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  1. This album is an ointment, an antimicrobial, a sanitizer, a dewormer, a vitamin, an IV, a pain killer, a bong hit, a laxative, a shot of peptobismal, a tums, a muscle soother, propecia, and so much more.
  2. This album is so fucking good. It's like a combination of my two all time favorites (LFL and NFR) into one beautiful, conceptual, well executed magnum opus
  3. Mer's ranking after first official listen: Still struggling with some, because songs like Peppers, Taco Truck, Margaret and Paris, Texas I'll probably replay more than Fingertips and Candy Necklace--even tho I think the latter are much more interesting and enchanting.
  4. Cop maybe. She's been dropping the "mother" bomb left and right since BB tho
  5. I will be blasting Peppers in my car allllll summer long and these bitches will deal
  6. Official Fishtail sounds so much smoother than the leaks my second fave after Grandfather
  7. He couldn't lose Margaret Qualley to Father John Misty's silky vocals. Had to step it up.
  8. I can't believe such a beautiful song could exist about @MargaretThatcher
  9. I genuinely love Margaret. It sounds like a garden party in August.
  10. Grandfather... I'm folk, I'm jazz, I'm blue, I'm green Regrettably, [still?] a white woman
  11. Me, a part European part Middle Eastern male, screaming "regrettably a white woman" while driving down ocean boulevard
  12. Let my grandfather in after standing on the shoulders of my father while he was deep-sea fishing for sharks in the pacific
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