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    Miranda Sings

    Then let this be a lesson for people who do not know, grooming absolutely does not have to involve sexual acts. Does it sometimes? Of course. If you really want to go down that route, then her character Miranda was absolutely grooming children when she’s having her fans get on stage and put them in comprising positions and she’s telling kids who are younger than preteens to reach into her pants. It’s ridiculous to dismiss the screenshots as “untrue” when they’re coming from more than one source and all their stories have been consistent. Why would a grown ass adult ask a kid to “send pics” as a joke? It also doesn’t matter if it’s a persona. You can’t say your channel is meant for people 13 and over when you constantly make sex jokes, joke about your character being molested by her uncle, and put your fans in compromising positions on stage and they end up feeling violated after when you KNOW most of your fanbase is children. Are you also going to dismiss the video of her sending a video to the group chat of her putting a tampon in her mouth and flicking it around with her tongue? Are you going to dismiss her posing with her fans who know of their little “inside joke” and told them to also pose with a tampon in their mouths? Because there’s an actual picture of that. If a man did what she did, she’d be in jail. Ain’t no way I’m going to excuse her actions as just “fun”.
  2. poetic jess

    Miranda Sings

    Not people defending Colleen’s behavior. To those who don’t know, it IS grooming. Grooming doesn’t have to lead to a sexual outcome, grooming could be done to influence a minor to do things that are inappropriate for them or can harm the minor for their own benefit. Colleen and her friend Korey are literally shown in group chats and on video acting inappropriate with children in this way. It doesn’t matter if Adam annoys the hell out of you or whatever. She’s still groomed other children and sees nothing wrong with it. And I’m convinced her brother is a full on “PDFile” after seeing his DMs with some of her fans. They were MUCH worse than what Colleen was doing. Her whole family is twisted and need to be investigated tbh. Her ukulele “apology” video was definitely unhinged.
  3. Fuck Elon Musk. We finally get recordings of a recent performance from her and I can’t see it bc of Twitter. Anyway, glad to hear she’s doing better. I’m still not getting my hopes up for new music tho.
  4. Wait… why am I kinda loving with this one? Especially Ella Fitzgerald in the Air and I See in Technicolor
  5. Finally got around to watching it. Thank you to whoever streamed it on Twitch! Things I loved: 1. The audio. The mic was actually ON. I don’t understand why livestream events have constant trouble with audio. The band sounded great. Her vocals slayed and you can hear how much she’s improved over the years. Love that she now uses actual professional back up singers instead of relying on the recorded backing vocals like she used to. These women sound great! Byron is a king. I love his and Lana’s interactions with each other when they perform Candy Necklace. I still find myself crushing on Blake. The way he plays that guitar…... 2. The small backing visual changes: I LOVE the inclusion of the Lizzy Grant visuals. It’s fitting for this tour (and please keep them if there’s going to be an actual tour for Ocean Blvd) because it feels like a full circle moment. I didn’t like how random the clips were on the last two shows. The way they were arranged and edited this time felt more put together. Like during the Ride Monologue?! OH MY LORD. I’m usually neutral about that portion of her concert, but the chronological visuals made an impact on me. I got emotional this time. 3. The camerawork. Why did the lighting and set design look better at this show?! The closeup of her face during the Ride monologue = gorgeous. The way the show doesn’t look like it was recorded on a potato = I can actually see and appreciate what they’re doing on stage… at least Glastonbury got that right too. 4. The costume change was quick this time. The last time was ridiculous. It needs to be less than 3 minutes. It didn’t drag on for this show, so I hope it means they’ve improved their strategy for it. 5. The choreography. IDC WHAT U ALL SAY ABOUT THEM- I LOVE THE DANCERS. I used to be a hater when her two main dancers first appeared, but I got used to them and loved their inclusion over the years. I was surprised she brought on more dancers this time around, but I ended up impressed?!?! I’M SORRY, but the girlies were serving for me. Especially during Bartender. I love the song and the performance during it. I love how extra the dancers are during the BTD songs. I’ll give you one point though… I can agree with the rest of you that the running before UV is unnecessary and I still don’t like it after seeing it up close in high quality. Why is there an interlude before UV, anyway? Things I hated: 1. She was late. Again. 2. Young & Beautiful. I don’t get the song placement and the drapery they add to her dress for 10 seconds. I want Dealer to come after A&W so badly. 3. She wanted to cut Venice Bitch. I love the NFR songs too much. Imagine cutting off your recent iconic songs more often than songs that have been on your set list for YEARS. At least give us Taco Truck x VB as a closer. 4. They cut off her mic. It is her fault though. Lmao The crowd singing Video Games was cute. I’m glad some fans got to see her up close at the end. I gotta ask the UK fans, has Glastonbury done that to any artist before? It was so abrupt, but I get it I guess. Please, Lana get there on time. I’m used to her being late. She usually was 30 minutes late when I saw her and I didn’t mind it. Shit happens tbh. But I felt bad this time around for fans because these are festival shows. I don’t get why she was almost an hour late last time. I’m never going to a festival because I know how harsh the conditions can be when trying to get a good spot to see your favorite artist. But I get that for some people in other countries, it’s probably their only way to see her. At the very least, she should make the effort to get there early to start on time. Anyway, overall I can tell she’s been improving. This is my favorite performance so far. It reminded me how much I admire her work. Hopefully she won’t be late next time.
  6. The crowd sounds so dead
  7. The only person I feel sorry for is the 19 year old. His father failed him.
  8. I don’t think Guns & Roses is as bad as people say it is. I don’t think the black hair or the blonde with strange highlights suit Lana well. It made her look older. COTCC would’ve been appreciated more/recognized as being on the same level of greatness as NFR, but her QFTC post and every other cringe thing she did at that time ruined the era (at least it did for me). I don’t understand the Nikki Lane hate. I think Lana’s better at writing songs rather than poetry even though she loves doing it. I refuse to purchase that poetry book. Oh… and Your Girl should remain in her drafts folder.
  9. Omg, same. I would put it up there with NFR.
  10. The lyrics to Textbook and Coachella are so bad and cringey, I refuse to acknowledge them as officially released songs. I genuinely don’t understand how anyone can like these songs.
  11. 1.Norman Fucking Rockwell 2. Born To Die 3. Cruel World 4. Ride 5. Honeymoon 6. White Dress 7. The Grants 8. Kill Kill 9. For K (Part 1) 10. Love 11. Text Book
  12. What did Charlie post? is he being cringe still?
  13. Oops nvm *thought her page was still up but it was honeymouns account lmfao
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