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    I find anything below 60 degrees chilly tbh. Tbh I wear coats when it’s in the high 50s.
  2. you don’t? I have no doubt in my mind she could totally just drop this album on the 19th without saying a word tbh
  3. *insert pretentiously worded analysis of COTCC lyrics that are clearly a reach and bully others for their own interpretations* and await applause.
  4. Will it be “up there” or “with Cruel World and Honeymoon”? Cuz those are two different things
  5. No surprise. She has Daddy-issues and (allegedly) married a gay guy. Girl probably has an account on here
  6. its a nautical color palette to me. like navy and red and white and maybe even dark green. the color of poolside cabanas at Miami Beach hotels...
  7. You didn’t do anything dw hahaha I was making a joke (Altho I wouldn’t be surprised if they lock any thread related to COTCC if the e****** drama continues lol)
  8. They gonna lock down the whole site at this rate lololololol rip
  9. im just saying you claim to not like the drama but you’re always running into drama being like “guys stop pls omg why are we always fighting”.
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