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    poetry prose reading drinking (except for when I quit for a few months) traveling driving too fast on the highway.I love the sea so much one day I shall die in it
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  1. as a florida cracker I love the look!
  2. I'm so happy for you. That's amazing. Don't waste ypur time chatting with an ICON by playing journalist lol... ignore any stans demanding you question her.
  3. This works as both a genuine compliment and a backhanded one. Love ir. Her and Taylor are great frenemies.
  4. I mean Lana come on did you think we wouldn;t leak it from you? Should have released the song Lana come on Fast cars Michael Stripe cocaine dust dynamite Lasso has something for everyone Lana , come on!
  5. Lasso is basically the album version of Coachella- Woodstock In My Mind.......... no I will not elaborate..totally a coincidence that she headlines Coachella before it comes out........I;m excited coachella woodstock in my mind has the best production and lyrics of any lana song not named mermaid motel or hawaiian tropic......besties we so won
  6. Loose And Sexy, Sapphic Only Larping As Seductive Songstress Operatically
  7. Looking At Stealing Some Opals...... so it is country western but like outlaw bandit style train robbin
  8. you don't even know the new lore........ do not challenge me witch on the deep magic, I was there when it was written....... zodiac leak has been postponed to 2028 and dark city has been deleted.......happy quaranteening
  9. now you are just stealing my bit...... zodiac leak has just been postponed 2 years for the audacity
  10. I think lasso will be like lfl in that it will be a fun memorable era with something for everyone and excellent vibes. The lfl era was my introdution to lanaboards and honestly my era and golden years on here......2017 was such a crazy year but for me it was pretty good lol and lanaboards and lfl were a huge part of it....excellent vibes well before its time....... re-listen to lfl some time end to end...... i bet it will be better than you remember
  11. beautiful should at least be ahead of the trio, black bathing suit, and textbook
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