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  1. Was this posted? An ancient post in a different thread reminded me of it Truly a relic of different times. I wonder where the artist is now. LMFAO just saw this being one of the first posts here. I am sorry for being trigger happy.
  2. And yet people were claiming those songs are full of hints that she's gay Sometimes I wish I understood what people see in Taylor, but most of the times... nah, I'm good.
  3. Who is the man in Blue Banisters who is reliable and who comes back to her? Not her father, right? This is about some lover most likely, but IDK whom. I haven't been keeping up with her romances as of late...
  4. Ah, thanks! I'm listening to the new songs and wondering whom they are about.
  5. What other 'mysteries' do you mean beyond Lana's relationship with 'her father's wife'?
  6. I'm late, but thank you so much for doing that research! NGL, would love to own a typwriter someday. It's supercool to know which one Lana was (most likely) using in that iconic video.
  7. I'm so shocked that we already have the album title. Though I wouldn't be surprised if it changed suddenly, like it happened with COCC
  8. I'm not in love with COCC (yet?), but I enjoy listening to it! It's so dreamy. A perfect LP to listen to as you fall asleep or relax. I'm not sure if it's a better album than NFR, but somehow it was much easier for me to listen to it from start to finish. I am not a fan of the last 3 songs, especially the Joni Mitchell cover. I find it unnecessary and I don't really wanna hear Zella Day on a LDR record. Not a fan of her voice, sorry. WD, TJF and Yosemite are definite standouts. (By the way, how can you guys tell she's using autotune in TJF?) NGL I cannot wait for her second book of poetry now, though I am also curious how LDR8 will sound!
  9. This is not official merch, but... A handmade Lana Del Rey doll that I purchased from an artist making dolls of famous people. Love her to pieces. She's stuck in a box for now until I have a proper place set aside for a small Lana display.
  10. I feel weird when I see the WC being referenced as a classic Lana music video. It wasn't that long ago... or was it?I mean, I was there when we were awaiting the release of it!
  11. Is reading LOTR a mandatory reading for american Catholics? Don't get me wrong, I know the background of the book. Still, in my country it's not exactly a must-read for religious people, just fantasy and Tolkien fans. It's kind of out of place to see something both wholesome and mainstream being referenced by Lana. Also, she never semeed into fantasy or WW2 reimaginations, so yeah... it really surprised me. Even if she has read the book (and I'm not sure of that tbh), it's still kind of 'off brand' for her to reference it. But I'm not complaining (even if it reads like it, sorry!). I'm just shocked to the core somehow
  12. COCC's only suprise was Lana referencing Tolkien. That shocked me so hard I had to do double take to make sure that the quote does not origin from Bible or somewhere else. Nothing wrong with that, I just never expected to see Tolkien among Lana's inspirations, most of which are edgy. Is that an influence of a boyfriend or a friend, or has Lana became interested in LOTR on her own, for whatever reason?
  13. @Max I also remember when she said that she has said everything she needed to on Born to Die and will never release anything more It was back when she was univerally hated as a ~fake~ lmfao
  14. Okay can someone explain what exactly is the country club in American culture and what is it's significance in Lana's song? I feel like I'm missing a lot of context here.
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