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  1. Flo on ig They come to drink, they come to dance, To sacrifice a human heart 🫀’ The mermaids are coming to Dance Fever. April 21st
  2. this was such a missed opportunity
  3. I CAN'T WAITTT she sounds heavenly as always but this sounds so potent! that percussion gives me a mix of Ceremonials and HBHBHB
  4. turquoisejewel

    Song vs. Song

    wild at heart vs if you lie down with me
  5. imo DYKTTATUOB as an album is far superior to NFR, musically and lyrically BUT the thing with NFR is that the era itself was massive! the rollout was great, the music videos altough some being simple, were good and well received (emphasis on videos, plural), the music seemed like nothing lana had ever done before, it had so much popularity! i think that's what holds NFR at such high standard for a lot of people, it's not just the music, it's the nostalgia of it all not saying this era is bad at all, we got some amazing photoshoots (Neil ), cute merch, so many cds/vinyl variants, lana is engaging with fans so much more, but there's still something missing and i believe it's the music videos (i'm looking at you CN, patiently waiting )
  6. i def agree with you it's just the way that you phrased it that sent me i miss the short psychedelic flowy dresses so much
  7. nothing can compare to the supremacy of white dress and cruel world she set the bar too high
  8. tbh it's not so crazy to me... everyone jumped at her throat for a lot of shit back then
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