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  1. I was going to take a break from posting, but I have one last thing to say. Genuinely hate the accusations of her being on Oz3mp!c. She’s been steadily and organically loosing weight since last year. Literally since the 2023 summer shows. The weight loss was already apparent by November last year when she did that Christmas Special.
  2. What do critics have to do with the Coachella audience? Mind you, Blue Banisters has a higher “critics” score than Born To Die. And only one album is almost a career ending flop. Her reputation with the GP is on the line here. This is the first time I’ve read about people leaving a L4na show at a festival in droves before her set is over. I don’t think this had ever happened before. Her set is usually the most packed at festivals. This could affect her future festival billing.
  3. Honestly, I’m taking a break from social media and anything L4na related until September (Lasso) or whenever she decides to release the first single from Lasso. Just to let this Coachella mess faded and get my hype back for Lasso. I was initially so hyped for this too. I really thought they were going to do something truly different, but the first weekend performance (not her best vocally and the vibes were off) and esp the same setlist (arranged in a way that made it even worse, baffling really) left me so disappointed and deflated. I’m not going to watch next week show. It genuinely gives me anxiety. It’s not good for my mental health.
  4. That would be great but she was uncomfortable at Coachella and wasn’t vibing. The public wasn’t eating as they left. I’m genuinely worried about Weekend 2 being empty. That would be embarrassing af. Hopefully, a wake up call for her and her team.
  5. One thing I’d love L4na to add back to her shows is playing instruments. “Yayo” with the guitar absolutely ate. She probably hasn’t played a guitar in years now, but she needs to add that back in. If she’s rusty, train/rehearse more. I don’t think most of the general public/people know she plays guitar. It would be nice to add that back in to showcase her talent and to add even more variety. Because right now her show is a like pop show with dancers, and I don’t think that’s the right approach. It’s like a pop singer with choreography. She’s making herself look like one of those pop/rap stars with choreography which is not what she is at all.
  6. Well, idk about that. It’s not a positive change. She seems more sad (as crazy as it sounds). Secluded, lonely, timid, lacking confidence. Uncoordinated, spazzing and disconnected on stage. Looking at the 2014 performance, you’d think that woman right there would be even wilder and freer than she was. But she ended up being more reclusive.
  7. I feel bad for L4na. I’ve been saying this, but she’s not taking good care of her health/voice, and it’s now catching up to her. The tone of her voice has changed. I’ve said this already, she’s been struggling to sing deeper live. She has to sing higher all the time and the tone of her head voice has changed to become not very pleasant. She’s also struggling to even finish a full verse of a song in 2024. This is probably a lungs capacity issues. In 2014, she was still smoking, but she was also in her 20s. The stamina was there because of youth. I’m watching her old performances from the last time she was at Coachella. And there was no stage fright. She was very comfortable on stage. Absolutely just vibing and really feeling her music. She sang every word to every song. No backup singers. No dancers or production. She was so natural and not awkward at all. Her movements and the way she sang were very artful and dramatic and quite beautiful. It complimented the performance. Where’s the stage fright or shyness there???? Like the “Born To Die” performance there is just so captivating. Her movements, the hands, and everything. It’s like she’s performing and feeling the music and interpreting it LIVE with her gestures. No dancers, no backup singers, no back vocals, nothing. It’s just her performing. And “National Anthem”? She ate that up henny. There was no choregraphy, but she still ate that up. Just vibing to the music. She was literally walking around all over the place. Off the stage too. Just feeling the music. She sang with so more much passion and conviction even when it doesn’t sound perfect 100% of the time. She also did interesting ad-libs to songs and played with the melodies at the right spots to pique people’s interest. And she knew how to end the songs and gave each song a proper climax with her voice, gestures or with the instrumentations. She was just really vibing with her own music. You can hear it, and you can feel it. It radiates to you as a viewer as well. She’s feeling her music, and you feel it. Now fast forward to 2024, it’s very weird because it’s like it’s not the same person anymore. It’s actually shocking how much has changed. Her whole demeanor is not even the same anymore. Like even the way she walks and the way she speaks. It just seems like she’s completely disconnected to the music. She seems so lost on stage. I don’t understand. The vibes and the energy are so off. It’s so bizzare to me because she’s way more timid and insecure than she was back then in 2014. The L4na at 2024 Coachella is very similar to the L4na at that Grammy stage when T4ylor dragged her there (just standing shy at the back) and also very similar to the first MITA festival. People keep saying how she has always been a shy performer, but even the SNL performance, which wasn’t the greatest vocally (I do think part of her nerves affected her vocals there), she wasn’t timid and did not look timid at all there.
  8. She obviously lost weight. Glastonbury styling was actually quite beautiful. Love the head piece and the dress.
  9. I fear it’s going to be empty esp after the first show . Hopefully, not too embarrassing.
  10. Locals meaning pedestrian. Meaning basic in taste. Locals here meaning what your neighbors are blasting. What the frats are blasting. It’s not meant to be compared to “tourists”. Th origin meaning is an insult for having basic general public taste.
  11. No, those shows were great because her voice sounds great and the energy was giving. The setlist has similar songs, but it was sequenced much better. It’s shocking how a Coachella headlining set (which is supposed to be important and special) is worse than her average concerts. What.
  12. The first MITA show wasn’t great vocally. In fact, vocally it was very similar to Coachella. The setlist was better tho (genuine surprise that is “Flipside”). It was more varied interms of energy. Good mix of ballads and more upbeat songs. She needs to stop doing piano ballads back to back. And the ballads should be shorten not the upbeat songs lol.
  13. You all keep saying small venues when her Foro Sol STADIUM performance was great so was that one Canadian festival with over 115K people. Glastonbury 2023 was also really good.
  14. This is not a good thing . We don’t need smokes and mirrors.
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