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  1. Mer

    Taylor Swift

    The Tortured Wallet Department
  2. It’s coming in May bookmark me. It’ll be the anthem of warm summer nights
  3. Sometimes I genuinely think Lana still believes putting out an album as the LANA DEL REY is still as easy as hitting “upload” on YouTube like she did in her Lizzy days lmao
  4. Looking to celebrities to speak publicly on highly complex and nuanced military-political issues is stupid. People should go read actual literature on the topic (and horrors of what Israel is doing) and stop expecting Lana Del Rey/Taylor Swift/Sydney Sweeney to educate people on whatever you think they need to believe to make you feel better.
  5. Mer

    Instagram Updates

    There’s a McDonald’s boycott?? But McDonald’s is a collection of independent franchisees licensing the brand, and many locations are Arab owned - why punish them? Besides, if you’re actively putting enough McDonalds food into your body whereby stopping to do so would have a significant economic impact, you should rethink other life choices.
  6. I’ll toss you in that deal too you drama thirsty lil punk.
  7. Mer

    Taylor Swift

    An insider who claims to have heard the album says the TikTok leaks are not real and the album will have a very “different” and “unexpected” sound. Take with a grain of salt bc it’s hearsay of hearsay… Also if we are to believe this is the Joever album, the way Speak Now was the Mayer album—she might include touches of Joe’s favorite music/genres just to mess with him—and apparently Joe loved Bon Iver’s i,i glitch-pop sound
  8. Confessions On A Dancefloor by Madonna!
  9. I think that WAS a photo of Noah Schnapp and they were joking 💀
  10. Now that @NikoGo, @taco truck, @Embach and @twinkletoes7 have all come to Taycapitalism’s defence, can I PLEASE go back to just posting cute selfies, being nominated for Be My Daddy, talking about my shopping trips, and defending anti-heroes at any chance I get? Im fed up with having to pretend I’m not hotter and smarter than everyone here, when in reality I’m just a very glamorous person. News flash! That’s just how it is.
  11. Mer

    Taylor Swift

    this is such a Mer™️ thing to say (before I learnt to censor myself) 💀💀💀
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