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  1. if she's gonna go rock for this album I'm hoping we get a sound like raise me up mississippi south or that fanmade rock version of off to the races
  2. same but i will hand it to her: when she does sing normally her voice is absolutely beautiful
  3. .... was anyone gonna tell me chuck was pregnant or is that something i had to find out on my own?
  4. I'll be ready to eat my words if I'm wrong but I'm worried that, given her reputation for digging herself into holes and then doubling down on it, this album might be a complete disaster. This is the woman who stated her romantic history with rappers as proof she wasn't racist. I just...
  5. if this album is about her recent personal stuff aka question for the culture then lana i am BEGGING you to PLEASE learn to articulate yourself better than you have in the past year and get a producer that isn't jack
  6. not to be a cynic but I don't believe that release date for a second, we won't be getting this until at least september
  7. finally someone appreciates the toad video
  8. icecreamqueen

    Song vs. Song

    honeymoon vs heroin
  9. banned for making such a good post that you killed the thread for several days
  10. EDIT: not trying to out do the person above me, just wanted to do this album AKA Lizzy Grant
  11. no, those always seemed gross to me do you own a body pillow?
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