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  1. Mer

    Miley Cyrus

    None of the songs measure up to Slide Away but so far Never Be Me and Golden G String are my favorite. (the name for that ballad was a choice tho).
  2. nnnnnn not you quoting me the exact moment i fixed my typo and added a source RIP LMAO
  3. Not even a 10 months later and we're back where 2020 started lol. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/27/world/middleeast/iran-nuclear-scientist-assassinated-mohsen-fakhrizadeh.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  4. Mer

    Song vs. Song

    old money vs. lucky ones
  5. Mer

    Grammys 2021

    Wait i didn't think he'd actually call 'em out. Mad respect. this. i respect the hustle tho i guess
  6. Mer

    Grammys 2021

    Taylor better win for Album of the Year. Also tbh even tho i don’t like Doja, Say So truly was the song of the year
  7. Trump gave a one-minute press conference bragging about how the DOW hit 30k. fam...it hit 30k after everyone realized it’s impossible for you to be president anymore
  8. Info Dump for anyone who wants to keep up: Michigan has certified its votes, meaning it will send Biden electors on Dec. 14th to vote in the Electoral College. PA will certify by end of day today, the process has began as I type this Other keystone states of Nevada, Arizona, and Wisconsin will certify on Nov 24th, 30th, and Dec 1st respectively The Electoral College will vote based off state certifications on Dec. 14th. After the large amount of faithless electors in 2016, there have been legal changes ensuring the EC votes will go to the winner of each states popular vote. Congress will then certify the votes shortly before Christmas. Biden has announced a few nominations for top jobs in his cabinet (remember this list still requires senate confirmation and is subject to change). Former Sec. of State John Kerry will lead a Climate Change Prevention Group Former Deputy Sec. of State under Obama, Tony Blinken, will be Sec. of State Jake Sullivan will be National Security Advisor Linda Thomas-Greene will be Ambassador to the UN (the second Black women to hold the role, I believe, after Susan Rice in 2013-2017) Alejandro Mayorkas will be Sec. of Homeland Security (the first Latin person to hold the role) Avril Haines will be Director of National Intelligence (and the first woman to hold the job). The Director of the CIA, Trump appointed Gina Haspel, will report to her. Janet Yellen will serve as Treasury Secretary (replacing the beloved Steve Mnuchin). She will be the first woman in history to hold the job.
  9. Mer

    Line vs. Line

    & if I call you on the telephone, I might overdose 'Cause I'm strong, but I'm lonely like Marilyn Monroe vs. I never meant to be bad or unwell I was just living on the edge Right between Heaven and Hell And I'm tired of it
  10. I wasn't hyped for this album at all till I heard this song. Its so velvety...I hope the rest of the songs she chose are just as lighthearted and airy. We need it after the year we've had.
  11. i’m up north rn but if i was in home in the US, i’d totally be okay with 4-6 weeks of lockdown so we could get the virus under control and put together a comprehensive vaccine rollout for the late spring.
  12. anyone think the GOP will do an about face and say they went along with Trump’s claims of frauds in order to keep him pacified during the lame-duck period? Or is that placing to much humanity in the GOP?
  13. i think the division is largely illusory, due to both social and mainstream media. i don’t think anyone is actually shunning certain voters in places of business, or even socially tbh—except in cases of true radicalism. the twitter wars back and forth aren’t a good sample of the real, rational ppl that overwhelmingly make up our population (bc real rational ppl have better things to do then fight about conspiracy theories on twitter). and i honestly think most of the 72 million trump voters only voted that way because of misinformation about “the economy”. i do think we’re on the right track, and i’m hoping we continue this by having an administration that makes college more universal. the lack of education (not just college-level education, but the social education one gets in college) is what’s lead us to where we are right now.
  14. Mer

    Song vs. Song

    The Greatest vs. Mariners Apartment Complex
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