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  1. there's a taylor ai singing starboy. It's my favorite. I don't remember if it was this one specifically, but it's very rep
  2. guys don't kill me ok i think most people here are on kendrick's side but almost every artist has other people who write songs for them. Someone on reddit sums this up pretty well (lol) " I think the one that caused the entire situation was R.I.C.O, when Meek Mill came out telling the world Drake had Quentin write that verse for him cuz he was hurt over some dumb shit. Then other stuff came out, and people started to write their own narratives around the situation. Plus the Drake hate didn't help, people just want to hate on him [...]. Now we're stuck with this idea that Drake can't even hold a pen when he's written for most rappers and given them some hits too lol" I listened to kendrick's song "euphoria" and it's not bad. It's just not for me. I personally prefer drake's voice
  3. I think most people just forgets there's something north of usa. Have you seen those "world according to americans" maps?
  4. ttulsa

    Taylor Swift

    personally i think she'll put in florida (it sounds like a big stadium song) and i can fix him/whos afraid of little old me (it sounds like a song for fan chants). I wish she would cut more from midnights (karma + vigilante sht specifically. No one touch mastermind or else)
  5. no way. he looks super fresh in his blue suit.
  6. smh everyone looks kinda stiff in their poses lol lana doesn't though, obviously
  7. when I saw J.K. on her dress I literally thought this was J.K. Rowling help
  8. oh i just realised this entire time i thought taylor russell was jenna ortega i feel so dumb is it this one? J. Harrison Ghee? (i've never heard of her)
  9. kinda hard for her to not look perfect in everything. She has the most beautiful smile ever. Even if it's not super detailed, she looks like the most beautiful flower soo I think it looks on theme enough
  10. wait ngl ed sheeran slays. I usually don't like him very much but he looks good in baby blue. He looks so hugable like a tiny child
  11. omg she looks ethereal!! I think that's like my dream dress ever since i was a child
  12. 1. she looks timeless. Aged like a fine wine😊 2. I MISSED IT. I went away to do other stuff cause the gala was taking forerever. Are you kiddding me 😊
  13. yes there's one from the independent. It's blurrier but it doesnt waste time with the reporters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7hv-2G3YVc&ab_channel=TheIndependent i think it might be delayed though idk
  14. omg yess. I love her hair. very bouncy and voluminous
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