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  1. The hardest drug I did in high school was pot with my prom date who then gave me a very painful h***j*b in her parents garage.
  2. Sweet Carolina is now my favorite on the album. Top 5 1. Sweet Carolina 2. Black Bathing Suit 3. Wildflower Wildfire 4. Thunder 5. If You Lie Down With Me
  3. Thanks again for voting for me for Status Updater! I hope you genuinely enjoy my musings and tidbits I share!! 💕💕
  4. is this a typo/glitch or is the joke that you don’t exist? (which isn’t true if it is!!)
  5. they won best banned member and May's attention. What more does that whore want.
  6. I'm still in my ski gear that's getting kinda sweaty...not sure if I should go shower now or wait till the end...how many categories left?
  7. Honestly @arcadialovesong2018 better watch it.
  8. @Elle @Rorman Nockwell @TrashMagiq congratulations!!
  9. why did this make me jealous that @arcadialovesong2018 has more sexual tension with @May than I do.
  10. I'm not even gonna tag them bc I know they won't see it but I miss one of you very dearly and I still cherish the xmas gift you made me, and the other one kinda scared me but I didn't hate it.
  11. @IanadeIrey and @Elle truly were the be best-est-ed members this year. Literal angels.
  12. Group picture, everyone. Say "money is the anthem"
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