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  1. poetic jess

    Aly & AJ

    new song:
  2. I gotta say the more I listen to Happier Than Ever, the more I love it. I think it’s a slight step above WWAFA. I mean GOLDWING itself is just… ugh
  3. NDA is probably my least favorite song of hers.
  4. Still impressed with ADIAML. Marina deserves more recognition for her work. The lyricism, the production, the music videos, the LOOKS… honestly I’d rate this album at the same level as Froot. It has some of her best work.
  5. People still think she’s going to release new music soon?
  6. poetic jess

    Aly & AJ

    Their music is so underrated. They timed the release so well; it’s definitely a summer/road trip album.
  7. Wildflower Wildfire was my immediate favorite of the three. Blue Banisters had somewhat better lyrics, but it had to grow on me. I’m so shocked Text Book got so much love from people. The BLM lyric makes me cringe so hard. I LOVE switch-ups in songs, which is why West Coast was truly an amazing experience the first time I heard it and still remains to me one of her best songs. But in Text Book? It sounds like a mess. I get offended every time someone compares it to West Coast or even claims it’s the best of the three... NOPE. Absolutely not. I don’t like the production. I just don’t like the song at all. I wish it was never released~ and that is TRULY my most unpopular opinion.
  8. This song is severely underrated
  9. um, I’m going to act like I didn’t hear that remix and forget it exists…
  10. Is anyone concerned about the lyrics? Are they based off of personal experience or just a reflection of the culture rn?
  11. The two singles we’ve received, the visuals, the album title/cover...?!?!? This album is going to be amazing. I’m so ready.
  12. You know what would’ve been cute and low effort? At the very least, a compilation of never-before-seen home videos from Chuck back when Lana was just starting her career. Like behind the scenes snippets of her filming herself for her music or them having fun during family holidays or other random wholesome shit. Idk. You should have a lot of stock as a photographer and Lana wouldn’t just randomly be propped in a video with a broken arm w/bad editing.
  13. After a few listens here are my first impressions: White Dress: I love how right from the start, she's showing how experimental she's going to be this album. Singing higher than usual (Lizzy Grant is back), it was a bit jarring, but I love it. The lyrics make me nostalgic. 9/10 when I was a WAITRESS wearing a TIGHT DRESS handling the heat Chemtrails Over The Country Club: Haven't grown tired of this one. It gets me yearning for relaxing summer days. I think the music video is one of her best in recent times. 9/10 Tulsa Jesus Freak: I LOVE THIS ONE. It's like young Lizzy Grant got her wish of getting a demo being professionally produced and reach its full potential. The autotune doesn't bother me. If anything, the pop/folk mashup they attempted on LFL and failed was succeeded on this album, particularly on this song. 10/10 you should stay real close to Jesus keep that bottle at your hand, my man find your way back to my bed again sing me like a Bible hymn Let Me Love You Like A Woman: This song has grown on me, but it's still not one I go back to a lot. I like the concept a few people discussed about this being not strictly about a romantic relationship, but could also be applied to platonic relationships. It made the song more interesting, but the music video made me lose interest again. lmao 6.5/10 Wild At Heart: I like the switch before the chorus is back on this song. The lyrics make me think of the devastation a person survives, but instead of reflecting on the bad, it makes them appreciate the good place it led them to in life. It's definitely a mood after all that happened last year. 8.5/10 I left Calabasas, escaped all the ashes, ran into the dark and it made me wild, wild, wild at heart Dark But Just A Game: Oh my god, I love the production. The beginning sort of reminded me of FIILY, but then the instrumentation switches up throughout the rest of the song. Gives me 90s folk/rock vibes. Definitely a favorite. 10/10 Not All Who Wander Are Lost: I've been wearing the same damn clothes for three damn days okay, Lana, I feel attacked. I wonder if this was written while she was touring/dating he-who-I-don't want-to-bother-naming. It's a very introspective song despite it having simple lyrics. Especially this part: the thing about being on the road is there's too much time to think about seasons of old as you pour yourself a drink, 'cause every time I said no, it wasn't quite what I meant. if you know what I mean. Maybe referencing times in solitude, it brought up memories she didn't want to think about, so she was tempted to go back into old habits to cope with it with her partner. And even though she says no, he understands how hard it is for her to say no. And the rest of the song reflects how similar they are spiritually and socially with others. Not all those who wander are lost makes me this phrase summarizes who they are as people; they move through life fast and it may seem sporadic, but they're actually comfortable being "free spirits", seeking new experiences just for the fun of it. This song went from a 6/10 to 8/10 the more I listened to it. Yosemite: FINALLY, SHE IS HERE. The production is way better than expected. I feel like I'm chillin' in a cabin, late autumn, sippin' some tea with my husband. I get why it transitions from the last song now, after diving into the lyrics. She's again talking about her and her lover and how they won't change (not compromising any part of themselves) even as time goes by. He uplifts her and this relationship is an equal partnership. This song definitely fits best on this album rather than LFL. 11/10 we did it for FUN, we did it for FREE I did it for you, you did it for me we did it for the RIIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTT reasons Breaking Up Slowly: This song was so good, it deserved to be longer! I'm usually split when it comes to collaborations on her albums, but this is one of my favorites. Nikki Lane did great and both their voices complemented each other well. 8/10 Dance Till We Die: Okay, the best bridge on this album! The lyrics are very personal, and the production is fucking amazing! Another one of my favorites. 10/10 I WENT DOWN TO WOODSIDE I LEFT BERKELEY, OUT OF CITY, OUT OF MIND KILLIN' IT, TALKIN' SHIT, JOAN SAID SHE WAS GONNA QUIT TEARIN' IT UP AT THE AFRO-CARRIBEAN TWO-STEP I LEFT SAN FRANCISCO I'VE BEEN COVERIN' JONI AND I'M DANCIN' WITH JOAN IT'S KINDA HARD TO FIND LOVE WHEN YOU'RE USED TO ROLLIN' LIKE A ROLLIN' STONE For Free: A nice sentimental closing for this album and another good collaboration. 7.5/10 Final thoughts: It's funny that this was the first album I wasn't hyped for- mostly because of outside circumstances, and Lana herself having messy moments which I still have problems with. But I actually think this album is an improvement from her past work. The blend of genres isn't too jarring for me, and I think they definitely succeeded in having production that complemented her lyrics/mood she was going for this time. NFR was one of my top faves in her discography, but I have to say- the production is way better on this one. The collaborations didn't overwhelm the album like LFL did. Some of the songs felt short even though they were average in duration, which is a good thing! I wanted more, but I'm satisfied with what we got. The album is extremely cohesive, and there's not a dull moment on it. Like someone else said, we need a future album with the sound of DTWD's bridge! If I can say anything negative about this album... I can only think of mentioning the artwork. But that's easy to change (I switched to a fanmade one by @Bunny Mozart) and the one I chose complements the music so well. Overall, it's a 9.5/10.
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