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  1. 13beachess

    Charli XCX

    Not me unintentionally wearing a green dress on BRAT day
  2. Omg no he's BANNED? A loss for the LB culture
  3. 13beachess

    Taylor Swift

    !!! Imagine calling it """""The Chicks song"""". Nah I'm kidding @nikogo!!<3 we all got different opinions and tastes and that's okay!! But, fr I hate that song. Or no... I love it. And hate it. For all the wrong reasons. I am listening to it over and over again actually. Sadly, I think this is a song that you may actually not like as much if you can't relate to it... I do. I hate it. I hate that the song needed to exist. But idk it makes me cry quite often. I'm sort of thankful for the song. Maybe it helps me cope in a way.. idk. Anyway... my point being... I think you can appreciate it more when the lyrics are actually relateable to you. Anyway no 2: I need to listen to Lover in full. Haven't done that yet. Actually... I have only listened to TTPD + TA, Midnights, 1989 OG and TV and Rep in full. I need to listen to her entire discography in full, obviously.
  4. 13beachess

    Billie Eilish

    Agreeeee. Especially about The Diner, since it's so extra creepy that it's allegedly or possibly based on her real life experiences of being stalked, aka from a stalker's POV. Maybe her most eerie song to me! It's probably my AOTY. Since I am listening to this 80% of the time since it's been released it's reminding me of when NFR had dropped and I listened to it literally every free and awake minute I had, for a week straight. Omg. HTE was my very fav Billie project, but this _is_ her best thing yet I fear.
  5. 13beachess

    Billie Eilish

    my top 5: 1. THE GREATEST () 2. BLUE (oh how I wish how the True Blue part was longer tho ) 3. THE DINER 4. WILDFLOWER 5. SKINNY tbh this album has almost been the only thing I've been playing for the last seven days. Well done, BIllie and Finneas!
  6. 13beachess

    Billie Eilish

    except for his own music ofc he did, for example produced "Bikini Porn" and "Passion and Pain Taste the Same When I'm Weak" by Tove Lo!
  7. 13beachess

    Dua Lipa

  8. 13beachess

    Charli XCX

    okay so I have to admit 360 is such an earworm. It's constantly playing in my mind now lol. B2B remains the best song so far tho. (CC second best and then the VD AG+AR remix)
  9. I just woke up, and checked the setlist to see if she sung any new songs. And I literally SCREAMED when I saw fucking FISHTAIL AND FUCKING PEPPERS?!??!?!?!??
  10. 13beachess

    Dua Lipa

    finally had my first listen of the album. and umm I am very disappointed. </3 oh well, I wasn't super impressed of Houdini and TS when they were first released (but now I listen to them like daily) so maybe the rest will grow on me too. Hope so. Loooove the album cover tho!! It's so... neat! Even though (like basically everyone says) it doesn't really match with the music.
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