. Her Mita festival set in Brazil was a tragedy.
  14. What is going on with her Spotify ??? The messy remix release glitch now this . They fix one thing pop ups another .
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