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  1. Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie is her best album. I think it’s actually better than Jagged Little Pill. So glad it’s getting repressed on vinyl
  2. Mer

    Katy Perry

    this really is her Stupid Love 💀😭
  3. she could absolutely be top 5 of that list. Who cares about Karol G and Travis Scott when thee Lana is releasing.
  4. I disagree. Anyone who’s actually made a career out of making and selling music cares about success and numbers. I think her team is just inept, and she herself doesn’t have a business/marketing oriented mind.
  5. Mer

    Gracie Abrams

    Literally a perfect album. “Us” is perfect in so many ways. It gives me Renegade/The Alcott vibes - you can definitely hear Dessner’s influence strongly
  6. If she’s really abiding by the 11pm curfew it’s not even gonna be a 30min show by the time ppl sit.
  7. She probably pays Tessa Di Peitro close to 600k a year for her voodoo laryngitis treatments
  8. and they’re right. What happened to dying for our sins
  9. right like?? Doesn’t she make 28 million a year or something??
  10. Idk why y’all think Lana doesn’t have 600k
  11. That’s literally nothing she should pay. A 2hr show tonight that goes late is the absolute best option.
  12. Oh no wouldn’t travel insurance help!?! Can we get her a gofundme or something
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