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  1. All ballots will be hand counted as always. No Dominion Voting here. Mail in ballots will be counted last, so if it is a close election, we may not know final results until tomorrow.
  2. Mer

    Instagram Updates

    A) Lady Gaga took a hiatus because a heavily marketed and hyped album colossally bombed. Not because she just wanted to take a break. B) LDR isn't taking a hiatus, we can hopefully expect some more music videos/magazine shoots/etc. in October C) LDR is not a "tiny bit higher" than a "small act". D) This is nothing abnormal.
  3. Mer

    Taylor Swift

    It’s too messy to release it before “Red”, especially her wording in the announcement “my next re-recording is Red”… But I still believe that “1989” was supposed to come out sometime over the summer, but was delayed for whatever reason. The Colbert Interview and various other hints pointed to it being next. I also think that’s why she announced “Red” so far in advance of Nov. 19th, to curb the rumours of “1989”.
  4. Mer

    Instagram Updates

    As a lot of us have said multiple times, social media isn’t really a good marketing strategy for an established artist. Lana is a household name at this point, she doesn’t need social media to market her albums. Word of mouth and the fact that there’s a “New Lana Del Rey album” is more than enough + inevitable Spotify and AM promo. If she or her label were actually concerned about marketing, they’d have her booked on talk shows all thru the week of Oct. 17th. Also not sure what you mean by “disingenuous”? I don’t think deceit or dishonesty have anything to do with this situation at all.
  5. Right...the "world"...I guess to Lana the world is only San Diego, LA, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and New York...
  6. The Neil Krug covers just hit different. So glad we got him for BB again.
  7. Even though Apple advertises the AirPods as being "DA Compatible" they are not. You need a proper surround sound system, or a pair of opened-back headphones plugged into a good AMP + DAC to make it worthwhile. AirPods (except maybe the Max ones, idk) just don't have a big enough soundstage. It's a total gimmick on AirPods tbh and should be dropped. Now if Apple could just develop lossless bluetooth technology, that would be the real game changer.
  8. Are the songs in Dolby Atmos for anyone? I saw a screenshot of it a while back ago, but they're still just standard lossless for me...
  9. Florida Kilos - Kilos and Keys Terrence Loves You - I Lost Myself (When I Lost You) Get Free - Into the Blue Old Money - Come If You Call
  10. If social media presence = album sales, Selena Gomez would be the top selling female artist, and Madonna’s newest albums would’ve barely cracked the top 10 (and the opposite is true). I honestly have no clue what any of LDR’s albums charted at/sold, bc who cares. It’s not like her career is reliant on commercial success. She has her niche, they show up, the label is happy, she’s happy, we’re happy.
  11. And on the 34th day before Blue Banisters, God said “Let there be TWO ‘Going On & On’ threads, so the gays can really suffer”.
  12. 1. Text Book 2. Mariner's Apartment Complex 3.Terrence Loves You 4. Cherry 5. Wild At Heart 6. Dark but Just a Game 7. Cinnamon Girl 8. In My Feelings 9. Religion 10. Old Money 11. The greatest 12. Black Beauty 13. Tomorrow Never Came 14. Heroin 15. Change 16. Get Free
  13. Mer

    Living Legend

    We can move this thread out of unreleased soon
  14. Mommy's got that Apple Watch living her best life as an insta baddie just off of insta.
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