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  1. May not be the first one to answer. I ordered the LP in december and I just received this morning an email saying : The delivery date for the following item(s) has changed. Unfortunately, there has been a delay by our supplier(s). 972037 - Lana Del Rey - Did You Know That There's A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd Alternate Cover Green Vinyl Edition Old preorder date: 10.03.2023 New preorder date: 17.03.2023 The releasedate of this item was postponed by the label / distribution company. I think I will probably receive another mail on 03/17...
  2. Charlie with a Tintin t-shirt ! It was my favorite comic book hero when I was a child.
  3. For the song : multiple references to "daddy". For the movie Death proof : Girls on a diner who put on a show, racing muscle cars, an older violent man. I wonder what makes you think of Lana... I totally approve.
  4. Look at what I just found in a local vinyl sale in France : I know it's not originals. But the way it was so unlikely to find it there, like even her released album vinyls are so rare, I didn't expect that at all. I'm so happy
  5. Sorry but I'm feeling your argumentation is not really about Adam Lambert. I found his cover interesting tbh, as it conforts me that she would have been really good in a rock band. This song can smash as a rock song. But who really cares about stars, hall of fames, awards or vocal ranges ? Lana is one of the best songwriters of her generation. She's the one who wrote West Coast. She receives a lot of consideration from the public and from other artists who claim themselves as stans. I love her low and high voices, as it fits so well with her lyrics and her aesthetics. It's something that comes from the heart, you know, you should try. But you definitely can't expect us to agree with you demolishing her in a forum dedicated to her.
  6. Not so unpopular imo. And I think Rob will always prefer work with his children. It's a family thing.
  7. Her hair, her smile, her pursed lips at the end. She looks happy and I love her just like that. She's so beautiful.
  8. Paris, Texas... I have seen this movie for the first time just one month ago and I thought it was so Lana-ish. Now I really believe in synchronicities.
  9. Me too along with Chelsea Hotel #2 and Summer Wine. And an honorable mention for Goodbye Kiss.
  10. I really like Don't let me be misunderstood, all versions especially those of Nina Simone, Santa Esmeralda and Lana of course. I think it fits so well with her and her feelings. It perfectly ends Honeymoon.
  11. I have always loved Joan Baez, and I love that she keeps inspiring Lana. That quote reminds me of "Tessa Di Pietro". If the cover album is going to be released, I would appreciate a duet or another cover of one of her songs, specially "Here's to you" or "Donna Donna". It would be wonderful.
  12. As a french guy, I remember watching live all of these shows : Le grand journal (with "Kamel le Magicien") : La boîte à questions : And Taratata (with the iconic "shut up", poor Nagui...) :
  13. For the same reason, I often listen to My Living Legend (demo) too : I never meant to be bad or unweeeell I was just living on the edge Right between Heaven and Heeeell And I'm tired of iiiit
  14. Every man has his wish and Diet Mtn Dew. In all the multitudes she contains, simply love how she portrays herself in these songs.
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