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  1. Mer

    Instagram Updates

    she hasn't washed her face since
  2. omfg i used to go to this complex/village all the time when i lived close by. and i never saw Lan whaaaaaaaaaa.
  3. Mer

    Instagram Updates

    LOL I have not been able to see the number of likes on other peoples posts since early 2019 but this is nice to hear!
  4. Has anyone read A Promised Land by Obama? I'm hesitant to start it because I heard a good 200/700 pages is about his life before the presidency and I'm not really interested in that...Maybe I'll just wait until he releases the memoirs of his second term...
  5. Mer

    Olivia Rodrigo

    I think she may fall in a smaller niche like Clairo. She'll remain popular with the Pinterest Teens.
  6. wait is "Chemtrails" not an upbeat song? I mean both lyrically and in melody I consider it upbeat
  7. I wonder the same. I still don’t understand what “our Honeymoon” has anything to do with the lyrics in the verses/the rest of the album—and i’m kinda thinking the same will be true for “Chemtrails”. Like someone else said, I think she thinks up cool song titles first and then writes around them lol
  8. it's actually "my cancerous sun, my loess's moon". Loess is a type of topography found on planetary bodies without oxygen (e.g. the moon)
  9. less than 64 days guys! You could listen to COTCC 2048 times between now and the day of its release (though obviously you can't because it hasn't been released--this is referred to by scientists as "The Contemplation of Chemtrails Paradox")
  10. For the White Dress music video, on Insta she said she wiped out Ice Skating but in the BBC interview she said she wiped out Roller Blading I'm pretty sure...whats up with that
  11. Mer

    Olivia Rodrigo

    If Taylor and Lorde ever collabed it would be this
  12. omg is the denim jacket already sold out? Damn my indecisiveness!
  13. Mer

    Twitter Updates

    This BBC interview drama is a mirror of her interview in The Guardian in 2014 and her subsequent Twitter break down about it. I think the interviewers response in 2014 is still applicable in 2021: "Ultimately, the problem with Lana's complaint is that she doesn't seem to know what she's actually complaining about. She's not alleging that I made up her quotes, nor is she claiming that they've been “twisted” or that we've printed them out of context. Instead she seems annoyed by the fact I wanted her to say interesting things and asked questions that caused her to do so. Well sorry, Lana, but that's just me doing my job." I thought this was new with her (as I certainly didn't read The Guardian/go on Twitter in 2014), but I guess it's just part of being a hardcore fan haha.
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