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  1. remember when Lana blocked someone on insta when they asked her to release this song it's definitely her label wanting streams
  2. Big Bad Wolf (Hot Hot Hot) BBM Baby Are You Ready?/Ooh Baby Hit Run I Was In A Bad Way Put Your Lips Together Spender Stop Lite De Light Trees Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but I have it
  3. ''I'm the new politician'' ''We're making robberies from Tijuana to the shore'' ''I be murderin' and murderin' 'em happily I be murderin' and murderin' 'em'' ''Baby, I'm a sociopath Sweet serial killer'' ''I'm the last girl on Earth''
  4. ''I see your smile and I could run a methampheta-mile'' Lana was so quirky and crazy for writing that!
  5. I'm gonna get slandered but the truth needs to be spoken Born To Die Blue Jeans Diet Mnt. Dew National Anthem - The demo ''I Want It All'' is at least tolerable... Carmen - The song is corny asf TIWMUG Lolita Lucky Ones American G&M Lust For Life - The ''Take off your clothes'' part gets annoying tbh 13 Beaches Cockella - Flopstock in my Ass BPBP - Stevie's voice doesn't do the song justice The demo is BEAUTIFUL tho...one of my faves My Dick Never Came - ''Now I'm singing with Sean'' lyric is lazy... FIILY Love Song Bartender NAWWAL For Flop - Lana's worst closer Bootyful - ''What if someone had asked Picasso not to be sad'' will forever be Lana's WORST lyric
  6. Not me manifesting Lana's upcoming magnum opus American Whore
  7. we NEED a revival of the grungy sultry the rich whores sound from miss del rey. me and my boyfriend & no kung fu guitar, heartshaped box cover vocals, pin up galore instrumentals would be GODLY
  8. a lot of lana's best songs are acoustic ballads, just her voice and a guitar. i feel like her ''cinematic'' and overproduced era will come to an end as she grows older & she'll delve back into her roots / earlier music ( eg. sirens album.)
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