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  1. seconds before clocking in to sign the Declaration of Independence, based on the hair
  2. Mer

    Taylor Swift

    I genuinely cannot imagine Taylor Swift trying to negotiate with the Iranians and North Koreans
  3. I always hated these sorts of edits, because they highlight the misunderstanding around Lana’s aesthetic and place in pop-culture—and they reduce her to “ooh pretty, sad girl”, which is a vapid analysis based off of that stupid Summertime Sadness remix. Actually, these edits are the photographic equivalent of that remix.
  4. Born To Die: “Without You”, “National Anthem”, “This Is What Makes Us Girls” Ultraviolence: “Cruel World”, “Shades of Cool”, “West Coast” Honeymoon: “Terrence Loves You”, “God Knows I Tried”, “Religion” Lust For Life: “Cherry”, “Heroin”, “Get Free” Norman Fucking Rockwell!: “Mariners Apartment Complex”, “Cinnamon Girl”, “Hope Is a Dangerous Thing” Chemtrails: “White Dress”, “Tulsa Jesus Freak”, “Wild At Heart” Blue Banisters: “Thunder”, “Wildflower Wildfire”, “Sweet Carolina” Ocean Boulevard: “A&W”, “Let The Light In”, “Did you know…”
  5. I've gotten no notifs at all since June (when i placed the order) from Lana's Canadian store...
  6. Maybe they misplaced them and then found them?
  7. *Cries in Canadian* no updates, no news of delay or shipment, and our shipment times always take at least 1-2 weeks…
  8. Beyonces great. Best concert I’ve been to. Idk what the point of this discourse is—I couldn’t care less if she wrote her songs. But songwriting credits pay more, and I think Beyoncé deserves as much money as she can get for the songs she put out; because who would listen to Future singing Drunk In Love anyway
  9. Mer

    Song vs. Song

    Flipside vs. The Grants
  10. ahhh i really hope we get a full performance of it sometime on this tour. That song kinda changed my life ngl
  11. I could understand that, if she also sang the fan favorites from NFR (VB, MAC, Cinnamon Girl)
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