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  1. iconic and iconic only!!!! Lana over a decade ago "You can be the boss" and now in 2023: "I am the boss now". WE LOVE TO SEE THAT GROWTH
  2. masterpiece masterpiece masterpiece and oh so emotional
  3. 13beachess

    Taylor Swift

    Listening to Reputation for the first time and I'm quite pleasantly surprised . & hopefully the TV will seeeerve
  4. Sinister are boring as hell, sorry. . I gave it a second chance even but nope. It still sucks. Not scary at all. I REALLY don't get why Get Out is seen like a masterpiece of a movie... like... no. While LOVE the first The Conjuring, the second movie is quite fine too, except the horrid CGI that ruins so much for me, ug, I hated the third movie...
  5. 13beachess

    Zara Larsson

    Lovin' this new single
  6. "Gasoline" and "How Do I Make You Love Me?" are still so fucking good ugh
  7. the stripped version of Crush is sooo much better than the og
  8. 13beachess

    Do You Agree?

    Hell yeah I do. Do you agree that cancel culture needs to be... cancelled?
  9. 13beachess

    Taylor Swift

    my 🦋 accidentaly becoming a swiftie 🦋 journey continues with my lastest obsession; Dear John (TV) ahhhhhswqajdifekfgv what a song. It iiis so crazy she wrote it at only 19. Taylor really got me in my FEELINGS lately and I cannot stop listening to her music.
  10. 13beachess

    Song vs. Song

    florida kilos vs salvatore
  11. 13beachess

    Taylor Swift

    I actually prefer the 5 minute version of ATW (TV) rather than the 10 min version.
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