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  1. she's dropping 2 separate albums this year: one country one carribean blue in sweater weather/i can be violent too. Raggae and calypso influences tropical heat
  2. Wasn't there a haunted house photo shoot/ video shoot a few years ago (around chemtrails or bannisters?) that never seemed to amount to anything.....given that lana has been working on Lasso for like four years....... and given Elle's preternatural abilities...... well it is certainly interesting. Certainly it must mean something... I remember it was some famous place in I wanna say California
  3. One track on Lasso has banjos and bongos so Yay diversity!!
  4. are you mocking my dutch wife? She is ex model very hot and I am super heterosexual hillsong ex homo cantor
  5. my dutch wife, who is a big time publicist, who works with many huge labels including Polydor and UMG says that Lasso is a double album. Part one is very coquette country while the second half is more jazzy. But again with Lana even the best laid plans can change.....
  6. For K Part 2 confirmed on the tracklist from a very reliable source
  7. at least one feature on each track, some with several I wonder if her background singers will be on a country record or not? I could see it either way....
  8. When September rolls around, Lana releases Lasso and we press play and here "It was a drive by Sunday night....." Lasso is Sirens plus a few other folky or outlaw songs. Lana had her revenge. And Lizzy will soon have hers,,,,,, but first Miss May Jailer with her sparkle jump rope to sing about God and fucking old men. Hallelujiah
  9. I've wanted Stevie Nicks to cover that song ever since I heard it. Just has her vibe idk
  10. I hope they play the I Won't Get Better remix of UV. It's such a bop and one of her few good remixes. Also west coast radio remix with the guitar
  11. LDR11 new york jazz confirmed pls have the foxtrot version of young and beauriful from GG in full and sang by lana
  12. I've been listening to Paradise lately and.... I miss when Lana used to sing with her whole bussy. She needs to oversing again. We need the dramatics and theatrics the americana the marijuanna..... give me freaky lizzy vocals and harmonies
  13. Noir- Red Eye Gravy Version will be track 9- dolly parton harmonizes on "i'm his little dolly"
  14. The Scammmy's are nothing of and by themselves. They trick the artists into thinking that any of the talent and sucess is thanks to them..... its just a hunk of maybe gold....probably lead that gets less and less attention year by year. It needs artists like Lana or Taylor to borrow the eyes......maybe they should stop going...... it wouldn't hurt them..... perhaps the death of the television viewing of it will bring it back to what it was: just another industry conference.....
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